hey hey hey it's social media family

brother sugar and bar guys have you've

been watching my videos I want to thank

you guys for encouraging me thank you

guys in the emails let me clear my phone

up so I can be clear to you I'm going

live and I noticed in my live videos

when I go back into my live videos

they're a little cloudy but I want to

thank you guys for always watching thank

you for encouraging me listen what can a

700 credit score get for you guys ladies

and gentlemen look you've seen videos

right so here's another property that

I'm looking at right guys I am NOT just

walking up to random vacant lots and

doing this these are real properties

that I'm looking at I may be climb

hopefully I'm gonna close on this deal

today's Thursday it's two days out the

Christmas tomorrow is the 28th 31st is

Monday so I'm trying I'm trying to close

this deal before the end of 2018 so what

that means is because I have good credit

because I built my life if I can grab if

I could snag this property right before

the end of 2018 I can I can push all my

tax benefits into this property all the

2018 tax benefits a whole nother

accounting thing I'm not an accountant

I'll let you guys I think you kind of

get what I'm saying but uh but I'm gonna

grab this property really quick and the

reason why I make these videos and the

reason why I'll talk about credit so

much it's cuz ladies and gentlemen my

life my credit score used to be a 494

all right I run a credit repair business

I'm not you saw my videos where I always

tell you guys I'm not trying to get you

to sign up for anything no memberships

nothing like that but credit is so

important I want to make this video to

you because I remember when my credit

score was a 490 I remember when I I

wasn't I didn't have any money like so I

was completely broken guys I get it like

you send me your messages I get it right

I was broke just like a lot of you guys

and it's not and it's not and money's

not I never make these videos it's not

about like I have so I have sugarman bar

this business does really well I do

really well with this but I always

remember what my life was like I make

these videos because I remember what I

didn't have an opportunity to go and

look at something like this this this

property I'm looking at it something

like almost an acre of land oh no you

can see all the land back there that's

why really why I'm getting it is because

of the land the house is cool but at

some point I'm gonna purchase this place

I'm gonna buy and hold it at some point

not now but further down the line when I

cruise my portfolio I'm gonna knock this

house down and we're gonna build a

bigger house which will then increase

the value of this land that

shared pretty soon gonna knock it down

on a build another a bigger one I

may even put two properties on here it's

big enough to put two properties on here

guys I'm thinking down the road but the

first thing I had to do was I had to fix

my credit guys the credit was the

foundation everything that I do all the

traveling all the videos all the fun the

sugar rim bar wouldn't be possible if I

had not fixed my credit my credit score

right now is about a 780 once I um once

I finalize these properties sorry I'm

sorry that the phone keeps going in and

out I'm doing this from my phone but

once I finalize on the properties and

they hit my credit report I'm gonna take

a little hit in the beginning but it's

gonna um it's gonna shoot back up right

it's gonna shoot back up once it shoots

back up I'm gonna go to an 800 credit

score guys like if I'm living this

awesome life at a 700 do you know what

I'm gonna do with that 800 like that's

black American Express card said like

that's a limited that's a limited funds

so look so credit was the way that I did

I that I jump-started my life then what

I did was or what I do now is I

leveraged my credit I don't live on my

credit I leveraged my credit simply put

a lot of you the reason all the reason I

can make this video is look I know that

there there are people out there who

have good credit right this video ain't

for you right you got good credit right

it's not for you it's for those people

out there who are looking for answers

you're looking for a way out you're

looking for just maybe just you're not

looking for a handout you're looking for

a hand up you know you're looking for

someone like me who's been through it

who can maybe show you some things that

I've done and can get you to the next

level so look really quick I do have a

credit repair business I will work with

you one-on-one I promise you I'll work

with you want to want to help you fix

your credit you can inbox me you can

reach me my number is two four zero two

six four zero two four seven you can

text me but guys like so many people

call me and they tell me what I wanna

fix the credit but then they don't fix

it for like you know how many clients

