How To Get Your 630 Fico Credit Score To An 740+ Fico Credit Score

hey everybody I just I wanted to reach

out to you this is Mike and we just

moved in a few weeks ago and we finally

got all the boxes put away and

everything's all cleaned up so I can

give you guys a little bit of a look

around here pretty nice right well this

is all possible because of a DIY credit

repair Secrets Revealed book that I

found out about now this thing goes over

and my credit was not it was not great

it was not great at all but this this

book it is it's an e-book but this book

gave me the tips and the tricks to be

able to remove a lot of the different

negative trade lines from my credit

report they allow me to get into and

qualify for our house now my mom and my

dad thought we would never have a house

of our own and my wife and I now are so

happy we really didn't think we could do

it and come to find out you know from a

few references from some friends of mine

I found out about the the DIY credit

repair secrets a real book and we went

through and I say you know what I don't

have anything to lose let's give it a

try and let's see so I went ahead and I

went through and I did step by step

exactly what it did you know what's said

to do as far as how to approach each of

the credit bureaus to request the

removals and all that you know and I'm

not a propellerhead when it comes to

this stuff but it was very simple they

had a lot of visual aids in there that

helped me with exactly what I needed to

do and best of all I even got an hour of

coaching free from the author and so it

couldn't have been much better than that

I mean you know within 30 to 45 days I'd

already started seeing a boost on my my

credit report and now the write me the

proofs in the pudding we're in the house

now and it's our so we feel really good

about it and I just I wanted to say

thank you guys so much it's been an

absolute it's a it's been a lifesaver I

can't see you guys have done great for

me and I know anybody that's watching

this they're you're gonna love it and

they're gonna do great for you too

thanks so much guys