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- That's a pretty life-changing hack. Thanks, Halle Berry.

- It's pungent to the eyes. Wow!

♪ (upbeat intro) ♪

- (FBE) So, when I say "skincare," what do you think of?

- Moisturizer. ...That's it.

I think of feeling very pampered, but I know there's a lot

of [bleep] that can go wrong when you do that,

like you have to put it in a specific order.

And you don't wanna use this, 'cause it'll make you break out,

blah, blah, blah. - I used to work in cosmetics,

so I got to experiment and play with a lot of things,

but I find that the more that I do, it has an adverse effect on my skin.

So, I like to keep it simple. - (FBE) Despite being pretty wealthy,

a lot of celebrities actually swear by some low-cost beauty

and skincare hacks that mostly involve using products

NOT for the way that they were intended to be used.

- Love that. This is fun. I used to struggle a lot

with acne and I still do break out, but it was really bad

when I was growing up, so I was always trying a bunch of things,

getting facials, all that kind of stuff.

- (FBE) So today, I'll be giving you everything you need to complete

five celebrity favorite beauty hacks. - Of course. Okay, I'm down for that.

- Are you gonna tell me the celebrity? - (FBE) Yes, of course.

- Oh, good. Mm. - (FBE) So, first and foremost,

we've got some nipple cream! - Oh, sick. Nipple cream.

That's a thing? - (FBE) Any ideas what this

might be used for? - Well, nipples,

but I don't think that's what we're doing today.

- Nipple cream? Isn't this used for when

the babies or whomever do a little bit too much down there

and it starts hurting? - I assume it's super hydrating,

'cause sometimes they get chafed, if memory serves.

- Just chapstick or something? I mean, it's anti-chapping, right?

Your nipples get chapped when you have a baby.

- (FBE) So, Margot Robbie uses nipple cream as lip balm.

- Excuse me? Okay. Well, does it have healing prop--

well, I guess it does if it helps with nipple chafing,

and nipples and areolas are very sensitive.

- (FBE) She insists that lip balms actually make her lips more chapped.

Since a lot of lip balm contains glycerin or menthol,

she's not wrong. Those ingredients can absolutely dry out your lips.

- Huh. It makes sense, especially with you talking

about the menthol and whatnot in chapstick.

- I'm excited to try this. Plus, I feel like it's kind of fun

to be like, "Let me just have my nipple cream out here

and put it on my face." And everyone's like,

"What is that? Nipple cream?" And you're like, "Yeah."

And then everyone's saying nipples really loud

in a public place. Oh, I like it.

It feels kind of like Aquaphor. - Okay, I'm gonna put it

on my hand, people. I apply this for you.

So, I don't wanna mess up my lips. (chuckles)

Oh! Very soft. Hello! I'm gonna put it all on the--

whatever I put on my face too, I also put on the back of my hands,

'cause that ages also. - Oh! It feels really good.

Has she tried to-- hold on. Has she tried to use this

for a little lotion? You know, cracked knees and elbows and heels.

- That's a lot. I don't need that much.

This looks like ear wax. This feels really weird.

Pretty moisturizing. I'm not gonna lie.

My lips do feel kind of nice.

- Margot Robbie is [bleep] gorgeous,

so I will do whatever it is to make myself look like her.

♪ Putting nipple cream on my lips ♪ Hm. Okay.

- (FBE) How does it feel? - It feels good.

It feels like... chapstick. - Can I try it actually out

on my nipple?

This is nice. This is nice.

- (FBE) We've got everything you need

for one of Halle Berry's favorite hacks.

- I love Halle! - I feel like I have seen many

social media posts selling various scrubs made of coffee.

- I've heard about coffee scrubs, but only for your butthole!

I'm not kidding, by the way. That's a thing.

- (FBE) So, I don't know if Halle Berry's using this

on her butthole, but it is her favorite way

to do a body wash

with a nice, natural exfoliation. - Okay.

- (FBE) So, you've got a little spatula there.

- Yes, I do.

- (FBE) Yeah! So, you're gonna pour some coffee into the little dish,

pour in some body wash, mix 'em up, and try exfoliating your hands.

- Hmm. It looks... not good.

- (FBE) These two ingredients together are under $5,

whereas many scrubs run between 20 and 95.

- Can we talk about it or can we talk about it?

They really do, especially, you know, depending on the brand,

and they know how to get us.

- Oh, I feel the little-- okay. I could see how that would work.

Oh. Nice. I'm doing both hands. - So now, I just go ham?

Oh, this is weird. What do I do? Just rub it on my hands?

This kind of feels nice. Hold up, Halle Berry.

You might have just done something with this, girl. What?!

Yo, my hands are so soft right now.

- This is fun, though. You could totally whip up

a batch of this, like you and your girlfriends are watching

Bachelor in Paradise, and you're like, "Let's do our hand mask, ladies.

Let's not be old ladies with terrible, disgusting hands, okay?"

There's like coffee things flying everywhere right now.

This is super fun. This is like when your mom's friends

come over for a Mary Kay party and you leave feeling so pampered.

- ♪ What my hands say ♪ Ugh. (chuckles) It feels weird.

This feels like I'm at the beach. What I do like about this

is the smell of coffee. I do enjoy the smell of coffee.

And I imagine-- although, this would make a mess in the shower.

- I feel transformed. That's a pretty life-changing hack.

Thanks, Halle Berry. - Ooh! They actually feel really good.

They feel really good. Baby smooth.

- (FBE) All right. Next up, we have an Elmer's glue stick.

- Glue them babies up on there! WOO! Is that we're doing?

