How similar a computer is to a human body

hi guys in this video I'll kill you how

similar the human body is with the

computer computer and newman's are like

almost similar you'll see right now so

yeah you know we have a brain you know

there is a brain in a computer is called

a CPU the CPU does some calculation for

the for the process to be functioning

just like a brain a brain calculates the

sit but some brains are dumber than the

other just like an CPUs some CPUs are

dumber than some other CPUs or this or

or faster and ya know we have a still at

home there's a motherboard in the

computer that can I throw is like the


it supports every organs in your body

every organs just like a motherboard

dude it supports every component that

you put in your PC but you need to put

the compatibility level tell you and

then you have like your arms your arms

are like the round you

it's like volta Valachi bill memory you

pick it up with your arm then you

dropped it you do something else

the memory is gone just like can come


it's Valletta Bora and yeah you have

also the cases the cases is that Tim and

the human body some skin or some cases

or six there than the other that's like

the human somebody's our sister than the

other so yeah there is pretty much no

difference between a human and a

computer and yeah you know what is the

power supply eyes the mouth you feed

yourself to have energy just like the

piece you feed the computer to make some

energy that computer so it function

normally but when it fails it's like to

poop her it resents all the elements on

your body and it says things about will

you and then you have your private parts

these are the people that make the

computer you know when you do like

obsessed there's another human can be

produce just like a builder of pieces

they create new pieces now body's like

super similar really similar guys I told

you that the body's similar to that

computer it's very similar and yeah you

know what is the avian in your body it's

a hard drive then a couple of years

there will probably be some ad end

storage in your computer it's already in


they're trying to do this as soon as

possible yeah three guys that was how

similar the human body is to the

computer very similar very similar about

the eyes the eyes also the eyes are the

monitor you see I see the computer shows

linea you can say it's a bit similar but

little bit at different flow and yeah

guys I feel not something the video card

and the hard drive but the order already

told but it can also be something else

it can also be the brain and also the

video card can also be the brain because

the brain does the graphic processing so

your eyes can see just like the whole

Drive and the brain the brain stops some

memory that you have just like the hard

drives does so we did that with that

thing for one thing is a baby thank you

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