Dental Crowns - Everything You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

as we get older so do our teeth decay

trauma fillings or even the way we chew

can make our teeth wear down as well

placing a crown over a week and tooth

can help the tooth from breaking or

wearing down even more crowns are also

used to restore stained or miss shaped

teeth as well as to shelter a tooth that

has had a root canal a crown may not

last forever it may need to be replaced

if it has become faulty or worn down if

you are in need of a crown allow your

dentist a couple of visits to complete

this treatment for your first visit the

doctor will numb the area around the

tooth to help with any discomfort then

your dentist will use a dental

instrument to form and prep the tooth so

the crown will fit properly sometimes an

additional procedure may need to be

completed to ensure a good fit for the

crown this procedure is generally what's

called a buildup its job is to help

support the crown a mold of the tooth

will be taken and a temporary crown is

placed to guard the prep tooth the mold

is sent to a dental laboratory where a

customized crown is made just for you

once the dental office receives your

crown from the lab you will be appointed

to have your crown delivered if you are

satisfied with the shape color and fit

the crown will be permanently cemented

on your second visit

however the crown received from the

laboratory may not fit as well as the

doctor and you would like it to to

achieve optimum results another mold

will be taken and sent to the lab for

another crown to ensure a proper fit

once the numbness has worn off and the

crown is permanently placed you may

experience some soreness there may also

be slight pain when you bite down or the

change in temperatures may cause

sensitivity for three to four days if

you are having any discomfort you may

take over-the-counter pain medication as

directed by your dentist if after a few

days you're still experiencing

discomfort and sensitivity please call

the office to make an appointment

sometimes the crown may feel too high

when you bite down please make an

appointment to have your crown adjusted

this can also cause you to become sore

you would think that you could just get

a filling unfortunately when the tooth

is in need of a crown the tooth is not

strong enough to support a filling if

your dentist places a filling instead

crown you could do more harm to that

tooth in the long run and your dentists

may not be able to salvage it

remember the lifespan of your crown is

based upon the resources used to create

it how well you maintain your oral

hygiene the food and drinks you consume

as well as the condition of the

surrounding teeth and gums it is

imperative that you continue to properly

floss and brush every single one of your

teeth please feel free to contact your

dentist with any concerns