Science Video for Kids: How Are Clouds Formed?

what are clouds

have you ever looked at clouds did they

look like shapes

have you ever wished you could float on

a cloud

clouds are fun to watch and think about

but what are they really did you know

there are water drops in the air these

water drops are so tiny that they float

if there are a lot they collect in

groups when water collects in the air it

forms clouds clouds are made of water


if it's cold they can be ice crystals

some days there are no clouds to be seen

on other days there are a few and

sometimes there are a lot it depends on

how much water is in the air

some clouds are seen way up high others

are seen lower in the sky

clouds often look white but they can

also look gray why is that the water

droplets or ice crystals in clouds

scatter all the light from the Sun light

from the Sun is all the colors of the

rainbow but when all the colors are put

together they make white

so clouds appear white in color but what

about the gray clouds as the clouds

gather more water vapor and ice crystals

it becomes thicker and denser

this results in scattering less light

from the Sun so the clouds appear gray

in color

clouds are named for how they look

have you seen clouds that look like big

heaps those are called cumulus clouds

cumulus means heap

have you seen some that look like wisps

of hair those are called cirrus clouds

Cirrus means hair

what about the layer of clouds that look

like a blanket this is a Stratus cloud

the word means layer

other cloud names are made of two

different names put together the word

for rain cloud is Nimbus sometimes

you'll see a cumulus heat cloud that is

a rain cloud

Nimbus this is called a cumulonimbus

cumulus and Nimbus cloud

this means a piled up rain cloud

another example is a nimbostratus cloud

this is a mix of Nimbus rain cloud and

Stratus layer cloud it's a stretched-out

rain cloud did you know that clouds tell

us about the weather

cumulus clouds the heats tell us it will

be sunny cirrus clouds the wisps of hair

tell us that the weather is about to

change if it's a sunny day a storm may

be on the way stratus clouds the layers

tell us there will be fog or drizzle fog

is a cloud that is close to the earth

drizzle is light rain the big dark

cumulonimbus clouds means bad weather

they bring snow hail and lightning

do you want to know the weather look at

the clouds

now let's summarize what we've learned