How To Make A Starbucks Frappuccino At Home

hey y'all it's column from hip to save

calm and today I'm sitting in my kitchen

I'm very excited so I'm going to show

you guys how to make a starbucks

Frappuccino from home and I have to say

this is the easiest recipe I mean it's

don't ever get worried thinking it's

gonna be too complicated because this is

so so simple you probably have all the

ingredients on hand so obviously what

you're going to need first is either two

shots of espresso and if you don't know

how to make espresso and you don't have

a big ol gadget make sure to check out

my espresso video where I show you how

to really really inexpensively make your

own espresso from home without any big

that's a gadget now if you don't want to

use espresso you can also use really

strong coffee and do about 3/4 cup of

coffee and so you can even do it in your

cure egg and just do on either a

stronger coffee or like you know make a

smaller cup so that it is stronger and

then besides the coffee you just need

ice which I'm sure you have milk

anything of your choice you can even do

like an almond milk which is really good

or just regular milk whatever you please

and sweetener and if you want you can do

stew like a sugar you can do stevia if

you want to go all natural and that is

basically the gist of making your

property now and of course you need a

blender that's basically it and then you

know once you're done blending it to top

it off you can do a little homemade

whipped cream or store-bought whipped

cream some caramel syrup you know you

can't go wrong with that and that's it

so let's get started

so you're basically gonna dump all of

these ingredients in your blender first

you're going to take two shots of

espresso or 3/4 cup of extra strong

coffee and dump it right

then you take some ice and this is

definitely a preference you can do about

one and a half to two cups of ice then

your milk and again preference you'll

have to trial and error but a half cup

to 3/4 cup of milk is kind of where

you're going to want to be at if you use

coffee you're going to want to use less

milk because it's just not as strong if

you use the sprite with two shots of

espresso you might want to use more of

like 3/4 cup milk and then you can take

your again preference you can use sugar

if you want I'm going to use a little

bit of sugar because I also have some

Taurani syrups over here that I'm going

to put one inside like these and kind of

add the unflavored to them and you can

just do a couple tablespoons of this I'm

just going to do two tablespoon since

I'm adding in the syrup and I'm just

going to do some column LC up just a

little bit there I don't know if that

was too much but we'll see and then

that's it seriously it's that simple and

then you just take it and blend it up

and then what you do is you just have a

fun glass I have this one I got from

Starbucks to make it kind of fun since

I'm really not eating at Starbucks and I

just pour it in there yeah me and then

to make it really pretty and yummy I'm

gonna put some whipped cream on there

that I made you can have in some caramel

caramel you know I always wondered how

do you guys pronounce this is that

caramel or caramel

I'm not joking like I don't know what it

is and I think I say it like different

every time I say it's really weird but

let me know if you guys know be there

right wording for that and then done to

them seven smell it beautiful

all right so a few tips if you're

planning on making this soon um the

biggest one is make sure if you're

adding whipped cream and stuff to not

fill your cup to the brim so it doesn't

overflow another tip is that it's just

honestly if you really want to coffee

that coffee flavor you really should use

espresso it's stronger it's just going

to give it more of that Frappuccino

flavor versus just using coffee and then

another tip is values um it's going to

vary I mean if you really just kind of

depends on the thickness you like so

just keep that in mind you can always

add more ice if needed but note that

once you add more ice it might taste a

little bit more watery and then also

finally I just wanna hear from you guys

what kind of proper channels you like if

you have some creative like ideas for

ingredients to add flavorings please

share because I want to know too

because I'm all about frappuccinos and

coffee and really anything related to

happy so let me know