What is a corner lip lift? | Dr. Ben Talei Q&A, Facial Plastic Surgeon

[What is a corner Lip Lift?]

[Dr. Ben Talei] Patients often ask, do I need a corner lip lift or what is a corner lip lift?

A corner lip lift is intended to treat many problems around the corner of the mouth.

Erroneously, people tried to use it to treat depressions on the bottom of the mouth by

lifting this part of the upper lip.

I don't like it for that reason, I don't think it works.

What a corner lift is, it's an incision at or at the junction of the white vermilion,

right over here on the edge of the lip and it helps unravel or unbury the corner of the


There are very many patients in this world who want this done, but it doesn't really

improve all of them.

So what I tell them is, if you can get away with doing a modified upper lip lift and releasing

from here, bringing it up this way towards the nasal base, do that because you are a

little better off.

You're gonna get a bigger improvement overall and you're gonna avoid having a scar here.

Even in the best hands, a corner lip lift will have some kind of scar.

It may not be an immediately visible scar, but it does have a tendency to blur or efface

the vermilion border, the crispness of it in that area just a little bit.

In my hands, I typically perform a modified upper lip lift and maybe in one percent of

my patients asking for it, I would perform a corner lip lift, that's in my hands.

In other doctors' hands, it can be done very effectively and they use in commonly in combination

with lip lifts or other procedures.

This is just my own experience and the way I like to do things, but I do like to explain

to people that a corner lip lift done from up here is not gonna fix something going on

down here and that's why most people want it.

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