How I STUDY in Dental School! ANKI vs. Quizlet? Do you need an iPad for Dental School? DentalRachel

what's up everyone I am back I am sorry

for the hiatus that I went on oh yeah if

you I knew my name is Rachel and I am

officially a for 300 cities I think so

yeah I was saying for fourth party so

I'm sorry I wasn't you with the upload

but I am ready to upload more often so

because I was studying a lot I thought

an appropriate video would be how I

studied in down school and how that has

helped me to come this far it's all

about survival

I get a lot of questions about whether

or not you need an iPad for dental

school so that's why I also want to make

this video because I got caught up in

that little trap because I would go on

Instagram and I would see these

beautiful notes that people would make

it I was like okay maybe I need an iPad

I think these notes and maybe I'll do

better so I remember in college I bought

an iPad Mini and then realized that I'm

not that HIPAA learners so the short

answer to that question is it really

depends on what type of learner you are

if you're the type of person that learns

by writing and drawing you then I would

say an iPad would work for you but

honestly I just used my laptop Anke and

that's it obviously I'm going to preface

this video with the fact that everyone

studies differently and that's something

that I struggled with in the beginning

of dental school honestly everyone

really does study differently and you

have to figure out what's best for you

so this videos ought to tell you how to

study this is just me telling you what

worked for me and hopefully some of

these tips can help you or you can try

it out and see if it works and if it

doesn't work like don't beat yourself up

like go find something that works for

you this video is basically just going

to be about how I use Anki I know some

of you may know what it is if you don't

know what it is you look it up on

YouTube you'll find a lot of med

students that have made videos about

this sickly a fancier version of Quizlet

a fancier and more intelligent version

of Quizlet so I am a visual learner but

I also need to be quizzed constantly so

I need flashcards and I actually didn't

figure out what worked for me until

after I graduated college so I really

wish that I knew I needed

Anke in college because I definitely

would have seen my grades improve but I

didn't figure out that I needed it until

the end of college right when I was

studying for the DAT I realized that I

needed to learn like a mass amount of

information and I'm that person that if

I write something out a hundred times it

still won't go in my brain if I listen

to something particularly nothing will

go in my brain I started watching all

these YouTube videos trying to figure

out like how could I memorize a mass

amount of information and that's when I

came across

Anke so I gave it a try right as I was

trying to figure out how to study for

the DAT and realize that it was working

and that I could not live without it I

saw like a traumatic increase in my

retention for material oh I actually

ended up for the DAT I don't know if you

guys remember that like ap Clif bio book

that everyone was using it was like this

big yellow textbook I actually spent a

week converting the whole textbook by

hand I'm into Anki flashcards because

that's how dependent I was on Anke I

mean it paid off I ended up getting 23

in BIOS once you figure out what works

for you it's insane how much easier

information would go into your brain

okay so I am going to give you a quick

breakdown on how I study and then if you

keep watching the video you can see

exactly how I use a key first I download

all the lectures that's going to be on

that exam and I upload all of them on to

notabilities so it's all in one spot

next thing that I do is eat through the

slides just like quickly briefly honest

I just want to see like what I'm about

to learn on Anki and if there are any

important diagrams that may not be

included in the flashcards I'm just

doing like a quick don't feel it

honestly it just takes a couple minutes

and next thing I will do is I will

either create my own flashcards or if

I'm lucky flashcards have already been

made and I will transfer those flash

cards from quizlets to a key and I will

show you exactly how I do that then of

my process of Enki begins and I will

just run through all of the Anki cards

until I hit zero which means that I've

gone through all of them after I've gone

through my Anki cards I feel like I've

obtained about 60% of the knowledge or

60 to 70% of the knowledge and what I'll

do next is that's when I go back to my

study buddy and what we'll do is we will

read over a PowerPoint to ourselves and

then we will talk about it we basically

call it like a fire round is we will

test each other on what we think are the

important facts and it's a chance for us

to verbally talk about it which I think

is very important because when you're

just in your head if you're like a lot

of things can get jumbled up but once

you verbalize it it helps reinforce the

material so at this point this is the

day before the exam usually when we're

doing this so it's really important that

we go through the information and then

quickly test each other so that we can

get through at least all of the material

once with each other and usually at the

end of the study session we'll go over

any facts that we were weak on and go

over those topics again

okay so this is notability so like I

said earlier I upload all my lectures up

here so this is how I organize it I have

a little folder called current and

that's any classes that I'm currently

