Refurbished Vs New Electronics: What to Buy and What To Avoid

- You really can't tell the difference, can you?

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- Hi, I'm Khiem.

- I'm also Khiem.

- And today I'm- - We're gonna be giving you

the skinny on refurbished electronics

and telling you which ones are worth buying.

- We all know refurbished electronics

may tempt you with their low prices,

but are they actually worth it?

- Yes, I buy them all the time.

- And no, I'd like to stick to buying new, thanks.

- Are you sure?

Because I bought this Xbox One refurbished

at Best Buy for $200 when it retailed for $300.

- That sounds like a great deal, but,

what's refurbished mean?

- Well, refurbished means an item was purchased

and then was returned for some reason.

A customer may not like it or there was a missing part

but in the end, a store can't sell it brand new.

- You're saying I might be buying an unwanted item?

- Yes, but it's tuned to like-new specifications

and it means a significant discount.

- [Left Kim] So you may be wondering,

is the discount worth the risk of a defective product?

- [Right Kim] Yes, it is.

In my experience, getting refurb products

are usually just as good as getting it new.

- Is it really?

Do you remember when you bought that refurbished Wii

and it was full of naughty pictures

from the previous owner?

- Ha, yeah, true story, and it was not cool.

That's why you should always research the company.

It's best to buy from the original manufacturer

or from a manufacturer-approved refurbishing company.

- You never know what you're gonna get

from Joe Refurbishing on Ebay.

All right, here's how to find

reliable refurbished electronics.

- Stick to the stores and brands you trust.

You need to know that they're refurbishing

the items themselves or using a reputable company

to do the work.

- Find a return policy.

A company that won't take returns is telling you something

about the quality of their product.

Stay away.

- Look for a warranty.

If there is no warranty, then don't do it.

It safeguards you from an item failing

in the first couple of weeks.

It's an absolute must when buying refurbished

and the longer the warranty, the better.

- And look for good reviews and feedback.

It will bring peace of mind when buying refurbished.

So what are good buys when looking for refurbished?

- Great question.

Here's what we found to be good buys and those to avoid.

Laptops, tablets, and video game consoles

are good bets because they go through rigorous testing

before being sold, and include good warranties.

- But you might want to avoid TVs and printers.

TVs may be in good working condition,

but may have hours of playtime,

leaving the screen burned out.

With printers, even though they might look new,

they might have old ink flowing through.

- Awesome, thanks, Khiem, for the info.

- You too, Khiem.

I might give buying refurbished a shot.

- And remember to check the article in the description

for more about refurbished electronics

and when it makes sense to buy.

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