3-d shapes – Cone and Cylinder | Math | Grade-1,2 | TutWay |

hi kids today we will learn about two

shapes cone and cylinder let's first

start with a cone this is a cone it has

only one vertex which is the tip of the

cone it has only one edge which is round

in shape now let's see its faces one of

the faces is round shaped on its bottom

the other face is curved surface of the

cone that wraps around it

good try to find out things of this

shape in your house let me show you a

few yeah these are a few examples of

cone shaped objects so we have learnt

that a cone is a 3d object with one

vertex one edge and two faces good now

let's learn another shape that is a

cylinder this is a cylinder now let's

figure out its vertices oops it has no

vertex now let's figure out its edges it

has two edges one edge is its circle on

the top the other one is the circle on

the bottom now let's figure out its

faces it has three faces one face is

round shaped on the top

second one is the curved surface that

wraps around it third one is also the

round shaped face on the other side of

the curved surface can you see that oh


now let's see some cylinder shaped

things in our house yeah these are some

of the cylinders shape objects we have

in our house you must be familiar with

them hey don't forget we have learned

cylinder is a 3d object with two edges

and three faces and no vertex good now

go ahead and take a quiz to see your


bye bye