Contamination Series - #1 Contamination (CC)


I'm being driving forward where's my

number 25 years this is Christmas tree

propane and plastics bag not recyclable

only bottles cans paper and cardboard go

in the recycle bin some recycling

programs have over 25 percent



we spend too much time sorting through

contamination not enough time sorting

through good material to help the

environment the oddest thing I have seen

was a skin tear I saw a badger dead with

his eyes open and they terrified I

thought it was going to wake up sorry I

didn't touch that one the most common

thing I would secret American lion

beetle Christmas lights water hoses they

stop the stars from spinning around and

anytime we get jammed the whole system

shut down right now as you can see

everything is shut down because we have

to clean the machine


there's a lot of plastic bags that we

get through the system grocery bags bags

filled with leaves that's also get

caught up in screens string cleaning is

when we go inside the screen and we take

out the unwanted material old clothing

old shoes metal material when we go

inside the screens you might have a pole

sticking out the shaft we have to pry it

out or we might have pores that's

wrapped around three shelves or ropes or

chains and we have to use the tool to

get those things out the tools we have

is a hook knife so wire cutters and some


six times a day we stop the machines to

clean or contamination well it will

probably take us up to two hours to

clean the string now when recycling is

not done properly we try to clean the

screen a hundred percent so they can run

smooth as possible without causing any

jam now that I work here at waste

management I tell my friend that

recycling is really important if more

people will recycle right we can process

more recycling a day