Catholic Wedding Ceremony at St. Monica's Catholic Church in Santa Monica

I invite you to to please kneel for the

rest of you be seated

Gillian and that Natalie if you'd come

forward for the two readings of Sacred

Scripture Gillian and Natalie a reading

from the book of Sirach blessed the

husband of a good wife twice lengthen

nor his days a worthy life bring a

worthy wife brings joy to her husband

peaceful and full as his life a good

wife is generous gift bestowed upon him

who fears the Lord be he rich or poor

his heart is content and a smile as ever

on his face egregious a gracious wife

delights her husband her thoughtfulness

puts flesh on his bones a gift from the

Lord is her govern govern speech and her

firm virtue is of surpassing worth twice

is to bless things is a modest wife

priceless search a soul a holy and

decent woman adds grace upon grace

indeed no price is worthy of her

temperate soul like the Sun rising in

the Lord's heavens the beauty of a

virtuous wife isn't is the radiance of

her home the word of the Lord thanks be

to God let us rejoice rejoice and be



we uh

oh that's me Oh


this is the

peace and love and joy to warm your one

me prosperity fill

toys rejoicing

this is the day


me the Spirit of God me every yours to

hold in embrace and guard you you behold

your children's children strong be your

love and ever

rejoice to me

this is


a reading from the first letter of Saint

Paul to the Corinthians

brothers and sisters strive eagerly for

the greatest spiritual gifts but I shall

show you a still more excellent way if I

speak in human and angelic tongues but

do not have love I am a resounding gong

or a clashing cymbal and if I have the

gift of prophecy and comprehend all

mysteries and all knowledge if I have

all faith so as to move mountains but do

not have love I am nothing if I give

away everything I own and if I hand my

body over so that I may boast but do not

have love I gain nothing love is patient

love is kind it is not jealous

it is not pompous it is not inflated it

is not rude it does not seek its own

interests it is not quick-tempered it

does not brood over injury it does not

rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices

with the truth it bears all things

believes all things hopes all things

endures all things love never fails the

word of the Lord thanks be to God


I mean to his patient love is kind

my sisters and my brothers the Lord be

with you this reading is from the holy

Gospel according to st. Matthew when

Jesus saw the crowds he went up to the

mountain he sat down and his disciples

came to him he began to teach them

saying blessed are the poor in spirit

theirs is the kingdom of heaven blessed

are they who mourn they will be

comforted blessed are the meek they will

inherit the earth blessed are they who

hunger and thirst for righteousness they

will be satisfied blessed are the

merciful they will be shown mercy and

blessed are the clean of heart for they

will see God blessed are the peacemakers

they will be called children of God

blessed are they who are persecuted for

the sake of righteousness theirs is the

kingdom of heaven blessed are you when

they insult you and persecute you utter

every kind of evil against you falsely

rejoice and be glad because your reward

in heaven will be great my brothers and

sisters the gospel of the Lord

please be seated

and so at 10:58 this morning on my

little iPhone I got this message I am so

happy that you came back in time to

marry us we would have changed the date

if you didn't so folks you know you were

at risk of going home without a party

tonight we love you we will see you at

3:00 that's from my brother Nick who is

so wound up at this moment I don't know

what to say he is like this ready for

this great moment thank god Brenda he's

got you by his side

my brothers and my sisters he's right I

just got back last evening from

Jerusalem we had a great journey of some

35 people I try to get there every two

years it's my 14th visit to that great

land and it's an extraordinary place to

just spend some time and to show people

that great gospel the fifth gospel the

topography the place and that particular

story that we read today from the

Beatitudes I actually just celebrated

Mass there a couple of days ago

it is a extraordinary gift and blessing

so if you get a chance before you die

go do it it's worthy of some time I'd

like to welcome you today this is a

community that welcomes people from all

kinds of different lives of faith and so

it is a special blessing for me to be

able to say on behalf of this beautiful

beautiful couple that we are very

honored by your presence here today and

we hope that in a very special way

you'll find a blessing just as you have

blessed us

dr. Lloyd Ogilvie who was chaplain to

the United States Senate he was a

Presbyterian minister for many years at

Hollywood pres and probably one of the

great preachers of this land speaks on

Good Friday here at

Monika's told a story when he was just a

young minister jester deigned in the

Presbyterian Church and a guy walked

into the sanctuary when Danes said dr.

