hey guys welcome first of all we're

gonna do everything god it's hot here

but it would be a body fat silver really

I'm actually under weight this is


okay we've been captured by this man and

all he left us was this blanket and told

us we have in Starbucks and one

Starbucks redone ok hold on we act like

we're scared

hi guys like sorry I'm inside you'll see

later when you're anything like the

whole thing really nervous and you left

us this one star my treat for a month

alright what's up everybody welcome back

to my channel 46 and it's great to be a

youtuber it's the summertime and it's

been really really nice working with

these two gals these past few weeks and

the thing that I love most about Carly

and Harry are you ready to hear ya feel

it's fair like here yet they like

Starbucks you do we love it what's been

going on this summer what's the latest

well I'm going to a breakup

it's out there is that that is that is

that tough that what is getting married

and what you bet like that though all

right well we're here anyway

well well as you know we are all multi

millionaires here at box bought banner

all of a service no three of us are but

isn't it interesting guy celebrity today

in what this is the celebrity networking

so all your favorite survivors you're

probably wondering how much do you make

but you can look it up on the internet

and find out yeah I've had no idea and

you know that none of it is accurate I


yeah it says item forty point five


no it doesn't like sent a screenshot of

it and they were like I didn't know you

were worth so much like I'm not like

move on a decimal point over like five

say to you today we're gonna be guessing

celebrities Network okay I'm gonna we

have to move celebrities okay and you're

gonna say you're gonna choose which way

to speak this is we're more oh okay

alright ten pairs of salaries okay and

for each one that you care about you're

gonna win ten dollars huh Wow my net

worth is about to go

alright I'm just feeling a little

insulted that you gave David 10,000 yeah

but I pay you guys for every single

pretty girl sorry it's yours you're

acting on how long-term each other yeah

I do these days with them

so like and then they just they have a

thing where they'll bail they just give

each other they share or whatever they

may be

I'll tell you what I'm gonna give you

ten dollars for every right answer and

if you get all ten correct I'm gonna

double it and give you 200 in cash Wow

we're gonna be great here we go it's the

celebrity Network John play the music

our first question who is worth more

david dobrik a youtube sensation or

Billy Eilish this is all according to

celebritynetworth.com who is worth more

well YouTube start YouTube star david

dobrik or pop singer Billy Idol well we

know that David isn't making any money

on YouTube but a lot of money on merch

and brand deals however Billy yeah this

should be how that makes a million

dollars anything is a better singer

elated who's gonna have a longer career

I don't know it's hard to say with candy

culture out there you never know yeah

Billy was a lot younger yeah so maybe

her okay I just think she can do more

like if she doesn't want to sing anymore

she can be but you feel like right songs

should gonna be like a writer a producer

or something and also like Internet

doesn't it last like in my head internet

isn't like super super long term but I

feel like David doing other things right


like it's Randy I was not only on his

way I just don't think he's doing as

much as Miss Eilish definitely Billy

eyelash it's hurt right

it is not her why David is worth seven

million dollar no no here we go shady

ever know I worked seven million dollars

but it's not because this house like to

point out in his cars

how does Network work I think it's I

don't know I don't know I think you know

I think I don't think it's was like

she's she she hasn't like done like her

big touring yet like she just broke

right like but I mean I literally saw

her at like Kate Rock acoustic Christmas

late three years ago

yeah are not accurate I saw her I saw

her as like part of the thing of like

twelve bands and she was a big deal but

she went a big deal yet but like cello

and that's trying to tell us she was

pretty big probably at least 20 to 50

million off of Spotify

first of all items are new you should be

50 million euros oh yeah people make

that much less father yeah they're a

huge your darkness yeah really yeah oh I

didn't think that was true at all

yeah I'm just not doing what I kinda

okay who's worth more

you guys all seen the Avengers movie Oh

have you seen the show Keeping Up with

the Kardashians

yes so Robert Downey jr. or Kincardine

oh wow it was worth more I didn't want

to say Kim I think him oh because I

think of officer Robert Downey he's been

around for a long time he's also an

Ironman for a long time he makes a ton

of money off the Marvel franchise

I don't know but you can't literally

gets like five women credit for an

Instagram post yeah I think it's Kim

yeah and this is the day we're doing

that for so long

Robert Downey jr. is worth three hundred

million dollars Kim Kardashian is worth

three hundred and $59 over the Carly and

Aaron David dobre on the $20 bill okay

our third question ariana grande or

Barack Obama who is worth more Ariana

yeah do you get a lot of money to be the

president it is no ariana grande is

worth a hundred million dollars that is

so much money Barack Obama is worth 40

million dollars

what you are correct there's $10 bid

over $20 in the bank for these guys

how does he have so much money Barack

yeah you like speaking engagements do

you think apparently we can go longer

