Cell Analogy: Cell as a Factory

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discussion is cell analog II example

cell compared to a factory so this is a

structure of an animal cell there is

cell wall in the case of plants solute

is made up of cellulose and it can be

considered as a surrounding world of the

factory which will prevent the intruders

entry and offers protection to the in

their structure in the case of animal

cell the outermost boundary is the cell

membrane or plasma membrane cell wall is

absent cell membrane is different from

cell wall as it can be considered as a

guarded gate it is selectively permeable

allowing only certain members or certain

molecules to pass through so it can be

considered as a guarded gate where the

person's credentials are checked and

allow ordinay the entry of persons into

the factory then next is a floor that is

a cytoplasm cytoplasm can be considered

as an enterprise or area of the factory

where all the activities of the factory

takes place in this case of cell

cytoplasm is the region where all the

organelles are present then there comes

to nucleus this controlling center of

the cell nucleus can be considered as

MDS or CEOs cabin where all the

decisions are made where all the

instructions are stored for the smooth

running of the factory in the case of

cell nucleus is a site of storage of

genetic material DNA all the

instructions for the making of all

proteins that is required for the cell

is residing inside the nucleus as coded

as DNA next close to the nucleus is the

AR AR or rough endoplasmic reticulum it

can be considered as a sender that is

close to MD scabbing where products are

made or proteins are made using nano

machines called ribosomes it is called

as rough because it is studded with

ribosomes ribosomes are proteins and

sizing machines so it is a site where

products are made and polished further

modification also takes place in our ER

next comes to Golgi apparatus quality

apparatus is a sorting center of the

cell once the products are made it

should be dispatched to the correct

locations the addressing process takes

place in quality apparent

next comes to vesicles that is pinched

off from ecology apparatus vesicles are

can be compared to as packets containing

products understood ecology apparatus so

the products are made in our er it is

further modified and it reaches ecology

apparatus in ecology apparatus it is

properly addressed these proteins may be

required in nucleus may be required

outside maybe in mitochondrion maybe in

lysosome etc so this should be properly

addressed or chemical tags are a given

and these are packaged inside vesicles

and dispatched next comes to

mitochondrion II it is the organelle

that is responsible for providing all

energy that is required for carrying out

all activities inside the cell it can be

compared to an electricity generator of

a factory or powerhouse of a factory

where Alexa T or energy that is required

for all activities inside the factory is

generated next comes to lysosome as a

part of all these activities numerous

waste products are produced and this

should be disposed properly there comes

the role of lysosome it can be

considered as an incinerator where a

digestive enzymes are present which will

decreed and dispose or recycle the base

materials that is produced as a result

of metabolic activities that takes place

inside the cell and finally in the case

of plant cell there is a kitchen or

canteen where food is synthesized and it

can be called as chloroplasts

chloroplasts is present only in plants

the only or Canal which is capable of

converting light energy to glucose or

food so that there is a kitchen inside

plant cell where food is made all

organisms in the universe is directly or

indirectly dependent on plants for their

survival so this is a summary of

comparison of cell as a factory cell

wall in the case of plant cell can be

compared as a surrounding outer boundary

wall the cell membrane can be compared

to guarded cage where guards will check

and allow certain members to pass

through cytoplasm is in their area of

the factory whereas nucleus is the MDS

office or chief executive offices office

were all instructions or decision-making

center RER is the site where products or

proteins are made and further modified


Scalzi appearances aside all these

proteins are properly addressed sorted

and dispatched and dispatching method is

by using vesicles or small packets that

is properly addressed at Golgi apparatus

mitochondrion is a site where energy is

produced or ATP synthesized for all

activities of the cell lysosome is a

waste disposal site it can be called as

an incinerator in the case of plants

there is a kitchen or food producing

center that is the chloroplast where

photosynthesis takes place where light

energy is converted to glucose and that

is used by all organisms in the universe

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