What Owning A Chinchilla Is Actually Like...


hey guys what's up it is a chinchilla

notebook here and welcome back to my

youtube channel so today's video is

going to be a video on what it's

actually like to own a chinchilla I

thought I would do this just kind of

like for fun because some people like

there's just some things about owning

chinchillas that some people just don't

understand if they don't own a

chinchilla but there's also some things

that since you like owners don't really

talk about and that you know you see all

the cute videos you see all the cute

photos but you never really know

behind-the-scenes so that's what I'm

here to talk about today just some what

is kind of like actually like to own a

chinchilla and I'm only going to be

covering a few things because there's a

lot more to it with them what I'm

telling you but hopefully it this video

is kind of entertaining for you guys

also it's really bad lighting in here

because it's nighttime so I'm just

filming with look at the light overhead

which it's not very good but yeah that

being said let's just jump right into

the video so the first thing is that

it's a good thing and it's you always

have something really soft to pet with

you know I have soft blankets in my room

and I have like soft clothes and

whatever but whenever you just really

want to just feel something soft you

always have your chinchilla okay he

doesn't want me to touch him

but you always have a chinchilla to let

just come and pet and he wants a treat

and to just feel because they're so so

soft and Chile's are some of the softest

pelts in the world and you have one so

you can literally pet it and touch it

whenever you want to or whenever they

let you but yeah that's one of the nicer

things another thing is when you've had

a long day and you're just tired and

you're just you know just done with the

day you can always just come home and

let your chinchilla out for playtime and

watch them play especially when they're

being active at night it's so cute and

entertaining and it's just like one of

those moments real like wow I actually

had this animal and he's mine and I get

to just watch him play it's actually

really special and I really love that

about having a chinchilla you always

just have it after the long day just to

come home and be with you know what I

mean so the next thing is kind of a

little bit of a con here but Merlyn can

get so annoying at nighttime because

that's when he's most active you know

chinchillas are

cooller so they're most active at dawn

and dusk and that's how motion shows

work obviously some people's controls

are in a different schedule but Merlin

is super active at night time which

means he makes a lot of noise and he's

not even in the same room with me he's

like across the hallway but every time

he's on his wheel I can hear him every

time he's chewing was loudly I can hear

him I can even hear him jump off ledges

and it gets really annoying sometimes

and others like oh man I really wish it

didn't have a chinchilla only when it's

2 a.m. okay only when it's 2 a.m. and

I'm really tired and have to go to

school or work the next morning

that's the only time and I really hate

it but you know it's just something that

you got to live with the next thing is

always constantly cleaning their cage oh

my word every chinchilla owner out there

I am sure you can agree with this and

just understand what it's like to always

have the cage constantly to clean I mean

it gets so dirty just overnight I

cleaned it this afternoon so it's still

pretty clean and make a mess but in the

morning I'm telling you it's gonna be

disaster wood chips everywhere and look

at this I have to clean it tomorrow

like deep clean it but the fleas get so

messy and it's like no matter how much

you clean there's always going to be

more mess so that's the thing constantly

cleaning like it's just it's

never-ending things the next thing is

that you can get some really really cute

pictures obviously look at them they're


imagine pictures you can get I have a

lot of fun taking pictures I just always

forget to upload them onto Instagram so

if you do follow me on Instagram I'm

sorry I have lots of cute pictures I

just forget to upload them so anyway but

that's that's the thing you can get so

many cute shots with chinchillas just

they're just so photogenic honestly

Merlin he likes to stay still like this

a lot so I can get some really cute

shots and pictures of him wrapping up

the video you constantly need to buy two

toys they go through them like nothing

else they go through them like they

breathe air I'm not even kidding you

that's it's a miracle these are still

existent like usually he destroys his

toys and literally no time at all and I

thought this was so cute how he

literally left just a tiny sliver of

wood keeping this thing together he does

that all the time it's so cute the last

thing is feeling slightly betrayed when

your chinchilla

like in a mood and they don't want to be

touched or held and they're kind of like

tired what was that

um and they're kind of like tired and

moody and they just don't want you to

pet them or touch them or be near them

and they bark at you and sometimes

Merlin will you invite me like I try to

go pet him

he'll turn around and he'll nibble my

fingers and just let me know that he's

not okay with it I mostly want to pet

him during the daytime and that's the

most well that's like the time he won't

let me pet him so it can get kind of you

know I can get kind of frustrating yep

yep his tail he's not happy with that

right now that is it for the video guys

I hope you enjoyed it again this is just

kind of for some entertainment I just

thought I would make a fun video for you

but it's true some of these things all

new chinchilla owners can understand

like you can watch all the videos on

them but if you don't own a chinchilla

you just you just won't get it as well I

hope you guys enjoy the video and I will

see you in the next one and so will