How to Write a Chronological Resume

there are many ways to write a resume

but there are a few main things that you

will want to keep in mind as you begin

number one document design and number

two appropriate content you want your

resume to be both memorable and easy to

read in this video we'll focus on

appropriate content to make your resume

memorable just a side note if you don't

have a lot of work experience relevant

to the job you're applying for maybe you

haven't had many jobs at all or you're

switching careers then you might be

better off writing skills based resume

I'll put a link to that video below if

you're still here then you do have

experience under your belt and you are

moving on up let's get started

always begin with your name across the

top I assume you knew that but make sure

that it stands out

following your name include your contact

information your phone number and your

email address at least and if you want

you may include your physical address as

well after your header to make a

dividing break out of line how you start

the body of your resume depends on your

certain industry if you have relevant

certifications or a licenses this is

where you'd want to include them if you

have a few list them as bullet points

below a heading I personally don't have

any so I'll start with my objective your

objective is a brief introduction of

yourself and the position you are

seeking ideally this should be one

sentence the objective for Jessica in

our example will look something like

this experienced retail supervisor

seeking position at Trader Joe's moving

along you want to put your education

next include a title for this section

list your degree along with the school

from which you earned it your GPA and

the year remember it's best to write out

the entire degree instead of BS write

Bachelor of Science next you may include

a section for any skills or projects

that you've completed use bullet points

and skip the pronoun I starting each

point with a strong action verb more on

that in a second next add a section

titled work experience this is the big

one here you will list each job that

you've had along with the location and

the dates you worked there then and this

is the important part add about three

success statements related to each job

if you remember nothing so far at least

you remember the following a success

statement starts with an action verb

include the task or a skill and shares a

success oriented result this is where

you're really going to impress the

hiring manager using an example of a

success team trained 8 new employees in

proper cashiering protocol this

statement would mean that you not only

know how to use a cashier but that

you're good enough to teach it and that

you've done so eight times that's a

pretty effective statement so remember

to start each point with an action verb

try googling resume action verbs to help

you get started it's also helpful to use

specific numbers like I did in this

example they stand out and make your

success statements more impressive and

memorable after including your three

most recent jobs along with success

statements for each one you'll create a

new section include anything else that

might be good to share leadership

positions service or other achievements

that you've made for this example we'll

make a section titled leadership and

service you'll want to list your role

the organization and its location and

the corresponding dates again we'll use

bullet points this helps us keep our

resume brief which is important a

warning here if you volunteered for a

church be careful not to put the name of

the organization excluding that

information protects you and the

potential employer from discrimination

after that section you are about done

just remember to format it nicely so

it's attractive and readable you can

review my video on how to format a

resume for more help there I'll put a

link below and as always and I cannot

stress this enough we read your document

for spelling errors and grammar mistakes

because you do not want those kind of

mistakes in your document please

remember to spellcheck it might be

helpful they have a friend read your

resume and give you some feedback most

of all take your time and I know that

you'll create a great resume so good

luck with your job interview and

remember to smile