A Day In The Life With CHEF Andy Fawcett - Med Grill Restaurant


today's an exciting day I get the

privilege to go to one of the finest

restaurants in Victoria we're going to

go behind the scenes chef and the faucet

of med grill and Royal Oak Victoria

British Columbia today and see what it

takes to be a chef kind of a day in the

life of chef Andy let's make her way to

med girl here and go check it out let's

go meet chef Andy

your phone and get the trouble the ugly

dr. Bhatti thanks dr. day on what night

is full of muscle today 90% of my day

will be online book 10% will be doing

ordering some of my days I'm only half

of the day online the other half of the

office menu development schedule link

we're going to go through all these

items yes we're going to do them no

we're not going to do this today I'll be

employed a gallon on hand but write down

what you need to do write down what Josh

sees don't ask all chuckle the pump all

right now and then we'll get prepping is

it's all trapped like the night before

like yeah so there at the end of the

night there's a changeover all the

inserts yeah cause everybody huh and

have it set ready for the guy

I think units run into challenges every

day different challenges everything

we waited for the next day for online

but we're going to nature short it on

muscle robin blower on the team

government failed the bearing so that

that shuts down our top level which is

our main he doesn't metronome be over

today so the parts need to be shipped

through harbor air today yeah then the

guys going to go pick them up from

harbor on that big deal

why does it got to be done today because

we need to break though so hukou we need

to braise port what we need to do to get


we need thousand pieces of metrics flown

all day it it's on the plane it comes

over its



little entourage fire lunch to be very

hectic because we don't have as many

employees on as we do a dinner yeah so

it's just a lot more work a lot more

plating involved a lot more like

teamwork involved at lunch dinner time a

lot of people have their individual

things they're doing and they don't get

a lot of help and you just do what you

got to do it to get it done

guilty as it goes on lunch is a quick a

lot of items are going out that night

like Superbad star as a delivery driver

in the year 2000 January 2nd 2017 years

ago yeah where'd you go $7 an hour yeah

we're to our size after that I went to

keep the station yeah I'm stopped

driving altogether and I wanted to work

inside the kitchen so I started with the

teen sensation and for the picnic

station that moves the salad station

yeah out of the salivation

to the past the pagination

royal commission that the station here

you're basically in command of everybody

you're checking the bill you're timing

everything perfectly and you're

controlling your requirement this person

here at the local have to be on their

game at all times how are you

I used to spend all my goodness and then

now I trained up other guys that let

them take those people yeah right now my

sous-chef take me role and one of my

book does royal I kind of babble a

lesson to honor where stage when you

realize I just want to finish out here

it kind of just all fell into place like

I know I knew I enjoy being in the

kitchen and I I knew that I liked those

boys that are brought in is a fun

environment like it can be a lot of hard

work and a lot of stress but I said to

the day when you're working together as

a team you get to know everybody you

know it's fun a lot of people would play

as fun but at the end of the day you got

to like what you do and I've been

intercepted to here yeah obviously I

like it


we're back for the night shift

looking pretty busy in there customer

feedback and great customer feedback

Wow I had the best dish I've ever had

wow I had a dinner date last night in

Duluth I mean yes everything from the

service of the food the great atmosphere

was great what about changing up the

menu all the time that I enjoy that yeah

I change it once a month to the custom

talked every month where do you get all

your good ideas I look up the ingredient

indications as a noun and get an idea of

a dish through a surrogate or artichoke

or Cato's or flutter squash or fresh

salmon or halibut season I think over

time my dishes of involved

and get my breasts are is even really

simple yeah

they're not they're nothing crazy like

how to control but we do want volume

into trapti that it can have each of his

little things in every single dish we're

pumping so much food out for a short

amount of time it can be difficult but

each dish looks like it has been a guard

a little bit each dish does have some

pressure on oh yeah oh I have to do an

inventory of everything in here yeah and

then that order tomorrow so at the end

of it every single ship every day so

ordering is so important to keep

everything flowing right and you're just

freshing out dishes all of it you can't

have too much you have to look further

the fine bound seems like everyone in

there knew what they were doing at their

stations but you've got this experience

that experience and training

I like to train people in one station

like we have on a new guy or training

right now but he's on the pad station

you might be interested in doing royal

or plating or pieces or app weapon

pieces doing pants I won't let him leave

it was completely mastered right then

you can go from well did the best the

ideal kitchen is having one person being

able to do any station and then rotate

and then you can rotate right you get

bored of the stage time you kind of get

like complacent and you want to try some

different that's a 12 hour day all done

thanks Jeff Andy yeah a good time good