How To Do The Head Tilt-Chin Lift and Jaw Thrust Maneuvers | Merck Manual Professional Version


the head tilt maneuver moves the neck

and is thus contraindicated in a patient

who might have a cervical spine injury

to do the head tilt chin lift tilt the

patient's head back by pushing down on

the forehead and then place the tips of

your index and middle fingers under the

chin and pull the mandible up this lifts

the tongue away from the posterior

pharynx and improves airway patency the

jaw thrust maneuver does not cause much

motion to the neck and thus is preferred

over the head-tilt chin-lift maneuver if

there's a possible cervical spine injury

stand at the head of the stretcher and

place your palms on the patient's

temples and your fingers under the

mandible next lift the mandible upward

with your fingers this maneuver lifts

the tongue along with the mandible thus

relieving upper airway obstruction