Lloyd Ogilvy that's an extraordinarily

disharmonious sign to what we believe

it's very unwelcoming and Lloyd said to

me what does the sign say that so

unwelcoming he said the sign says

outside the door for Presbyterians only

he said that's pretty unwelcoming dr.


Lloyd looked at him and said you've

misread the sign go read it again so he

did and in fact he had misread the sign

the tout sign did not say for

Presbyterians only the sign said for

pedestrians only

and then Lloyd said to the people of st.

Monica's on that Good Friday thank God

it st. Monica's there's no sign anywhere

that says for Roman Catholics only and

so I know you're headed toward that

great little Club here in Santa Monica

but ever before you get there I hope

that you feel blessed and welcomed by

this young couple and by me I want to

believe that we honor your tradition and

your walk whatever that is and we are

very grateful that you're here today and

we hope that in some small way this

beautiful couple and I can bless you as

you have blessed us thank you and


and so you too

you are ready willing and I think very

grateful today you're a beautiful

beautiful couple

I don't know how God made the two of you

but somehow that's how it happened and

you found each other and in finding each

other you have made a decision first in

friendship and then in love to take the

next Jay Gant ik incremental step

it's the promise it's the great promise

the promise that you two will make in

just three minutes and it's a promise

that you intend to keep for the rest of

your lives and I think that if there

were just one or two things that I would

share with you today it's that I just

hope you know how really blessed you are

how good you are and and I I just hope

that you don't you don't keep that you

know people kind of get set and they

they're happy and things are good and

their marriage is strong and you've got

wonderful people and you're getting

married at st. Monica's and a

receptionist st. ma and Santa Monica I

mean it doesn't get much better than

that that's like one percent of this

world but we're given that they could

Brenda were given that to make a

difference in this world that's what you

said when you pick that gospel the

gospel you picked is is the gospel

called beatitude but the word is a Greek

word makarios is the word and it means

inner harmony inner peace so I just hope

that that right now you'll forget about

all the decorations and all the stuff

that's ready you know to be uncorked and

and and and to celebrate the night away

and that's what I want you to do but

ever before you get there I just hope

that the two of you with great gratitude

give thanks to God that that he's given

you this love that he's given you the

integrity of your lives that he's given

you these family and friends to support

you and that you will take it receive it

turn around and make a difference in

this world so many people have so far

less and we need good people great

people like you to make some little

difference in this world by your love

and by the commitment that you make

and by your lives and secondly Brenda I

stood next to NECA

as you came in when that door opened he

was almost jumped out of his skin

and I think that's wonderful but I just

hope that the two of you will always try

your best to live in the power and the

gift and the grace of this moment you

know we're so distracted by the things

of the past and we're so anxious about

the future and we just really really

need to live in the power of now there's

a great story from a wonderful book

called the power now Eckhart Tolle he

talks about a beggar who was on a street

corner for 30 years and he stood there

with a little cap in his hand and he

begged for nickels and dimes for 30

years and one day guys said to him get

off that box that you've been sitting on

and look inside and he said I've been

sitting on this box for 30 years there's

nothing inside he said get off the box

so he did and when he lifted the box you

know it was inside it it was chock full

of gold you see he'd been living on

nickels and dimes and quarters and all

along you'd been sitting on gold and

that's what we can do we live in the


we're anxious about the future and we

miss the power to give the grace of now

so go to that club you've done

everything you can do enjoy each and

every person that comes to you take

every moment and relish whatever good

things they say about you on this day

and then turn around and make a great

difference in this world

Nick and Brenda I can't imagine a more

beautiful couple than you and with all

my heart I hope and pray my brother and

sister you will go for the gold please


invite the wedding party to please join

us at the altar and for the two of you

to turn all the way around you better

fix that you'll do a better job than I

did Nikolas and Brenda you have come

together in this church so that the Lord

may seal and strengthen your love in the

presence of the church's minister and

this community our God has abundantly

blessed your love he's consecrated both

of you he now enriches and strengthens

you by this special sacrament so that

you can assume the duties of marriage in

mutual and lasting fidelity and so I ask

both of you now to state your intentions

Nikolas Brenda have you come here freely

and without reservation to give

yourselves to each other in the