than that both books yeah yeah

Michelle guy so far you 120 don't want

it's pretty great well you didn't give

us that 100 it's I got free money I

don't have tens oh it's good so what

happens if we only $10 you're a Patriots

fan oh yeah early you know nothing about

this she's like oh like the movie the

Revolutionary War LeBron James Oh our

Tom Brady yeah who is worth more LeBron

James my guys name work lol me I feel

like Tom Tom has like this whole TV 12th

thing but like I don't know what LeBron

James does as a side hustle I mean I

mean if I name basketballs

oh yeah you don't like sneaker wise he

probably sells most but I don't know Tom

Brady's probably the highest-paid

football player also who makes more


football players put that into a

football who plays more easier

basketball Tom Brees worth one hundred

eighty million dollars LeBron James

worth four hundred forty million ten

dollars well he almost a billionaire no

no this one's good I was at a show with

little NAS X on Thursday I watched him

perform how was it

um you know you know it was good it had

the feeling of like oh he's gonna be

working at a car wash in about a year

really yeah yeah it was okay so

definitely not before who makes more

money guys will Nozick's

or Jason Nash who is worth more I feel

like you what what's your net worth

Jason well I mean what if you've been

like ghostwriting people's music or

something there's no mouse x or jason

nash I'm gonna say you I mean somebody

did really yeah and it was still doing

well this is like a close call yeah cuz

I feel like I mean I guess I don't know

how much music isn't in music I mean how

much money is in

like back leg that popped off it did

dick picks up and isn't it like with

Sony to but don't songs only make money

who don't really make money from touring

down like when you told me that Spotify

thing I was like wow really just to show

okay so you record companies take a lot

of money yes I did take a lot with it

you get a little you might have gotten

paid like five hundred thousand dollars

or something we're like two million

dollars just like as an upfront thing

I'm gonna date you I'll say you Jason

because I feel bad I'm sorry it's a

little mouse X 3 million dollars I'm

worth a million dollars are you actually

no that's what it says however being

completely broke during the vine like

when spine dive and I had I was broke

broke broke and you would go online and

say Jason Ashworth 1 million oh really

calculate all right here we go

sorry guys you're at $30 you owe me 10

right ok I didn't hear ya who is worth

more beyoncé and jay-z's net worth or

Oprah Winfrey oh that's a good one fine

that is a good one good one John well I

saw big Nick post a picture with Oprah

today and I think it wasn't the big

picture so make it up design on a story

like met Oprah and she's like in his

story and I was like half asleep so I'm

pretty sure it wasn't her

nobody met over on underneath um you

know a lot about big Nick we know it was

at times wedding I think he's at Tara's

wedding it was like when he was in Vegas

I don't not want to sleep but it was

it's Anna's wedding I don't know I feel

like I know I feel like Oprah has like

this giant house on Maui she has her own

road yeah she does her own Road on

mowing I thought the road to Hana and no

one else can use it and it literally

would cut me it takes like four hours

and if you cut through it it's like an

hour but you won't let anyone we saw

that too we were there she is books

she's never ever - but Beyonce and jay-z

jay-z spirit forever

I know I was a Beyonce and jay-z you

think are worth more I don't know I

don't know in her over so and she might

be like a million dollars an episode

yeah in which she's still but you has

her own network she is of the old

network right know what else you have to

think about yes the person that wrote

the questions who works for me how he's

thinking I think it's gonna rot you have

to think about that because you know

John he wants to present a good question

it's like a thinker I don't know

anything about jay-z and Beyonce they're

so private


Dick's loud no Oprah writes books I know

she has her own neck her own network

it's an occult oh yeah like she has

eight like 18 houses yeah I don't know

anything about jay-z and Beyonce except

for that they're both like exceptionally

rich yeah

all right it's Oprah - but I feel like

it's gonna be the opposite is it Oprah

let's go ruff

we'll go Oprah I've been knowing you I'm

so mad it's gonna be the other two it's

Oprah yes 3.5 billion dollars over his

worth Beyonce and jay-z jay-z are worth

1.5 billion dollar plus one you guys are

at $40 that's pretty dang good that's a

week of Starbucks right now so there you

go for the two of you thank you you're

surprised of David Taylor Swift or Miley

Cyrus oh I didn't tell her that way more

tears and their last hits Miley hub

Hannah Montana she did throw in some

movies and Kevin Taylor is like Taylor I

gave everything a million dollars every

show Tyler it's Taylor it's Taylor right

it's Taylor Taylor 400-million Miley

Cyrus 160 million yeah congratulate 400

million you're a feeling she's probably

a billion actually yeah you're $50 okay

Taylor so no stadiums every night two

nights in a row

Dwayne the rock Johnson Oh boys with him

it's gonna be heading to him Justin

Bieber and I have to tell you guys these

guys one makes 5 million more than the

other so I think it's really I think

it's I'll say that - because

in the WWE EES he was stupid movies he

produces them just make a lot of movies

um what else does he do like so many

things Bieber Justin here everyone takes

so much money but I don't think he's