taking and then I just put this example

here and then when I am done with that

class I will move it to these folders so

this is d3 and this is d2 so you can

just easily drag it and that way I can

look back on anything that I need and

it's easily organized just click on

random one over here so this was our

third pareil exam and as you can see I

just upload all the lectures and then I

just put these numbers in front of it

like one as in that was our first

lecture and then two second lecture just

so that it keeps in order I'm very like

linear type of learner so just those

small details help me organize things in

my brain so yeah it's pretty simple and

I love notability because you can

highlight things in it you can write

notes anything that you think you could

do under nap you can probably do now

unto my favorite part

Anke so a quick disclaimer trying to

show you this very basic way I use Anki

but there are a lot of personalized

tools that you could use to make your

studying more efficient and there are a

bunch of tutorials on how to do that on

youtube so if you feel like this isn't

enough and you wanted all the tools that

Enki has offer go ahead and just watch

those videos I'm just going to show you

what I use and just very basics so this

is what the app looks like and as you

add more decks it will show up on this

screen right here and the app is free so

in order to download it just go to

google and type in download Enki and it

will bring you here the first one

just scroll down and just make sure that

you are downloading the right um thank

you for your computer so if you have Mac

or if you have Windows just download the

one that is right for you

so what you're going to need to do after

you've downloaded the app is you're

going to have to download what's called

an add-on and this add-on allows you to

transfer decks from Quizlet to Anki so

basically in Google you just type in

inky Quizlet that on and you click the

first link and it will bring you down

here to this code so what you'll do is

you go back to the app and you go to

tools and you go to add-ons you'll click

get add-ons and then you'll just type in

the code right there and you just click

OK because I already have it I won't

like that but basically um let's do an

example so these I found these cards

that I made for the DAT bio section and

basically what you want to do is you'll

go click on that set that you want to

use and then you'll want to copy the

link that's in the URL space and you'll

go to Anki again and you'll go to tools

and you'll see that your add-on was

added so I'm going to give the reset the

app um and it will show up so you just

click on import link Quizlet and it'll

ask you for your quiz left URL and so

I'll paste that and I'll click import

deck and that it says success and it

imported your a two hundred and twenty

two cards and then BAM it's there how

cool is that

so basically I'm going to show you how

cool a Kias okay so now I'm going to

show you how I use inky to study these

cards so I will click on animal form and

function and click study now so the

first one says tissues and this is the

definition so this is the great thing

about Anki is that now i can choose

whether or not i want to see this card

again in

minute in 10 minutes or in one day so if

I know that I this is new information

and I definitely don't remember anything

about it I'm just learning about it I'm

gonna say quiz me again in one minute if

it's something that I kind of know but I

want to see it again but I don't

necessarily need to see it in one minute

I will click test me again it has ten

minutes and then if it's something like

oh I know that for sure I don't need to

see this again and I will click test me

tomorrow so I think that's one of the

most powerful functions of Enki is that

you can choose this function and it will

automatically test you again based on

the option that you choose and you can

personalize these options at the bottom

so if you click back to X and you click

this little button and you click options

you can adjust so adjust these

parameters so if you think like okay I'd

rather be tested five minutes for the

easy for the hard version and 20 minutes

for the medium for the in-between and

I'd rather be tested in two days

then you can do that you can just adjust

it based on what you need and also you

can choose whether or not you want to

see the cards in order or if you want to

see them in in a random order and this

is I like to be tested in order

initially just so that you are learning

the material if you're reading it in a

PowerPoint and what it really makes

sense if you're going over the material

the first time for you to like be tested

on like slide number one and then all

the sudden be testing on slide number 50

if you've never seen the material before

you'll kind of get confused and you

don't you won't know what they're

talking about

so yeah I hope this quick little

tutorial is helpful it really is just

very simple to use and

and it also keeps track of like how many

cards you studied that day so you can be

accountable for how much you really

spent studying it's basically how I

study obviously every class is going to

ask different things from your brain so

you may love one class and do really

well in it and then use the same

techniques for another class and maybe

not do as well it really depends on the

professor of the class eventually you

will get into your own routine and know

what works best for you I hope this

video was helpful I will be putting out

more videos now that I am free of

setting for boards went below if you

have any questions or if you've ever

tried Anke hope everyone is staying safe