Should You Buy Refurbished Electronics?

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hear the word refurbished do you think

of a great opportunity to save money or

a collection of second-hand junk that's

been dropped spilled upon or are

generally mistreated also we always

tackle the tough questions around here

isn't even possible to just furbish

something oh I guess it is anyway these

refurbished goods are a common sight in

pretty much every major gadget store but

what exactly does that term mean well a

good number of these items are returns

from regular customers that could be for

any number of reasons maybe it was a

smart speaker that creepily cackle

ducked them while they were trying to

sleep or a toaster oven that someone

simply had second thoughts about because

they decided to go on a keto diet other

refurbs may have been damaged

not necessarily by consumers but maybe

in shipping when they were originally

sent to a retailer or warehouse and

finally what about demo or floor models

even once they aren't the latest and

greatest anymore

they are usually fully functional and

many stores decide to flip them for a

few bucks the bottom line is that when

you buy refurbished you don't know where

that product has been kind of like a

stray dog

or a random tinder date but that doesn't

necessarily mean that your chances of

getting a lemon have to be higher you

see often times new electronics come

right off an assembly line get packaged

up and are shipped out and in most cases

this is fine but sometimes that brand

new shiny that you just bought might not

have had a careful inspection before it

was sent to you by contrast when a unit

marked for refurbishment is being

prepared for sale by a reputable dealer

somebody has to specifically examine it

for functional or aesthetic defects

determine if it can be repaired and

tested so that they know that it won't

generate a costly and time-consuming

return and

in mind that fixing up a product doesn't

usually mean that it was actually

mangled by the previous owner it is so

expensive and complicated to repair

modern electronics that anything beyond

a scratch on the screen that won't

affect performance or an easy

replacement of a defective component or

accessory is beyond the capabilities of

a typical retailer to deal with anyway

of course that doesn't mean that

refurbished products are always going to

be pristine in the case of expensive

items it is possible for more advanced

reworking of parts or products to be

done so you usually see this either if

you buy directly from large-scale

manufacturers or from a very small shop

that specializes in repairing items that

others have written off just make sure

in either case that you are checking the

warranty terms carefully some

manufacturers or stores will warrant

refurbished items that they sell for up

to a year giving you similar peace of

mind to a new item others though might

offer only a month or even as little as

a week and it is common for there to be

no recourse beyond that time if

something goes wrong so that's where

factory certified refurbished items come

in this term or something similar

usually means that regardless of the

warranty being offered that at least the

refurbishing process was handled by the

company itself or an authorized third

party to meet a certain standard of

quality Dell and Apple for example are

notable for trying to restore these

certified products to as close to a

like-new state as possible now of course

for certain kinds of electronics like

new isn't really possible once an item

has been used so we would recommend

avoiding certain things like hard drives

or SSDs or certain types of TVs and

monitors that only have a limited

lifespan those are not worth saving a

few bucks over even if you burn the last

of your dough on like a refurbished car

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