- (FBE) That's exactly what we're doing.

Elmer's glue is a favorite hack of Beyoncé's makeup artist.

He uses it instead of eyebrow gel to keep Beyoncé's brows flawlessly

in place for a very long time. - Oh, [bleep]. She's got [bleep] glue

on her face! - I got this trick

from Beyoncé's makeup artist, Sir John. And I do this today.

I have an Elmer's glue stick a part of my makeup kit.

But I don't wanna brush my good-- No, I'm not messing up my makeup

for anybody, okay? I'm using that good Anastasia.

You cosmetics girls know what I'm talking about.

- Do I have fuller eyebrows than I know? I don't know.

I've never done this before. I've mainly done it so that

it makes my eyebrow just look more full,

not exactly more styled. - So, I just push it up

or is there a science to this or something?

Umm... I'm kind of liking this. I mean, my eyebrows are kind of crazy,

so I feel maybe glue is what I need to help them be chill.

- I don't know about this one. I feel so stupid right now.

I look worse. - This washes off easily.

It's water-soluble. I normally naturally have

straight across Bert-and-Ernie kind of eyebrows, so this is

like makeup and prayers.

You know what? It doesn't look bad.

I was afraid it would look kind of strange.

- That's a good one. If you haven't tried that one,

you should try that one, especially if you like going out.

When I do work stuff, I do do that, 'cause it keeps the brows in place.

- (FBE) All right. For your fourth hack,

we have some apple cider vinegar! - Oh, this is used for everything.

- (FBE) Obviously, this has many, many uses.

- Yes. - (FBE) But where do you think

it comes in with skincare? - (sighs) Skincare. Maybe a toner?

- One time, I put it on my armpits

to try to balance the pH of my armpits,

and it made them smell 10,000 times worse.

Are you gonna make me drink it? 'Cause that's what you're usually

supposed to do, but apparently, it's also good for your vagi.

- (FBE) So, you are actually very correct about the pH balancing

properties of apple cider vinaigrette. - Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!

- (FBE) Scarlett Johansson swears by using apple cider vinegar

as a toner, because it balances the natural pH levels in your skin,

helping to restore a luminous look. - Huh. Okay.

- Okay, let me do my nose, 'cause I feel like the pores

on my nose need a little bit of help. I kind of like it.

I don't use a toner, so maybe this could be my "toner."

Maybe I could introduce this to my skincare routine.

- This [bleep] smells so bad!

- It's pungent to the eyes. Wow! It really does work, though.

I feel like it's letting my pores open up,

breathe a little bit.

- I don't feel like any-- but, I mean, I shouldn't--

I probably shouldn't. Some of the stuff I use is tingling

and all that. That's probably not good for me.

- I'm doing my hands. I'm not gonna have my face stanking.

I wonder how this would work right after Halle's coffee ground scrub.

The only thing is regular toners don't stank.

Apple cider vinegar stinks. I can only imagine what this does

to a cotton pillowcase. And don't have company,

'cause I'm calling you out. - (FBE) So, obviously,

toners are pretty expensive, whereas apple cider vinegar

can be as inexpensive as $2 a bottle. Do you think it's worth it

for a better smelling product to pay more?

- Hell yeah! There's no way Scarlett Johansson is [bleep] using

apple cider vinegar on her face. My forehead smells like [bleep].

- (FBE) So, for our very last celebrity beauty hack,

we have a refreshing bowl of freezing ice water.

Any idea what we're using this for? - This will be used to shrink pores!

- (FBE) So, this is a favorite hack of Kate Hudson's.

She will take 60 seconds and repeatedly dunk her face

for a few seconds at a time. - Oh, I thought-- (chuckles)

(inhales deeply) I'm going in! (chuckles)

- This is just for fun. How do I look?

- Let's do hands. (exhales deeply) This is very cold.

This is colder than I expected. Oh my gosh.

- Oh my god. This is so cold.

I'm over it. It's so cold.

- 60 seconds? Really?! Very invigorating! (chuckles)

- Oh my god. Why can I not do this?

(spits) (water bubbling)

Best one yet. (laughs)

I'm dying laughing. Oh my god!

Oh, she's looking cute today! (laughs)

- (FBE) How you feeling, Danny? - I don't know if I like this.

This is relatively scary. In a way, I do think I look--

I mean, of course, you're gonna be a little red after the ice

and a little wet. But my eyes kind of seem more awake.

Actually, it does kind of work. It really does.

- (FBE) All right. So, you just tried five different kind of crazy

celebrity beauty hacks. How are you feeling about the new tips

and tricks you just learned? - I feel like a new person, honestly.

- I love them. I love all of them except--

as a matter of fact, no, there's no exception.

I really do like all of them. - The one that exceeded

my expectations was the coffee scrub.

My hands are still really smooth. - This is a very, very exciting video

for me personally. Those scrubs are like $95.

That's insane! I'm gonna grab some Folgers

and some freaking body wash I already have and make my scrub

and look amazing. - (FBE) Of the celebrities

that we discussed today, who are you most likely

to trust skincare advice from? We had Beyoncé, ScarJo,

Margot Robbie, Kate Hudson, and Halle Berry.

- They all have phenomenal skin. I'm gonna go with Halle Berry.

- My top three would be Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, and Beyoncé.

- It will be Halle Berry. I will always trust her,

because she looks fantastic. - I would say probably Beyoncé

or Halle Berry, because I feel like they have really beautiful skin.

Like, Halle Berry's skin is INSANE. - Halle Berry. She's one of those

that looks BETTER as she's gotten older!

How is that possible? That's just rude.

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