I've talked to last year two years ago

three years ago and they still didn't

fix the correct guys you got it I'm not

saying you got to use me okay I'm here

to help you but you gotta fix your

credit you just can't keep renting you

can't keep just walking into dealerships

and buying cars at twenty four percent

Interest guys I can walk into any

dealership and buy any car that I want I

can get a Lamborghini I didn't get a

bitly I can get a you know a Maserati I

just choose not to do that let me show

you my car right this is my daily driver

every day there's a 2003 Chevy Tahoe


I can go out right now buy brand new

whatever whatever you deem is like


this truck is paid for my baby

it's paid for paid for all I do is pay

insurance and my insurance rate is super

like when I call my agent I get the best

rates because I have good credit

so my pay practically I put gas and oil

changes in this thing right so I'm not

I'm living within my means because what

I'd rather do right the money the money

so let's just take for instance right

this car that's paid for and I'm not I'm

not picking on you guys all right I'm

not picking on you but you have a Tahoe

right you got a 2018 Tahoe and your

credit is jacked up and you're paying

twenty four percent interest by the time

you're done paying for that truck could

bought this an appreciating value right

you could have bought this the same

thing I'm looking at because that's how

I see my money I don't see my money and

there's it's a car it serves a purpose I

go to and from whatever I got to do now

it's a truck I can do a little bit more

than a car but why not put your money

into something like this I'm gonna buy

this property right I'm gonna buy this

property I'm gonna rent it out or

whatever limit it what are smart I can

do whatever I want to do with it right

so what if I rent it out but I charge

$2,500 a month to rent I guess the going

rate around here right I lost $2,500 in

here right and then I'm getting that

money every month you getting 2500

ollars every month that pays for one of

these right the place will pay for

itself two to five years if I

aggressively do everything that I'm


I'll have the paid off in two to five

years every single month that money

comes in that's income then I get to do

whatever I want to do that guys I have

been an entrepreneur for ten years the

day that everything changed for me right

when our credit was bad and I had no

money I thought that I needed a job I

don't need a job

I got good credit right and I know so I

know when you watch these videos um it's

also a thing too because I see in the

comments right people say in the

comments well what's the secret guys

there is no secret there is no seven

steps to success I do everything I do

everything I leverage my credit cards I

run my business I'm sorry t-shirts you

want bodies hat ten dollars right it's

everything because at the end of the day

I have it's not about having seven

streams of income

it's about as having as any streams of

income as possible because the way the

numbers break down for me right what I

did in my life in to be you know I'll

tell you what I did in the beginning and

I'll tell you

I do right now right in the beginning my

goal was just to make $100 a day because

I figured if I could make $100 a day

seven hundred dollars a week that meant

that I didn't have to get a job because

I needed cash I was broke I needed I

like to call it now money I needed some

now money right so then once I made the

hundred dollars a day you start

realizing I started thinking well damn

what does it take because about the job

I had I was making over two hundred

thousand dollars at the finance job that

I had right so what does it take to make

a hundred thousand dollars a year that's

only $200 a days 279 I believe so I

started doing the 279 how did I do the

279 it's a million different things I

was selling water cutting grass I mean

every day I had I had to I couldn't

blank you got a beat zero zero is the

number that you have to be I don't care

if you make a dollar a day or a thousand

dollars a day you can't blink so then I

made the $200 a day right and then then

the quest became this how do you make a

million dollars a year god you just

break it down it's twenty seven thirty

nine two thousand seven hundred

thirty-nine dollars every day it seems

impossible until you do it right so this

is why I'm telling you to fix your

credit guy that's because the wealthy

the wealthy people and I'm not look my

disclaimer I am NOT a multi-millionaire

but here's what I am I'm a guy that

hasn't had a job in 10 years because I

have my time freedom and what that means

to me is let's say you're working a job

you make it you're only making $50,000 a

year right but you're going to work 9:00

to 5:00 for 90 hours a week what if you

could just make the 50,000 and have your

time back pick your kids up whenever you

want to still pay your bills you're