like hustling as hard as the rock like I

think the rock has like a lot of small

endeavors that maybe we don't know about

he probably it's like a Bowflex or

something yeah stuff like that

yeah I wanna see the rock I want to see

you win so I think it's the wrong way

what'd you find I need your final answer

guys the rock Justin Bieber is worth 285

million dollars

Dwayne the rock Johnson is worth two

hundred and eighty million I'm supposed

oh here we go

last two last question kendall Jenner

friend of the vlog squad okay well I

know she's worth 18 million so she

bought me a shot once

Oh Harry stylist Oh Harry's not friend

of the vlogs

Harry Styles a hunter I mean not a

reasonable I think Harry Styles because

of one direction oh man imagine Harry

Styles Harry's battles in Canada turn

that's a tough one because Harry Styles

know that kind of is like 18 million I

would see that is tough Harry Styles was

in one direction then what thing is so

and they put all the money though

yeah where did Harry Styles make all his

money really if you're splitting it by

the way anybody's handle is her own

industry yes she's a model so it's tough

true and the show does she have here


no she's also be the proactive brand

deals yeah I don't know I just don't

think that Harry is making as much money

as he used to and if anything Kendall's

rate is probably going up but I don't

know why so much money about 1d used to

be in one

l-3 what are we gonna do I know Kendall

is at least worth eating cherry God we

think that Harry is worth 18 million

dollars yeah we're you driving at that

figure I saw it in a magazine she makes

the least out of all of her sister bet

Harry Caray it was gonna be guys I don't

know I have no idea

my gut told me here in their final

answer here Harry Styles Harry Styles

okay here you go Harry something is

correct 75 million dollars for Harry

you're at $60 right now cash money tell

you what guy last one right

double or nothing what do you $40 will

walk out of here 100 bucks

okay we've ever get a third billionaire

a thinking cap hang on here we got it

cheering great singer yeah Tory there

were a lot of number-one hits okay rents

for people yeah the big writer yeah big

thing is a big thing

yeah blushing yeah we know there is so

much yeah I did the Charlie Prince house

yeah I see this as you see the other one

Charlie puth no did Charlie puth want me

to be on this track cause you called yet

yeah it's on mobile right you know hold

right now that's David's next surprise

I've been asking it every time every

time he's on the phone with Charlie I go

Charlie over here and usually doesn't

answer okay here we go

ed sheeran Leonardo DiCaprio oh my god I

don't know why why did you do this over

the last week now let's look you but

Leo's been in so many things

well Titanic we got alone I feel like

beets and cheering now remember at

Leonardo DiCaprio he only makes a movie

every five years you know yeah because

he only has to make a movie every five

years and these are not if I made that

much money

there's a lot of venture type movies

though these are okay Jason are you

telling aunt Sharon I think ed sheeran

probably makes linen oh actually now

then again Leonardo DiCaprio has been

working way mom yeah he was a teen and

now he's like 80 so they do anything

besides movies they have like a brand or

no I know he just adds over in Japan oh

oh they probably pay a lot thank you for

that I don't know he just adds for

pampering and she really so it was like

a journeys probably so I wasn't sure in

a chair you know he um she reads hard

he's like you're one direction yeah yeah

he's written like anyone who has music

on the charts here right on our music

and we know how many have you done how

much money Harry Styles here right after

that why are you tricking us I want to

help you I want to see you walk out of

here I mean I I have thought it's here

the whole time but it's like I know

Leo's totally so rich I just don't know

I don't think it's your him Aaron what

do you think I don't know what I feel

like we're being tricked right now well

I'm betting both sides of it we should

know Hawaii it's urine you know had he

not been working that long I know see

what rights for everybody

I know DiCaprio has been around for a

while though he is a major major another

star maybe the top top everyone know

restart he has a star on the bully now I

also have to keep in mind too late said

Robert Downey jr. is worth thirty three

hundred million

oh yeah he has

leontina Harry Styles was 75 you're

right and not is probably not as big as

one direction but get my money because

he's not splitting it with my mother

true but he writes for everyone who does

the rock is worth two hundred and eighty

million you think it's shared out more

than that no I don't know doesn't do as

much as the rock yeah it's like no it's

like I think that it's ed but I want to

say yeah that's exactly how I feel

that's exactly how I feel I think it is

ed but I think it would make more sense

and also remember Aaron is worth 14

million I don't even mean we just got a

sign a vintage Japanese car show and he

you said something about your payment

lingo okay Cabrio all right the correct

answer ed sheeran is worth a hundred and

ten million dollars Oh Leo's press play

more the internet calculator is worth

two hundred and eighty million guys guys

enjoy your money I hope you spend it in

a great place we will make sure not to


make sure David doesn't sink Abigail

again huh here you can did you know just

every five of these how are we supposed

to split it evenly 50 and 50


guys thanks for watching make sure you

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