Think You Don't Need A Cherry Pitter? Friday Finds

hi guys it's Friday fines and I was just

out in the garden and I came in to get a

little snack and I thought I would show

you this cool gadget that my husband

bought for me and y'all probably have

one or you know about them anyway but I

just wanted to show you how great it

works because I didn't think it would

and anyway let's get to it

I am having a snack of cherries and when

we get organic cherries here locally and

we stock up and I like to freeze them

self generally I have to take the cherry

and cut around it was the knife sorry

for the dirty fingers that just came in

from out of the garden and anyway cut

around it with a knife and then pulled a

cherry pit out and you get your fingers

all full of juice and but I was fine

with doing that and my husband brought

home this little gadget a cherry pitter

so if you love cherries a definite

must-have I didn't think I would need

one I thought I was doing fine but this

makes it so so much easier and cleaner

just pop your cherry in the pit er like

that and boom the pit comes out

perfectly just look at that little hole

that leaves that's all and the pit is

all is left in the sink so yeah you're

probably thinking she doesn't get out

much that's just a cherry pitter but

anyway if you're not a gadget buyer and

you're like me and you tend to just

think all you needs a knife this thing

is a definite must-have for anybody who

likes cherries or olives there you go

and I'll show you one in slow motion

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youtube channel if you like cherry look

into a cherry pitter and thanks for

watching the perfect hole