100 Years Younger in 21 Days | Cleansing Coffee Enema | ITV

to further ensure all offending aging

toxins are eradicated Thor has arranged

another revitalizing procedure no idea

what's his story for us

apprehensive would be a very good word

well hello there so you are the choice

and ones yeah

although alcohol might be fair Boonton

it appears coffee is very much on the

approved list something wonderful is

going to happen and the enema is a

coffee clearance so the coffin will go

up you know up but our fathers achieve

go up you I don't know how long it is

it's just like this no damage will be

done okay right you're the first one and

good luck my friends I don't where you

say you'll have a different walk when

you come out a lot of waste gathered up

there for weeks and months and years we

have to get rid of it

due to its intimate nature some bottoms

have been excused I don't want that up

my bum you know what my bums such a

virgin I put them to put something up

there no


let me know if anything has okay okay

you've got a little hemorrhoid there

yeah I know okay

oh my god right yeah two and a half

liters of coffee black no sugar is

poured in filling the colon

although controversial Thor believes

this is the most effective way to reduce

toxicity by stimulating the liver to

produce glutathione a naturally

occurring antioxidant that reduces

wrinkling feels like a garden hose to

tell you the truth this is fantastic

it's just oh well yeah Jenny knew well I

wish I'd bought my stickers you'd have

had a gold the patients must hold the

coffee in for five minutes

I just feel memories before evacuation

may begin


oh Jesus Oh cow yes he was quite a

revelation I'm really glad that big pops

oh no my that was epic never look at

coffee the same light again