How To Safely Operate a Crossbow | TenPoint Crossbows

safety we've placed the safety segment

first in this instructional DVD because

understanding and practicing the rules

of safe operation are responsibilities

you must accept as a recreational

shooter or hunter do not dig into your

crossbows shipping box an attempt to

assemble load or shoot your crossbow

before watching this DVD and reading

your owners general instruction manual

and your model specific assembly

instruction manual these manuals contain

more detailed information than the DVD

as we present these safety instructions

danger warning or caution signal words

will appear on your screen these words

are American National Standards

Institute or ANSI signal words used to

alert you to the relative severity of

hazards the ANSI danger signal word

indicates a hazardous situation that

will result in death for serious

personal injury if not avoided the

warning signal word indicates a

hazardous situation that may result in

death or a serious personal injury if

not avoided the caution signal word

indicates a hazardous situation which

may result in moderate or minor personal

injury remember the danger signal word

means that failure to follow the rule

will result in serious personal injury

including the possibility of death the

warning signal word means that failure

to follow the rule may result in serious

injury including the possibility of

death today's modern crossbows like

firearms and other lethal weapons are

dangerous if you use them improperly or

unsafely as a hunter or recreational

shooter you must not lose sight of the

inherent danger in handling a lethal

weapon thumb finger and hand safety

while thumb finger and hand injuries may

not be lethal they are the most common

sustained by inexperienced crossbow

shooters and those who fail to focus

unsafe weapon handling practices

practice and repetition will help you

turn these simple safety rules into

hunting habits

never allow your thumb or fingers to

move above the crossbow barrels flight

deck and into the bow strings release

path or in close proximity to the cables

in front of the foregrip keep your

entire four grip hand properly and

securely on the grip if you allow either

a finger or a thumb to protrude above

the flight deck and into the strings

release path you will severely injure or

possibly amputate it when you pull the

trigger likewise

never hold or carry a cocked crossbow by

its barrel while walking handing it to

another person or sitting in a tree

stand or ground line if you do you

expose the hand to the strings release

path and face the possibility of severe

injury if your crossbow accidentally

discharges your fore grip and can also

be particularly vulnerable when shooting

from a bench rest if the grip is resting

on the bench again to avoid serious

injury and possible amputation make sure

you keep all parts of the hand below the

flight deck and out of the strings

release path on TenPoint models equipped

with a grip safety do not depress or

deactivate the grip safety until you've

made the decision to pull the trigger

press the grip safety button only with

the end of the thumbs distal phalanx or

tip do not press it with the base of the

thumb or palm because that may allow the

thumb to protrude above the flight deck

and result in serious injury or possible

amputation when you pull the trigger if

you're a left-handed shooter we strongly

recommend that you have TenPoint

reinstall your grip safety for

left-handed use just contact customer


before you use your crossbow crossbow

safety begins before you shoulder the

bow and pull the trigger before hunting

with your crossbow make certain you're

qualified and understand all of the

risks involved take a hunter's education

and safety course in fact most states

require that you complete one prior to

obtaining your hunting license always

seek a doctor's advice if you are taking

medication to be sure that you're able

to shoot and handle your crossbow safely

taking drugs or consuming alcohol before

or while using your crossbow may impair

your vision and/or judgment and make

handling your crossbow dangerous to you

or others around you wear safety glasses

when assembling cocking loading or

shooting your crossbow to protect your

eyes from injury if the limbs bowstrings

cables or cocking unit draw cords were

to break accidentally make sure you

follow your assembly instructions while

TenPoint and wicked ridge crossbows are

among the easiest to assemble in the

industry it is possible to make mistakes

during assembly that could cause serious

or fatal injury to you or others or to

cause damage to property inspect your

crossbow before you use it check for

loose or worn parts and frayed or worn

string cables and cocking mechanism

cords if your bow is not in top working

condition using it could be dangerous to

you or others around you do not make any

modifications to your crossbow and do

not remove or deactivate any of its

safety features doing so will void your

warranty but more important could make

your crossbow dangerous or cause it to

malfunction finally check your local

state or provincial regulations

regarding transporting a crossbow some

jurisdictions require you to keep your

crossbow in a case during transport

shooting safety safe crossbow shooting

practices are like safe firearm shooting

practices while they may make common

sense they may not be automatic

they require practice and repetition for

them to become second nature we

discussed hand and finger safety at the

start of this segment because those

accidents are the most common however

here are a number of other practices you

need to turn into habits during your

hunts and at the shooting range

never stalk walk or hike with an arrow

loaded in your crossbow there are

documented reports of fatal injuries

that have occurred when hunters have

tripped or slipped carrying a loaded


while it is acceptable to carry a cocked

foot unloaded crossbow make sure the

safety is in the safe position and be

careful not to place any part of your

body into the bowstrings path when you

are at a shooting range make sure you

always keep your loaded crossbow pointed

toward the target accidentally pointing

your crossbow in the direction of others

is extremely dangerous and potentially

life-threatening make sure others are

well behind you when shooting someone

standing beside you could be seriously

injured by flying debris in the unlikely

event that a string or cable were to

break use only manufacture recommended

arrows when shooting your crossbow

arrows that are too light or otherwise

do not meet your manufacturer

specifications could create a dry fire

effect and cause your limbs to break in

addition make sure you inspect your

arrows prior to shooting specifically

look for damage to the nock and veins

