HOW IT WORKS - Chocolate Cake


we all love cake especially chocolate

cake and this is one of the most

luxurious chocolate cakes in the world

the Sascha Viennese chocolate torte


everyone knows you can't make a cake

without breaking a few eggs and here's a

lady who knows better than most

she helps to break and separate over a

million eggs every year

the whites have beaten until they form

soft peaks

in the next mixer is the cake mix this

is not health food along with the yolks

and flour there is a generous dose of

butter chocolate and sugar

the VAT gets emptied into dozens of

21-centimeter cake tins ready to be

baked just like you might do at home but

here they bake 180 cakes at a time they

go into the oven for an hour at 190


that's gas mark 5 if you haven't bought

nothin for a few years

when they're baked a two-man production

line gets the cakes out of the tins as

quickly as possible if they're left too

long the mix will stick to the tin and

the cakes will be ruined

this machine slices the cakes with a

thin wire leaving two perfect halves

every time it's the filling that gives

these cakes their distinct taste barrels

of sweet and sticky apricot jam are

heated in these parts and then spooned

onto the base it's looking like a bit of

a mess as the confectioner dollops it on

with abandon but that's not a problem as

the whole cake is about to be smeared

all over with the gooey sauce any

dieters who have made it this far look

away now it's time for the final layer

of the cake lashings of dark chocolate


they left to cool and then they're ready

to be packed like all of the ingredients

that go into the cake itself only the

finest is good enough and that means an

elegant wooden box the love care and

sheer number of calories that go into

making a Sascha Viennese chocolate torte

will ensure that it won't stay in the

box for long