The Cult Mentality of the Masses Part III: Resocialization/Total Institutions


hello it's dazzling one and this week's

discussion is on the cult mentality of

the masses part 3 re socialization and

methods of brainwashing it's been three

years since another part has been made

to the series and I've learned a lot in

way of social psychology and sociology

I'll first talk about this from an

individual perspective and then apply it

to how it takes place on a mass

collective scale of society

socialization is the process of learning

to behave in a way that is acceptable to

society this is where our norms are

learned what's considered deviant and

what's considered acceptable our taste

in clothing music food and even basic

skills like hygiene and grooming

secondary socialization which takes

place over the course of life whereas

primary socialization takes place during

childhood was secondary we're constantly

being socialized through the new

experiences through the new environments

were introduced into through the jobs

that we take through the people that we

meet through situations whether positive

or negative and re-socialization is when

one's conception of how to behave the

norms the values are change either

rewired to fit another mold or they're

unlearned completely and usually this

takes place in way of a total

institution and there are four aspects

of a total institution the first is

residents lives are conducted in the

same setting and under the same

authority structure second each

residents daily activities are carried

out in the media company of large

numbers of others all are treated alike

and all are required to do the same

thing there the day's activities are

tightly scheduled pre-arranged times and

sequence is imposed fourth all

activities are rationally planned and

carried out for the benefit of the

institution some examples of this would

be prison the military and cults and

usually for those who are with

a total institution they undergo a

process known as self-mortification

which is a form of resocialize ation and

self-mortification is when a person's

old identity is stripped away

essentially erased and a new identity is

built up in its place old values and

behavior patterns are unlearned and new

values and behaviors are adopted an

extreme example of this would be

brainwashing that sometimes is forced

upon prisoners of war and an example of

self-mortification is with boot camp

those who go to boot camp are required

to give up their clothes that they wore

as civilians and are given uniforms to

wear and everyone gets the same

hairstyle personal names are used as

little as possible instead they are

addressed as soldier or sailor or by

rank they are allowed little if any

contact with former friends and

relatives and are subjected to long

hours of physical labor and considerable

sleep deprivation as a result of these


while recruits old identities start to

weaken and they become increasingly

dependent on the total institution much

as young children are dependent on their

parents and when it comes to

self-mortification this is done in a way

by five steps and the first is

depersonalization this is through

symbolic means where an individual's

personal belongings are taken away and

they're issued standard clothing and a

number instead of a name second there

are barriers between residents and the

outside world and there's a loss of

roles attached to the outside or the old

self there may be visiting restrictions

restricted passes no phones loss of a

familiar way of living third there's

deference obligations this is when they

are forced to be subservient cooperative

and take orders from others and are

treated like a thing fourth there is

verbal and physical humiliation and this

is when an individual is made to focus

on the negative attention from a group

and require to ask permission for

everything even something as simple as

going to the rest

they may endure extreme beatings strap

downs shock therapy and withholding

treatment in some extreme cases and v

contaminate of exposure this is where

areas of self are violated as well as

private info may be disclosed and there

may be forced relationships and denial

of privacy a example within the military

of self-mortification in the second

phase is when recruits are indoctrinated

with the behaviors that will now be

expected of them through exposure to

positive role models who reinforce such

things as saluting officers being

concerned with presenting a neat and

orderly appearance and following orders

without question a few weeks ago the

recruit was a civilian now he or she as

a soldier sailor or marine and I find

this so fascinating because essentially

they're breaking down their victim and

once their victim has been he

personalized once they have been cut off

once they have been made to be

subservient and endure this sort of

humiliation and basically violated

whether it's with information or

physically then they can begin building

them up and giving them allegiance to

whatever group this is and we really do

see patterns of this in the military in

prison and this is also where in-groups

and out-groups come in and in group is

the group of the individual most

identifies with and feels he or she is a

member of this is the us the out group

is the them it's a group with which an

individual does not identify the group

of which one is not a member of and they

may perceive those outside of their

group in the out group as different from

them in groups and out groups are so

powerful because it can lead to people

not coming together or seeing too many

differences when there are actually some

similarities and some methods of

brainwashing are rejection and then

retreat otherwise known as door in the

face this is when the profit urbe Ginn's

by making a large request one that is

likely to be refused once the target has

refused a large request the profit or

makes a smaller request which is unknown

to the target that

the original goal the target then

receives a second smaller request as a

concession and should feel obligated to

respond with a concession compliance

with the second request so a good

example of this would be if my motive

was to get you to give me a side dollar

donation but I know if I just come out

and ask for the $5 you may not go for it

so instead I ask you for a $50 donation

and you're thinking to yourself $50 are

you serious I'll never give you $50 not

even if the cause is something I really

care about I just don't have the means

so then and instead I say how about five

dollars and you go well you know five

dollars isn't too much that's about 10%

of what I was gonna originally give you

so in the end I get what I initially

intended to get foot in the door is

another tactic that's often used and

this technique is when a profit will

begin with a small request and gain

compliance the small commitments begin

to change a person's self-image although

not all commitments affect self-image

after compliance with a small request

their attitude is likely to change and

they begin to see themselves in a manner

that is consistent with a self-image

shift once the self-image has been

changed people naturally comply with

large requests that are consistent with

the new self-image the proffer can now

move on to a related larger request and

expect compliance this tactic can also

