Babies Born Left Hand Dominant Are Much More Prone to One Strange Condition

facts verse presents babies born

left-hand dominant are much more prone

to one strange condition before we get

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future videos any kid who is different

than their friends in any way usually

gets singled out and sometimes bullied

even if it's something that can't change

like which hand they write with anybody

who's left-handed knows the struggles

that they were forced to deal with his

children during art class two racks of

scissors were brought out the regular

scissors for the right-handed kids and

then the scissors with the green handles

for the left-handed kids since most

people are right-handed the left-handed

kids were singled out just one of many

issues that lefties sometimes have to go

through looking down on left handedness

is not a new trend it can be traced back

through history in Nepal India and the

Middle East the left hand was used for

personal hygiene which meant that it was

considered dirty so that meant that you

had to eat with your right hand even if

you were left-handed Catholicism made

several references to the right left

split Jesus sits to the right of God and

his left hand is used for passing

judgment during the 16th and 17th

centuries many women who were accused of

witchcraft were left-handed because

using that hand was a sign of working

with the devil even in more recent days

people saw being left-handed as being

wrong so left-handed students were

forced to learn to use their right hand

left-handed people tend to struggle in

school it's suspected that the two sides

of the brain work together in a way that

the right-handed person's doesn't it's

also believed that left-handed people

have a higher rate of mental illness

such as mood disorders schizophrenia and

dyslexia it's also connected to brain

lateralization left-handed people tend

to get angry or embarrassed easier than


people that's because the right side of

the brain is home to your emotional

control and they are susceptible to

other vices left-handed people tend to

drink more than right-handed people

maybe that's due to the bullying that

they went through for being left-handed

as children or it could also have

something to do with the lateral use of

the brain baby is born left-hand

dominant are much more prone to one

strange condition it's believed there is

a connection between low birth weight

and left handedness babies who are born

to older mothers have a better chance of

using the opposite hand but that's not

related to pregnancy mothers who had

stressful pregnancies are also more

likely to give birth to a left-handed

baby some ultrasounds can even determine

a baby's hand preference because that's

the hand that waves or it's a thumb that

the baby sucks in the womb left-handed

people are more likely to be affected by

long-term fear and PTSD scientists

believe that's due to the fact that the

right side of the brain handles the

storage and formation of new memories

it's also thought that left-handed

people have a higher risk of developing

breast cancer but there's no scientific

proof for that with all these horrible

issues related to being left-handed it's

nice to know that there are some

benefits in sports from baseball to

boxing lefties have an advantage most

athletes are right-handed so it's harder

to face an opponent who is not because

the right side of the brain controls

artistic impulses and creativity

left-handed people are often more

interested in the arts and they are

better at it since Vincent van Gogh and

Peter Paul Rubens are lefties you can be

sure that that's true if you want to be

the President of the United States

someday history shows you have a better

chance if you're left-handed several

recent US presidents were lefties

including Gerald Ford George HW Bush

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton if you're

left-handed the nails on your left hand

will grow faster because you use that

hand more

also lefties have been shown to hit

puberty a few months later than righties

because their brain functions a bit


also in same-sex couples one tends to be

left-handed when you were a child being

left-handed may have made you feel

different as an adult it should make you

feel special

left-handed people's brains function

differently than right-handed people

while there are a few downsides to being

left-handed the benefits outweigh them

if you're a lefty sing it loud sing it

proud lefties even have an entire day

dedicated to them August 13th every year

is International left-handed day you

should feel special since righties don't

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