FICO 740+ is Not Just For Show | BeatTheBush

how's it going everybody this is beat

the bush most people will tell you that

you don't need a credit score of about

740 or so because you're already getting

the best rate if you have something

above this you're not going to get a

better rate than that but you have

plenty of perfection that's trying to

get a career score of near 850 which is

the maximum that you can get I've been

thinking about this for a while and for

people that don't have a credit score of

above 740 they just say it's a bragging

right because maybe they don't have that

credit score but I realized recently

that this credit score means more than

just bragging rights this is because

having a crit score of above 700 allows

you to freedom and the room to cancel

any credit cards that you do not like

there for streamlining your financial

situation and you can just prune all the

credit cards that aren't very useful the

ones that don't get you very good cash

back the ones that doesn't give you very

good travel rewards or things like that

on top of that having a really high

credit score gives you a good safety

margin above the 740 score so that you

can apply for several cards a year and

not have to worry about it dipping below

740 and thus causing you to get a lower

interest rate if you do apply for a loan

or a mortgage during that period of time

that's all I wanted to say about having

a really high credit score there's

actually a real tangible reason for

having it if you're interested in

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