increase the likelihood that a person

will perform a variety of large favors

that are only remotely related to the

original small request so foot in the

door is very gradual and one example I

think that's easy to use is Jim Jones

and Jonestown people didn't wake up one

day and say I'm going to give up all my

belongings and move to a foreign country

it was a slow gradual process and with

that being said it started with

voluntary small donations then he began

asking for larger sums of money for

donations and eventually they became

mandatory and people often have a

tendency to feel that whenever they are

doing something they need to remain

consistent so they don't look weird or


and so even when people see things are

getting a little out of hands sometimes

they will still continue to go with the

flow because they're afraid of looking

inconsistent or being wrong or at fault

especially if they see others giving in

to it as well and so what is interesting

also when looking at situations like

Jonestown and in part one of the cult

mentality of the masses Jonestown was

used as a prime example of a cult there

were a lot of structural factors that

played into these people's

vulnerabilities to figures like Jim

Jones and that's something that we often

don't take into account when looking at

why people Bend or why they give it many

of us would say I'm a strong person I am

an adult

I have a fully made up mind no one could

ever come and reeducate or brainwash me

and fair enough maybe that's the case

but sometimes these slight tactics are

used on us to create confusion to create

doubt to create a little hole and

entryway to shift us in a different

direction and structural issues could be

as simple as you have a community that

has a lot of jobs that have been lost

and they're being outsourced or you have

people who are in a situation where

there's extreme discrimination or

alienation and someone comes in and they

promise to bring a solution to those

problems many would call these people

the cult of personality some would say

that they were a demagogue playing on

one's emotions either way they use these

methods and people's susceptibility to

these figures often have a lot to do

with what's going on in society around

them at the time as much as it does with

what happened to them and on a personal

scale because there's often this

obsession with looking at the individual

and just their personal issues rather

than looking at even structural issues

and with that said on a mass scale I

believe that a lot of these mass

shootings that we've seen and even just

a lot of the degradation of culture has

a lot to do with methods like foot in

the door or the rejection then retreat

or door in the face technique

one example I can think of pop culture

where we saw a door in the face sort of

technique used to desensitize people

furthermore was in 2013 with Miley

Cyrus's VMA performance with Robin

Thicke many people were turned off by

this 19 year old woman's working on this

middle-aged man who was married and with

teddy bears implying a lot of sexual

innuendos that were sexualizing children

and with her being at that age where

she's an adult yet she's a teenager it

made it even more dicey and of course

after that she came out said she didn't

think it was gonna really going to be

that bad and we know Hollywood plans

these things out ahead of time but they

did this shock value so later on when

she continued to push the envelope

although she did tone it down somewhat

already that shock had been done and

people were like well Lee she's not you

know doing this with a married man

anymore and eventually it led to more

people accepting her behavior and other

celebrities that behave like her and

with a foot in the door kind of

technique many would point to the fact

that if you look at television women

didn't show as much on television as

well as it just wasn't a lot of nudity

even of men because there's a lot of

nudity of men now on TV as well and it

started with a little bit of you know

showing a little bit of skin here a

little bit of skin there and eventually

we get to the point where people address

like strippers out award shows and just

pure sexual mayhem on stages so it's a

gradual process that they take us

through and the same thing happens when

there's a sort of terrorist attack or a

shooting they just asked for us to

change a slight policy it's just a

little bit here and there and eventually

people don't even realize because

they're trying to stay consistent how

much rights they have given up how much

liberties they have compromised for the

greater good or for safety so these are

sort of methods that are often employed

and they do play upon structural issues

even with protests there's been a lot of

people who have played into the protest


or the anti-protest bag wagon because I

believe that they want more people to

protest so there can be more instability

but they also want more people to be

against protesters so they can feel that

the freedom of speech should be limited

as well and this sort of goes back to

even the Hegelian dialectic and the fact

that society is not in competition and

as far as change in continuity

continuity and change work together to

maintain the system similar to how the

Hegelian dialectic uses two opposing

sides the thesis and the antithesis to

maintain synthesis or Society this is

why the political system was set up so

society would never fail even if you

have two people arguing opposite points

and this is why we see a maintaining

even though there's changes happening a

society but these are just some methods

and if we're not careful and we're not

tuned in we can find ourselves being

resocialized or even our brains being

rewired through the things that we

consume through different changes in

laws just give a little here and

eventually you end up giving at all or

just compromise here and we just have to

be so careful that we don't give in to

any of these techniques because I

believe and this is a mass conspiracy

theory of course that they are trying to

on a mass scale do a process of

self-mortification where they are

stripping away many of us identity re

socializing us with the identity that

they want and even though we're not in a

total institution collectively we're

still allowed to use our names so many

of us feel dehumanized by the sort of

work that we're doing or feel like

there's a lot of anxiety on trying to

keep up in this competitive culture that

many of us do feel like we're being

watched we're always being judged and

we're always having to keep up and there

is just mass anxiety collectively

there's so many people I know who either

are diagnosed with anxiety disorder or

just struggle with anxiety and anxiety

is a natural response to a threat in

nature so why are so many people

feeling threatened and a lot of it just

has to do with the brutal nature of the

way things are set up in society and

that is all for part three but I hope

that you found this information useful

and that now that you're aware of it you

can try to catch resocialize ation and

brainwashing techniques when they're

happening as well as inform others and I

hope that you all have a wonderful week

and I'll talk to you either in next

Monday's livestream or next Wednesday's

video take care and God bless