What Do Computer Hardware Engineers Do?

what exactly do computer hardware

engineers do do they write code build

computers manage networks create

processors computer hardware engineers

use of the engineer design process to

create a specific set of items they tend

to create computer parts like processors

circuit boards memory devices networks

and routers they aren't limited to just

those items they can also be seen making

many other computer accessories similar

to external hard drives mice keyboards

and much more if you plan to be computer

hardware engineer you're going to be

expected to have a high school degree

and a bachelor's degree from an

authorized college at minimum if you

plan to be successful computer hardware

engineering you're most likely going to

need a few of these personality traits

like most engineers you have to be

motivated you obviously want to finish

your jobs than just quitting them

halfway through also having a good

social skills is quite important for

this job you most likely be talking to a

bunch of clients and workers will work

in just one project social skills will

also allow you to work well with a bunch

of other engineers which for sure will

happen when working on projects computer

hardware engineering is no one-man job

by far the most important trait is

critical thinking critical thinking

allows engineers to find strengths and

weaknesses they also can solve problems

and know how to solve these problems

effectively and correctly other than

knowing that you're bettering technology

you also have make it nice amount of

money computer hardware engineers are

expected to meet about $50 an hour and a

hundred thousand year the growing issue

with the computer hardware industry is

that it will grow about 7% from 2012 to

2022 which is a little slower than

average there is more innovation that

can be done with computer software that

was possible computer hardware you want

to see in computer hardware engineering

natural habitat you're expected to look

in a research laboratory designed for

computer hardware development these labs

are usually SUSE the most current

technology for developing computer

hardware usually manufacturer firms own

these labs a very popular company that

hires a bunch of hardware engineers in

to Intel in Santa Clara is currently

looking for hardware engineers the Job

Description is would you like to be part

of a team that defines it brings to life

cool new devices and wearables some

responsibilities for this team is to

able to define and create collateral for

new wearable platforms and devices

document hardware designs and system

integration with hardware software and

firmware this job requires a Bachelor of

Science degree in electrical engineering

or related field six to eight years in

hardware engineering for consumer

electronics and all-around strong

technical knowledge and a few other

similar requirements some skills that

require problem-solving time management

customer management work independently

and in a group now you know exactly what

computer hardware engineer does you know

everything from pay to education now you

should have a grasp on if this is the

engineering career for you