CT Dent -Dental CT Scan

welcome to CT dent the uk's leading

dental imaging center a head office and

london scanning center is based next to

Harley Street in the very prestigious

Devonshire Place CT dent is the only

independent dental imaging Centre in the

UK which means your clients will not

have to visit a competitor's premises or

queue at a hospital for their scan when

your patient arrives at our centre they

will be greeted by our very friendly

team in a very modern and welcoming

environment we will endeavour to see

them right away and minimise waiting

times as we understand how valuable

their time is although they will

probably be with us for around 15

minutes their scan itself takes less

than one minute to complete unless your

patients appointments was booked online

they will be asked for their referral

form that you provided them with CT dent

can accept appointment bookings online

by telephone and we also offer a walk-in

service one of our highly experienced

radiographers will greet your patient

and they will be escorted to the imaging

suite the radiographer will then choose

the best protocol for the scan with the

lowest dose smallest field of view and

best resolution

according to area of interest and reason

for the scan following armor and olara

the radiographer will then position the

patient in the scanner with the help of

some laser lights and a scout view to

confirm the positioning the patient will

then be instructed to stay as still as

possible not to swallow close their eyes

and breathe normally through their nose

the scan will take ten to forty seconds

to complete while taking the scan we

will monitor the patient for movements

and any other occurrences that may

affect the scan quality our scanner is a

state-of-the-art ikat cone beam CT

scanner it provides the best results

reliability and accuracy for specialist

imaging as soon as the scan is finished

your patient will be asked to wait

another two to five minutes in order for

us to check the scan

really we also accept 2d referrals for

digital OPG and kevlar metric x-rays

using the latest radiographic equipment

from planned mecha

after taking a scan our team will start

to process the scan according to your

preferences we want to help you to get

the maximum diagnostic and functions out

of your patients 3d scans so even for

basic scans we will supply you with a

free eye cat vision planning software

which will include the highlighted

inferior dental canal and images that

are ready for your diagnosis the results

should be with you in two to five

working days depending on the format

requested thank you for watching