damaged arrows may not shoot as intended

and condemned your equipment and cause

serious personal injury or loss of life

inspect Carbon shafts and discard any

arrow that contains hairline cracks

firing a carbon arrow with hairline

cracks could cause it to shatter and

send sharp fragments flying in any

direction make certain you secure your

hunting arrows in your quiver broadheads

are razor sharp and handling arrows

fitted with unprotected broad heads can

cause serious personal injury or death

and of course keep your broad heads out

of the reach of children when loading an

arrow into a cocked cross

Oh hold it just behind the broad head

between your thumb and your index and

middle finger then you can slide it

along the arrow flight groove and into

the triggers string slot without

allowing your fingers and hand into the

bow strings flight path place a vein

into the arrow flight groove and slide

the arrow back until it seats itself

against the cocked bow string always

point your crossbow in a safe direction

never pointed at another person or

toward anything you do not intend to

shoot make sure you know what's behind

or beyond your target in the event you

take an errant shot an arrow can cause

serious personal injury including loss

of life beyond its effective hunting or

shooting range to avoid an accidental

discharge that could cause serious

injury including loss of life do not

move the trigger safety to the fire

position and do not put your finger on

the trigger until you're ready to take

your shot on TenPoint and wicked rich

crossbows the string sets the safety

upon cocking the bow this is visually

apparent by watching the safety move

from fire the red physician to white the

safe position never test your safety by

pulling or pre-loading your trigger if

you want to test your safety you can do

so by pushing the safety knob as far as

you can in the safe or white direction

it should move approximately 1/16 of an

inch and then bounce back or spring back

the same distance this bounce back means

the safety is engaged

if there is no bounce back the safety is

not engaged and you must re engage it by

forcefully pulling the bowstring as if

you were cocking the crossbow

when handing your crossbow to another

person make certain it is unloaded and

make a habit of keeping their hands and

the other person's hands out of the

boats trains flight path during the

transfer do not transport or store your

crossbow while it is cocked or loaded

tree stand safety tree stand accidents

are historically the most dangerous

debilitating and deadly if you are

hunting from a tree stand make sure you

use one approved by the tree stand

Manufacturers Association and that you

watch their safety DVD included with

your purchase

always wear a safety belt or harness

when hunting from a tree stand because a

fall could result in death or serious

personal injury also buy and install an

approved climbers lifeline with each

tree stand you purchase to guard against

climbing falls here is the typical

safety sequence you should follow when

crossbow hunting out of a tree stand


CUC but do not load your crossbow when

you arrive at your tree stand it is too

dangerous to [ __ ] a crossbow from a

standing position in your stand if your

crossbow includes an acute draw cocking


you may [ __ ] it from a seated position

in your stand

it's not safe to [ __ ] your crossbow

manually or to cut with your AK you draw

fifty Accuro dead sled 50 a cue 52 or

rope cougar in a tree stand check your

safety harness to make certain it is

securely fastened and in good condition

and attach your harness safety strap to

your lifeline and keep it attached

throughout the hunt attach your unloaded

crossbow to your bow retrieval rope with

the buttstock pointing up do not carry

your crossbow while climbing up or down

a tree because you could lose your

balance or the crossbow could catch on

the tree or tree stand and cause you to


hoist and lower your unloaded cocked

crossbow using your bow retrieval rope

to avoid a fall as you climb make sure

you anchor both hands securely with each

step you take once you're in the tree

stand fasten your safety harness to its

tree strap and check to make certain it

is secure before sitting down at that

point you are in a safe position to

begin pulling up your


before you load an arrow check all of

your shooting lanes to make sure there

are no tree limbs or branches in the way

of your crossbow limbs if your crossbow

limbs were to hit a branch or tree limb

during the shot you could damage the

crossbow or injure yourself

finally carefully load your arrow and

hang it on a bow hook or hold it

securely in your lap making sure you do

not allow your hands to rest on the bow

within the bow strings release path when

your hunt is over

remove your arrow and return it to your

quiver attach the unloaded crossbow to

the bow rope and lower it to the ground

after you disconnect your safety harness

from the tree strap make sure you remain

connected to your lifeline before you

begin your descent

uncocking your crossbow you may have

noticed that we left one task unfinished

in this sequence and it is the source of

the most frequently asked question we

receive how do i uncock my crossbow if i

have not taken a shot the safest way to

one [ __ ] a crossbow is to shoot it

it's not safe to manually unload a

crossbow or use a cocking mechanism to

do it

TenPoint has created a solution for

uncocking the crossbow the cub or

crossbow unloading bolt it is a

single-use 2-piece biodegradable

unloading shaft which decomposes in or

on the ground over time after you shoot

it do not use Cubs to one [ __ ] crossbows

but our RDX reverse draw crossbow bo

assembly or any crossbow with a

bowstring angle when cocked that is more

acute narrower than 45 degrees the

severe string angle prevents the nock

end of the cub from properly engaging

the bowstring this condition may cause a

dry fire that could damage the crossbow

and or injure the shooter or anyone

nearby another option is to shoot an old

field tipped arrow into soft rock free

dirt or sand or into a target check your

hunting regulations first however for

possible restrictions on possession of

field tips while hunting while this

segment has addressed the most obvious

safety concerns you need to focus on

when you are shooting and hunting it's

not possible to cover every circumstance

or situation that could lead to an

accident in the end your safety and the

safety of others around you depend on

your mastery of safe handling practices

every time you pick up your crossbow

again crossbows are lethal weapons

designed to harvest wild game if you

remain focused on safety every time you

pick one up you'll enjoy many years of

trouble-free hunting with your new 10

point or wicked Ridge crossbow finally

be safe and responsible and obey all

hunting rules