I can describe how a hermit crab adapted to its environment to survive.

hi third-grader this is mrs. Krieger I'm

here to teach you another science lesson

our objective for today is I can

identify and describe how a hermit crab

adapt to his environment and survive so

I want to show you the hermit crab

before he runs away a hermit crab is a

crustacean it's not like other

crustaceans because it does not have a

sweet exoskeleton it's missing a part

you can see that way the hummock crab

can move but it has to stay inside the

shell because an abdomen is squishy and

it can't move in the back there so when

it gets big it has to find another shell

so when it gets out it has to move

quickly because a seagull or a predator

can scoop him up and eat him so he has

two claws down


there's too far to move and protect

himself one big and one smaller you can

find the hermit crab between the low and

high tide and these high school there's

a bunch of tide pools at this Beach he

likes you awesome with his class and so

that camouflage himself some predators

and if you can see the shell it's dark

if you put it down in the water kind of

blends in with the other rocks so it

tricks its predators from getting that

so after this video I would like you to

draw a picture or a diagram of a hermit

crab and I want you to write the facts

that you learned today I'm gonna show

you one more oh he just went right in

you can also hide it now I hope you

enjoyed this video and I will see you