Understanding a Constitutional Government

do you believe understand and live by

the Constitution of the United States if

not you should this information is very

important to all US citizens allow us to

explain some basic information about

government there are two main schools of

thought one is to have as little

government control as possible and the

other is to have total government

control over every aspect of human life

then there are many positions in between

those two schools of thought which is

where we find most Americans let's first

consider total government control the

government makes decisions and laws and

uses force or punishment for those who

do not abide this type of government is

called totalitarian and heads of this

type of government are called Kings

tyrants emperors dictators and warlords

before 1788 most all governments were of

this type there were some modified

versions of totalitarian government such

as in England where they had a

parliament that enables some input from

a group called Lords and some

representation for the common people

in reality the King ruled with guidance

from his advisers and most of the people

obeyed his laws in 1788 seven years

after the Revolutionary War the

Constitution of the United States was

approved and accepted by the sovereign

states it became the law of our country

our Constitution was very different from

any government in the world because it

was based on having very little

government the federal government was

then charged with the responsibility to

protect the people's unalienable rights

given from our Creator along with 17

other specific tasks outlined in the

Constitution the people of the United

States were not only free and well

organized they were also protected from

their own government through the


by 1905 117 years later the United

States had become the most prosperous

nation in the world what does this tell

us when people are free from

totalitarian government they're happier

personally successful prosperous and

have a greater standard of living

through advances in technology science

medicine and arts the people's

responsibility under our Constitution is

to be law-abiding to elect good honest

people with wisdom intelligence and

experience in many diverse fields people

with a great appreciation and

understanding of the principles used to

formulate our United States Constitution

imagine of all citizens understood the

Constitution and what elect

representatives who upheld the

Constitution unfortunately that's not

how it is

but it can be here's a simple rule to

follow any law passed which allows our

government to do something that you as

an individual don't have the right to do

that law is unconstitutional the only

rights you can delegate to your

representatives are the unalienable

rights you have not the rights you don't

have you don't have the right to take

possessions from one group of people and

give them to another that is stealing

it is wrong to knowingly seek to get

your representatives to pass laws that

are unconstitutional that action

promotes a totalitarian government we're

better than this and we can do better

you can find out if your representatives

are passing good or bad laws by going to

Liberty Utah org and clicking on

legislature indexes it lists all the

laws passed by the US legislature for

the last three years it shows the name

the House bill number nature of the law

who did or did not vote for the bill and

a constitutionality percentage score

study the constitutionality score and

you'll find that 52 percent of the

people in Utah vote for totalitarian

government if Utah is off track what

does that say for the rest of the United

States you can make needed changes by

voting for candidates that pledge to

repeal unconstitutional laws and all

levels of government when we're able to

get Utah back on the road to prosperity

we can help the rest of our country do

the same will you help