*NEW* GENIUS BAIT CLIP FAILS HORRIFICALLY! - NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #373

hey guys welcome back to Game two

couriers of course my name is mr. Jacobs

hich bring you your daily dose of the

best apex moment it's a good one let's




well I guess Mirage owes bloodhound one

doesn't matter how good the lifeline

shield is it ain't stopping a grenade

from getting behind


right that's it

time to bring out the craver a

completely wrecked this enemy squad


well I guess the last enemy squad here

didn't know there was a jump had already

down the pond this highlight has to be

one of the most chaotic clips of the

entire video and all I have to say is

caustic shines in tight spaces

well I guarantee you're gonna lose track

of what the hell is happening in this

clip I didn't realize there's gonna be

so many players in the final suck

well looks like octane and lifeline are

back at it again

hunting the campers 200 IQ here


well it's safe to say airbase is an

absolute right off when you've got

someone with the Craver


how're you guys still just finding clips

from shotguns versus snipers I mean it's

good at all but that was ages ago




when you see someone from this position

in the final circles or we got jump ads

down there I cannot wait to see what's

gonna happen here

as we drop into a runoff guys I just

want to let you know the star of the

show is octane in this moment

well if you're gonna watch anyone

completely dominate in capital city

today make sure you pay attention to

this Pathfinder clip this is mad it

keeps going on and on and on

this is his city now

it's like if you got your bloodhound ot

up all you need is a P 2020 and squad

wipes are coming easy

and game circles aren't easy when you're

alone beau Kryptos got this this is a

really good solo clutch guys

all right Watson show us what you got



and that's it guys thanks so much

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