Early Pregnancy Scans - Dating and Viability

hello I might even on a GP from Lisbon

and I'm here with my colleague dr. Karen

McMullen radiologist

and we're going to talk today about

ultrasound scans in pregnancy so carries

starting with the very first of the sins

that we might order dating viability in

skinny with a question mark about a

topic pregnancies Kenny please talk us

through what are the important points

you'd like us and your son ographers

would like us to know well first of all

a good quality examination at this stage

should always include an n-terminal skin

so very important to let the patient

know that this is a stain

seizure and it's actually more

comfortable for a patient than having a

wall bladder and it will give us a

better technical quality in what

accurate dates so every set center

ideally should be doing transportation

skinny generally speaking by seven weeks

of gestation we will see a good fetal

ball at a quarter fetal heartbeat so we

would prefer to see the baby somewhere

between seven and eight weeks we will be

most accurate with their dates

unfortunately some patients water

rushing quickly and can't wait to see

their baby if they come with their only

five weeks to six weeks we may be ever

seen enjoy your pregnancy but sometimes

at the stretch we won't have a fetal

pole yet and we won't be able to confirm


if however you've got a different

clinical scenario of patient with a bit

of pain had a previous ectopic your

little bit uncertain they want to know

whether this pregnancy

we can see a gestational sac definitely

from a biro city level of 1000 we can

always see a fetal heartbeat from a

being HCG level of 10,000 so that that

guide you but if we can't see

gestational sac in that early stages and

there's a concern of an ectopic we would

recommend the correlation to the serial

order to be less than G of a 48-hour


it should double every 48 hours up until

eight weeks of pregnancy if it is

doubling normally it's likely that it's

a normal pregnancy but it's just too

early and we'd get them back in the same

ten days if it's not doubling normally

we start to get more concerned about

than ectopic

if they've got panic or symptoms were

not necessarily wait 10 days we

and see what's happened in that 48 hour

period okay so in summary with early

scanning in pregnancy there is such a

thing as too early not really any point

getting a scan done in the first five

weeks five to six weeks is a bit iffy

for the very anxious woman waiting to

she's hit at least a thousand with her

bigger HCG if you want to see the

interview during say if you want to be

confident about the fetal heart every

woman I know wants to see that little

heartbeat as well as that interview

during sack

not that you necessarily against the

importance of the interview outside then

ten thousand for that when it comes to

topic pregnancies obviously if it can be

clearly seen on the skin that's one

thing if the car that we're going to use

our serial beta HCG tell god that's plus

the clinical scenario about when

and please want all women that a

transvaginal scan is going to be done

for that building dating

yeah sure of it okay