What is the Teacher's Role in the Classroom?


the big question is that in an

environment where children have access

to an unimaginably large volume of

information which is the Internet

what should education be and if I might

qualify it a little bit further to say

when we had a little gadget in our

pockets that could do arithmetic which

was the calculator it changed arithmetic

education if that same little box in our

pockets now has all of human knowledge

which is the Internet what will it do to

education children attempt a question in

groups of usually four or five you

should preferably have about fifteen

twenty children so you have three or

four groups of because you know just the

group collaboration is not enough they

also need intergroup collaboration a lot

of running around lots of children

milling around computers that kind of

thing and you need a friendly but not

necessarily knowledgeable mediator

what's the teachers job very important

to create an engaging question example I

in China recently I was doing this in a

school the question which I gave to the

children was can trees think okay now

the nine-year-old gets turned on by that

sort of question so you need to select

the right question for the right age

group and they got to work on it they

figured out a whole lot of stuff about

trees they figured out about things

about thinking about brains about mural

systems the works to would that same

question work with sixteen year olds I'm

not so sure you have to then change to

something else you might change it to

say is it cool to be a vegetarian

now that's a question that a 16 year old

might decide to tackle on their own the

adolescents because you know it's its

social its own way so the teachers art

becomes not providing answers because

the answers are all up there

the teachers art becomes to frame the

right questions