still struggling right still pay you but

you got your time back and then not only

do you have your time back you got time

I'm telling you guys once you remove the

money as an obstacle once you remove the

job as an obstacle once you take the

blinders off you start seeing the kind

of things that you were designed to do

that's why I'm telling you it's so

important to fix your credit because

it's the stuff if you live I know my

videos kind of go all over but if you

live in America dude if you if you could

just fix your credit you started at

baseline economics and just fix your

credit look at my videos I'm telling you

you guys have money sitting in a bank

it's in Bank of America it's in SunTrust

it's in I don't know Wells Fargo you got

it in P and C it's sitting there not

earning anything just all I got a video

on here go watch my videos I'm just

telling you take that money and just

move it

don't spend it don't pop bottles don't

go on the vacation the money that you

have sit in an account no matter what it

is it's yielding you nothing you're

earning zero you're earning less than a

penny on that money find a find an

account a high-yield bury interest

account and simply just move the money

that's it so every month I don't care if

you make $20 a month that's two hundred

and forty dollars each your money is

just sitting it's just sitting 120 it's

just sitting your money literally is

just sitting move it somewhere and earn

some money and so then this is not

overnight guys it's not overnight ain't

there there is no this isn't this isn't

the matrix there's no red or blue pill

it's gonna take little bit of time it

took you time to get into this gonna

take you time to get out of it okay so

when you have that money take the money

so here's what I'm gonna show you what

I'm doing right I'm gonna show you what

I'm doing so this property that I'm

gonna get right every year every year at

the end of the year like now in December

I'm gonna cash out all the things that

I'm doing right because I have other

businesses and other things while I'm

making money so like that so like I have

money sitting in an account it's earning

interest right at the end of the year

let's just hypothetically say I got I

don't know five hundred dollars two

thousand dollars whatever it is at the

end of the year I'm gonna cash out that

interest I'm gonna put it towards this

mortgage this mortgage is a simple

interest loan meaning that any money

that I put towards it pays down the

principal not the interest so every

extra bit of cash I get is gonna go to

buying down the property this isn't this

isn't a wholesale video cuz you know you

can do that that this isn't that I'm

talking to people about that need to get

me a credit fix you want to purchase a

home you have to be 620 or higher to get

into a home fix your credit I can do it

for you I have a company it's easy it's

an application it's an online process I

will I will consult with you one-on-one

I'll do it but guys I have thousands of

clients thousands all across the country

because what's happening wherever you

live and guys you can comment where you

live where you live the same thing when

I'm doing the principles that I'm

applying right here on this piece of

property right here I can do it anywhere

in the country I can I could own

property anywhere and then all I got to

do is Airbnb it out you guys know this

and so you watch these videos you watch

someone like me and look I'm not even


grant cardone and I'm not Eric Thomas

and I'm not Gary Vee I'm just a regular

guy just like you guys I'm regular right

but I live an extraordinary life well I

don't have to have a job where I can go

out and buy properties where I can flip

the properties or earn them or keep them

or whatever but but every single thing

that I do know that everything that I do

whether it's buying gas getting bubble

gum selling the t-shirt buying a hat

everything that I do

earns me money every single that's how

you have it's a it's a mind it's a mind

shift or a mindset that you have to

change you have to stop sending your

money out and not getting anything for

it you have been training and I and look

guys I am guilty of this I'm not sitting

here bashing you okay and I want you to

feel like oh this guy or whatever I'm

talking to you because I was you you

have been conditioned to believe that

you got to live off your debit card if

you don't have that what are your those

things if y'all have the money for it

then then I don't need it if God didn't

make away guys that that's slave

mentality they've got you trapping an

economic slave mentality because the

wealthy people don't walk around with

debit cards they're not paying cash cash

is not King to them come on you guys

know this stuff and what and what I'm

sharing with you what I'm sharing with

you is ways to get out the foundation is

fix your credit I have a credit repair

