What IS March Madness? Beginner's Guide to NCAA Basketball Championship

we are in the first week of March which

means you know what's quickly

approaching March Madness what is March

Madness you ask great question you may

have heard of it on TV and commercials

what March Madness is is a series of

NCAA Division one college basketball

games which determine who the national

champion is confused you shouldn't be

I'm gonna break it down for you so

easily there are a lot of college

basketball teams I'm sure you have a


maybe the college you went to your

parents went to your neighbor's sister

went to there's someone to root for and

everyone has a college team they like so

how do you narrow it down well only 68

teams get to compete in March Madness

and these 68 teams are chosen by a

selection committee but this 10 person

selection committee picks which teams

actually get to play and compete in

March Madness and then they rank them as

well now in March Madness lingo seeding

is the same as ranking they seed the

teams which means they rank them in

order from 1 to 16 and they split them

up into 4 different regions so you're

gonna have 4 number one seeded teams for

number two seeded teams all the way down

to 4 number 16 seeded teams and that's

how we get brackets now I know it's

pretty crazy there's only 10 people

deciding all of this but there's also

some playing games that can determine

certain teams can play into the

tournament and earn their spot

there's also conference tournaments that

go on all the way before March Madness

but this 10-person team has a lot of

power but let's talk brackets cuz that's

what you probably do at work you

probably hear about it with your friends

the March Madness pool or the brackets

that's where the fun begin

all right so this is what a bracket

looks like

may have seen them before it is almost

impossible to get a perfect bracket it's

one in nine point two quintillion odds

of getting a perfect bracket that's why

it's fun

there's no way almost no way you're

gonna get it perfect so you may as well

have some fun and try it out for your

first time maybe now as you can see

they're all divided into different

sections regionally so the first seed to

place the sixteenth seed second seed

plays the 15th seed so on and so forth

in the first round now the winner of

each game continues on to the next round

which is why we see that the brackets

get smaller and smaller and smaller

until you play down into a winner next

question how are the brackets ranked

how'd you get points do you have to just

pick the winner all out what if you pick

some right and some wrong I'm here to

fill you in stay tuned so if you're just

starting out I would suggest using a

well known website for your bracket and

scoring because it's pretty

straightforward so I would look at maybe

CBSsports n-c-double-a comm fox sports

or even yahoo and how they rank and

score is for every team you guessed to

win correctly in the first round you get

one point then for every team that you

guessed correctly in the second round

you get two points next round four

points the round after that eight points

the final for 16 points per correct team

picked and finally you get 32 points if

you correctly pick the champion now ESPN

also has a great bracket system it's

slightly different they just add a zero

at the end of everything so for every

correct pick in the first round you get

ten points every correct picked in the

second round 20 points 40 points 80

points when 60 points in 320 points if

you pick the winner

just one more zero but it sounds very

dramatic now I leave you with three last

terms that I'm sure you've heard the

first is the sweet

sixteen that just refers to the last 16

teams that are left in the tournament

then sweet 16 turns into the elite 8

Elite Eight last 18 standing then

there's the final four which are the

final four college teams remaining then

the championship game where they played

to a champion this is the same format

with women's basketball as well hashtag

me too I feel like I'm gonna get some

crazy comments if I don't acknowledge

that but I'm gonna be focusing my

efforts and videos this month on the

men's division one NC double-a

basketball teams see you in the next