Testing CRAZY Recipes from a 1933 Chemical Formulary Book

about a year ago is digging through some

trash cans at school when I came across

this amazing book from 1933 it's called

the chemical formula it's filled with

all these different recipes from things

like plastics to adhesives to explosives

and pharmaceuticals it's an amazing book

it has all these really brilliant ideas

but there are also a few just completely

crazy ones and those are the ones I'm

going to try today now I feel like I'm

saying the obvious here but please don't

try any of these things at home like

some of these recipes in here could

either blow your hands off give you

cancer or even kill you in one breath

full for the ones that make cyanide gas

so yeah just leave that to me please and

without further ado let's get started

doing you hate it when your coins are

all dirty well using this book you can

actually clean them yourself all you

need is a gallon of water and enough

cyanide to kill 2,000 people now

unfortunately I only have a few grams of

cyanide so I can only make enough to

clean you know a few handfuls of coins

as opposed to like a truckload why do I

even own cyanide man why don't we even

do this crap threes enough cyanide

inside this little vial to kill me like

50 times over so just the fact that I'm

handling this stuff should definitely

earn your subscription paint it on there

oh look at that the tarnish is coming

right off the sign is probably reacting

with the copper and the copper oxide and

reducing it to make a copper cyanide

complex hmm what smells like almonds man

I don't like touching that Wow look how

shiny that penny became no that's a coin

worth risking your life over this recipe

claims it can make fabric fireproof

now fireproof we'll see about that I

mixed up a batch of this fireproofing

stuff using some Roach killer and lye

and although it sounds pretty scary it's

identical to what's used in the book the

cloth on the left is the one that was

dipped in that fire proofing solution

impressive look at that oh there it goes

yeah I'm gonna give that one a see

because it definitely was harder to like

but once it led it wasn't stopping

no I won't be demonstrating this one for

you today I just can't help but wonder

the circumstances for when this recipe

actually got used all right this one's

pretty interesting solidified alcohol

and the chemistry just looks like making

soap and alcohol solution now why you

need solidified alcohol I'm not sure but

it sounds like fun now heating flammable

liquids to nearly their boiling point is

never really a great idea but I did it

and survived and made some of this cool

solid alcohol so does it ignite let's

find out not cool I feel like this would

make a great camping fuel now I know

what you're thinking does it still burn

when it's flying through the air well

one way to find out I guess yep

definitely still burns man this stuff is

so much fun

I wish I'd known about this as a kid

actually no that would have probably

been a terrible idea

have a family member or pet died

recently well funerals can be expensive

but lucky for you there is a nice recipe

in here for some corpse tissue filler

here's one from the photography section

called flashlight powder now when I

think of a flashlight I think of you

know a continuous beam of light but

judging from the chemicals used in this

this definitely looks like something

that will flash blind you for like 15

minutes it's been a while since I've had

a good flash blinding so he stuck some

of that flashlight powder on top of that

tomato here


that was so bright I'm gonna be seeing

spots for hours okay this one's one of

my favorites it's an asthma remedy that

involves mixing a bunch of herbs some of

them toxic and mixing it with the main

ingredient in gunpowder and then putting

into a pipe and smoking it how is that

supposed to make your lungs feel better

here's one that sounds about as

dangerous as it is fun so it's a

reusable match so it's supposedly a

match that you can strike on a surface

and light blow it out and then relight

it again sometime in the future like

that sounds amazing but I'll have to see

it to believe it the pie rocks alone

that this recipe called for is pretty

much impossible to turn into a powder so

I had to dissolve an acetone before

mixing with the other chemicals but then

I was able to mold it into some match

heads and stick it on the end of pencils

all right let's see if this thing works

rubbing the match heads on concrete

didn't like them so I just put them on a

grinding wheel

that didn't go out

so just like I thought this one was too

good to be true in the end they just

turned out to be really crappy matches

here's a coal remedy that involves

inhaling a mixture of chloroform

formaldehyde to eat there and alcohol

and plus a few herbs like that's

ridiculous like the chloroform and

formaldehyde are definite carcinogens

and then the chloroform and ether that's

like a civil war-era anesthetic this

will literally render you unconscious so

I decided to put a little bit of a

chloroform ether and isopropyl alcohol

in this bottle just to give this a test

so let's see oh my gosh Oh smells like

cancer all right here's one I know won't

work well so it's a recipe for black

powder and it's a mixture of potassium

nitrate sulfur and charcoal and now the

ingredients aren't the issue but they

make it seem like you can make good

gunpowder by just mixing these

ingredients together who doesn't work

that way making good black powder is

really an art form you can't just simply

mix the components together it needs to

be milled together with something like a

ball mill and then grain later with a

solvent and to top it off the speed of

the black powder is highly dependent on

the kind of charcoal that you use on the

left is 50 grams of black powder made by

the book and then on the right is 30

grams of my own homemade stuff now I'm

going to put them both of the golf ball

cannon to see how they act man I have a

lot of redneck artillery first I loaded

the cannon with the stuff based on the

books recipe

and it's not that impressive

then I loaded it with some of the powder

that I made based on Polonia charcoal

and as you can tell it's much much

better than the books recipe

poison ivy sucks but according to this

book relief from itching is just a few

lethal doses of lead away here's one

called an oriental barometer and I guess

it's supposed to change colors depending

on whether it's humid or not

sounds interesting I painted some cobalt

chloride solution on this fake flower

and although the effect is subtle it

definitely changes color in high

humidity now I know I've been fairly

hard on this book but in reality this

book would have been very useful to

somebody who knew a little bit of

chemistry in the 30s because it's not

like they had the internet to go look

things up there are a ton of good

recipes in here for lots of different

things that you could encounter in your

daily life so it really was a good book

for the time well other than the

pharmaceutical section at least and the

pesticide section definitely not the

pesticide section so that's about it for

this video but until the next time stay

safe and happy fumigating