Baby Crib Safety - What Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Your Baby Safe in the Crib - Nursery Tips

hi I'm Jessica from simply baby

furniture I know how exciting it is to

start to think about designing your

dream nursery with cute themes and

gorgeous color palettes it is however

very important to spend some time making

sure your nursery is a safe space for

your baby so before your new baby moves

in here are some safety tips for in and

around your crib make sure that your

crib meets current government safety

standards the crib slats should not be

more than 2 and 3/8 inches apart about

the width of a soda can you want to make

sure that your baby's head can't get

stuck in this last corner pose should

not have any decorative knobs or other

elements on top which could snag your

baby's clothing check and recheck the

screws bolts and mattress supports to

make sure they are not loose or broken

this is especially important whenever

you reassemble the crib the safety

standards changed in 2011 that's why we

recommend not using a used crib that was

made before 2012 these drop side cribs

are no longer produced because they're

not safe ensure that the mattress fits

snugly in the crib with no more than two

fingers or one inch between the crib and

the mattress it's a good idea to send in

your cribs product registration card to

stay informed on recalls and other

information from the manufacturer go for

minimalism it's tempting to make it look

cute with blankets stuffed animals and

pillows but they are all suffocation

hazards for children under a year and

should never be in the crib with your


current research also suggests that it's

wise to avoid crib bumpers the only

thing that should be inside the crib are

a firm crib mattress a crib sheet and a

mattress protector pad be savvy about

decor around your crib - don't hang

anything heavy above or near your baby's

crib it could really hurt your baby if

it were to fall also don't hang anything

with ribbons or something that your baby

can grab and pull down it's best to take

down your mobile when your baby is able

to pull themselves out about 5 months

arrange your nursery so that the crib is

away from the windows if it's too close

your baby could reach the window cords

which are a major strangulation hazards

for more information visit the Consumer

Product Safety Commission site and the

juvenile products manufacturer

Association for a list of certified

cribs and a whole lot of other great

safety information we're here to help

every step of the way

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