How to make your bed with a coverlet

hi I'm Steve the owner of Bureau linens

in today's video we're gonna discuss how

to make your bed with a coverlet now you

might be asking yourself what in the

heck is a coverlet we'll be right back

to explain okay what is a coverlet well

it's kind of like a bedspread but I'm

going to tell you a little story and

bedspreads for the most part they're not

available a traditional bedspread used

to fall from the top of the bed to the

floor but because the mattress

thicknesses vary so much today there's

no way of accommodating one product

that's going to match all that variation

so what the linen manufacturers like

offs have done is resorted to cover less

so it's a short bedspread if you will

now this is ours it's a beautiful piece

made in Italy it's it's quilted and the

quilting provides a little pattern a

little texture as well as it provides a

real nice durable top of the bed and it

also because of the quilting that's it's

prone it's a little bit less prone to

wrinkle now a lot of people like

coverlets in the summer months you know

when it's you know warmer outside some

people don't like down comforters in

duvet covers some people will use both a

combination of a coverlet and a duvet

cover and down comforter for a really

nice finished look and we'll explain

what this looks like at the end of this

video right now I'm just gonna get this

on the bed so we've got our flat sheet

on the bed and to begin with if your

flat sheet has any kind of decoration

like embroidery or hem stitching or

something along those lines you're gonna

want to put it on upside down you want

that detail or embroidery to face the

mattress so when you pull it back you

can see it so here we go with our



so we've gonna level level it all out

now this footboard is a little bit of an

impediment but nonetheless uh you can

see the item here now again it may come

out of the package with a little bit of

wrinkle in it again the quilting does

mitigate the wrinkles but if that's the

case simply steaming out here when it's

on the bed or you can hit it with an

iron when it's on the bed okay

now you're going to want to do is pull

it back approximately one third of the


now pull your flat sheet back

now you can add your pillow shams

decorative details scrolls etc whatever

you want to finish the top of the bed

applet now here's another look that we

like point of in it so it's a nice nice

really interesting looking bag and

that's putting the duvet cover on the

foot of the bed so what we're going to

do place our duvet cover on top of the

bed roll it all the way out and now

we're going to fold it back in thirds

all righty there it is just a really

nice look again and if you want to just

take this off it I put it on the foot of

the you know the bench if you have one

at the foot of your bed you can do that

or if you're a little bit chilly at

night simply pull it up and you've got a

wonderful comfortable nice looking bed

it's very easy to make hey thanks for

taking the time to watch this thanks for

your interest in bureau linens