A Day in the Life of an Electrical Engineer!

i wake up every morning at 5 30 a.m to

the sound of my alarm

i brush my teeth and make my morning cup

of tea

once i put some clothes on and get

dressed for the day

i'm ready to leave at 6 a.m

i head out the door to drive to work

i realized that covet still has me

working from home

so i come back inside i head upstairs

and crawl back into bed for another 30


it's now 6 30 i sit down at my desk and

check my emails from the night before

and prep for the day ahead before anyone

else is online

at 8 a.m we have a weekly meeting to

discuss upcoming projects

timelines deliverables and also who is

and isn't allowed to go into the plant

9 am rolls around and it's time to do

some serious work

this could be anything from designing

new circuits

putting together presentations

researching specific types of equipment

to use in future projects

or estimating the cost of a project


finally it's lunchtime so i can make

myself a delicious meal of a fresh egg

it's time to go back to work from 12 30

to about 2 30.

this can be conducting or attending

meetings to discuss projects

or even just generally working with

electricians to help troubleshoot some

2 30 rolls around and i grab my second

cup of tea to keep me going through the

rest of the day

more work until the end of the day comes

from four to six is my personal time for

me to film my youtube videos

do my summer prep for my mba or whatever

else i might do at the time

around six o'clock i usually start

cooking and get ready to eat dinner

now i'll sit down eat dinner with my

girlfriend while we watch a little tv

and once dinner is over we either watch

some more tv or

play playstation until about 10 o'clock

it's finally bedtime and then

the cycle continues