Building A $27 Coffee Table WITH STORAGE!

hi welcome back to zack of all trades

I'm Zack and I finally reached a point

where I'd rather pay for the materials

for a project then get them for free

plus the cost of effort today I'll be

building a rustic coffee table with

storage my wife and I have a dear friend

who just moved into a very small

apartment in which storage space is at

an absolute premium we're over at her

house the other day and it became

apparent that something that would be

very helpful to her would be to have a

small table of some sort with some

storage space in it so that's what I'm

gonna be building

she likes the whole rustic thing you

know barn wood and pallet wood and stuff

like that so I thought that's perfect I

can build this project for nothing after

most of an evening spent trying to

disassemble just one of the three

pallets generously donated to me by a

good friend of mine I decided that

enough was enough you see this is how

far I got I ruined two metal cutting

jigsaw blades and well I wasn't able to

get the doggone thing apart the wood is

just soft enough that you can't pry on

it because the nail heads will pull

right through and they'll break so I bit

the bullet and for 27 bucks I got what's

the equivalent of three pallets worth of

boards and this is cedar fence pickets






alright let's see how this worked out

for us if it's not obvious I put all

this weight on here because want to put

the clamps on the whole thing was trying

to bow bow up just because the edges of

these boards are not properly jointed so

there's there's a little bit of variance

in them so this was a good way to he'll

hold everything down this is just going

to the bottom of the of the compartment

the storage compartment anyhow though it

wasn't ultra critical first time I've

ever used an anvil in woodworking

project Wow it was a big spider oh did

you see that man I hope I got that thing

on video well that's a problem








I need to go ahead and trim all the ends

of this flush because as I was building

it and cutting things in the center of

the board they all kind of got a little

bit different length and whatnot so I

want to I want them square the problem

is here's my short one this and this are

my short ones here and if regardless of

what saw use if it's a handsaw or jigsaw

or whatever if I try to cut right

straight down along there eventually at

some point my saw is gonna kick out and

not want to not want to carry it because

I'm not cutting off very much here and

especially not right here there's really

not enough to make a good saw kerf to

hold my saw where it needs to be so

here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna clamp

this piece of plywood underneath so that

I have some material underneath there to

cut a saw kerf in what do you think I

gotta work



and just like that hoped a nice square

cut how about that now was extra work

cutting through this and this but if i

play my cards right I think I can use

this one on the other side nope I guess

it's not gonna work like that alright

once again for the second time

all right young lady I hope that for

however long that you have use of this

table that it serves you well please

accept a hearty congratulations from our

family to you and we wish you well all

of your endeavors well Buster looks like

the only thing left to do is deliver it