business I will work with you one on one

but I can't make you do it I will be

there for you you can call me all the

time we can consult I literally will

tell you I'll give you the roadmap how I

went from having nothing to hundreds of

thousands of dollars when you quit it'll

be you quitting because you can call me

see the other things because I have

thousands of clients and I'm making

these videos and I know I seem really

personable you can't call me and wrap me

up for 20 minutes right it's ten minutes

this is business

let's get in let's get out let's go

let's create some business let's get

some properties let's get your business

off the ground I'll teach you and show

you how to get some business credit

because because because I sign behind

this name right here I sign behind this

name this name has credit now so pretty

soon what's gonna happen is these

properties I'm getting gonna be in this

name I'm not gonna exist anymore

I'm gonna pay myself I'm gonna be like I

like these corporations i'ma be a

corporation pay myself a salary and when

doing the company dissolves I'm gonna

give myself a 44 million dollar golden

parachute my safety net it's legal I'm

not doing anything it's not I'm not just

cool video I'm telling you it's in

America it's legal I pay my taxes right

I'm trying to pay as less as possible

I'm getting as many write offs as I

legally can to offset my taxes and then

I'm gonna funnel that money back into my

business guys I'm not gonna get arrested

for that for sharing that with you but I

want to help you but here's what I need

you to do start watching the videos stop

stop stop

writing down all the information stop

going in every single empowerment

conference stop going to every

wholesaler jump jump whether you will

you allow me to help you or you do it on

your own or whatever jump guys jump

don't don't spend another six months

re-evaluating what you should do don't

spend another year hemming and hawing

all I'm I start my business do it now

now's the time all right guys look I

have said a lot Oh free to inbox me feel

free to email me feel free to text me

however you can find me if you find this

if you google this you'll find me my

numbers to 402 six four zero two four

seven my name is corey brim and that's

corey noe brim 1m and it's at my company

name sugar rim bar shoot me an e-mail

I'd love to work with you I don't need

the soft store cuz everyone everyone

wants to give me the story of how their

life crumbled guys I got it

you're like horrible I got it you got

more month than money you living

paycheck to paycheck struggle to

struggle I hear you what are you gonna

do about it don't don't call me talking

about I don't wanna hear the story I

want to hear the action what are you

gonna do don't watch my talk I'm not

gonna wear shorts alright I love you


never give up always believe in yourself

your best life is out here but you gotta

jump guys you gotta jump it's never

gonna happen if you don't take action

you have to become an active participant

and your own survival alright I hope

these are Nuggets were here what I'm

saying sparks you motivated you I don't

really think about these things when I

go live the thing that I do want you to

take away from this is I share with you

the information that I wish somebody

would have given me and I and sometimes

people say that I'm kind of like a

bracelet of an arrogant or you know I

need to humble myself guys when I slap

on a bathroom floor when I was

completely flat broke

when on credit school was a four ninety

when I went my bills were piling up when

I when I had my my bank account was

negative I wish somebody would've came

by and kicked my butt and and you know

keep myself in the behind and told me to

get my butt going because what I share

with you now is what I wish I would have

day 1 when I lost everything day 1 when

my car got repossessed day 1 when my

when I got evicted out of my apartment

10 years ago that that's that's what I

wish I would have done and time goes by

so fast so fast you're gonna blink in

ten years gonna grow by how are you

positioning yourself what are you doing

to put your family in a position to win

that's what you got to do and that's

what and so now that's why I'm so

aggressive with these videos and want to

talk like that because I don't I want to

leave a legacy for my family I don't

want to just die I don't want to just

I'm going where nobody's getting all

this thing alive I want to leave

something for my family

that should be your push all right I

love you guys I'm out of here man I'll

go back an accident instantly or

comments I see them popping up on the

screen I will answer every single

comment I love you guys comment anything

you want below and looking for the one

hater thumbs down I have no idea I'm

telling you like go live your life is

gonna comment on my video I love you too


watch me and join me because 2019