sacrament of marriage and you say I do I

do will you love and honor each other as

husband and wife for the rest of your

lives and you say I will I will

will you accept children lovingly from

God bring them up according to the law

of our God and of our community and you

say I will well I will it is your

intention than to enter into marriage

turn to each other join your hands and

declare your consent before God and

before the church just say this after me

my Nicholas taking Brenda i Nicholas

take you Brenda to be my wife to be my

wife I promise to be

I promise they return to you in good

times and in bad good times and in bad

in sickness and in health and in

sickness and now I will love you and I

will honor you will always love you and

I will honor you all the days of my life

all the days of my life take I take you

Nicholas I Brenda take you hi Brenda hey

to be my husband to be my husband I

promise to be true to you I promise to

be true T in good times and in bad in

good times and in sickness ed until

sickness and in health I will love you

and I will honor you I will love you now

we'll honor you all the days all the

days wheeling my sister and my brother

you have just declared your consent

before God and before the church may our

Lord in His goodness strengthen that

consent and fill you now both with his

blessings what God joins together let no

one ever separate amen

thank you

may our Lord bless these rings they are

a sign of your love and faithfulness in

the name of the Father and of the Son

and of the Holy Spirit amen

that's gigantic

take that ring thank you on her left his

ring finger and say this em to me Brenda

take this ring Brenda take this ring as

a sign of my love and faithfulness

that's a sign of my love and

faithfulness in the name of the Father

in the name of the Father and of the Son

and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit


left-hand ring finger and say this to me

Nicholas take this ring Nicholas take

this ring as a sign as a sign of my love

and faithfulness of my love and

faithfulness the name of the fall in the

name of the Father the Son and a little

way spirit let's congratulate this bride

and groom now

Isabel and Paul if you'd come forward

with the less up

please stand

not you

Lord accept our offering for this newly

married couple your lovin Providence's

brought them together bless them all the

days of their married life we ask this

through Christ our Lord

the Lord be with you lift up your hearts

let us give thanks to the Lord our God

father all-powerful and everliving God

we do well always and everywhere to give

you thanks through your beloved son

Jesus Christ he is the word through whom

he made the universe the Savior you sent

to redeem us but the power of the Holy

Spirit he took flesh and he was born of

the Virgin Mary for our sake he opened

his arms on the cross he put an end to

death and revealed the resurrection in

this he fulfilled your will and one for

you a holy people Lord you are holy

indeed the fountain of all holiness let

your spirit come upon these gifts to

make them holy so that they may become

for us the body and blood of our Lord

Jesus Christ before he was given up to

death the death he freely accepted he

took bread and gave you thanks and

praise he broke the bread gave it to the

disciples and said take this all of you

and eat it this is my body which will be

given up for you

when supper was ended he took the cup

again he gave you thanks and praise

he gave the cup to his disciples and

said take this all of you and drink from

it this is the cup of My Blood the blood

of the new and everlasting covenant it

will be shed for you and for all so that

sins may be forgiven do this in memory

of me

and so my sisters and brothers we

proclaim this great mystery of our faith

in memory of his death and resurrection

we offer you father this life-giving

bread the saving cup we thank you for

counting us worthy to stand in your

presence and to serve you may all of us

who received the body and blood of

Christ be brought together in unity by

the Holy Spirit and Lord remember your

church throughout the world make us grow

in love together with Benedict our Pope

Rodger our Bishop and all those who

serve you in ministry

remember our sisters and brothers who

have gone to their rest in the hope of

rising again bring them on all the

departed into the light of your presence

have mercy on us all make us worthy to

share eternal life with Mary the Virgin

Mother of God with the Apostles and with

all the saints who have done your will

throughout the ages may we praise you in

union with them and give you glory

through your son our Lord Jesus Christ

through him with him in him in the unity

of the Holy Spirit all glory and honor

is yours almighty father forever and


and so I would invite you Isabel and

Paul to come forward again and we will

receive this lasso

take that back

great thank you



and so we pray this great prayer that

unites all Christians the prayer that

Jesus gave us our Father who art in

heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom

come thy will be done on earth as it is

in heaven give us this day our daily

bread forgive us our trespasses as we

forgive those who trespass against us

lead us not into temptation but deliver

us from evil for thine is the kingdom

and the power and the glory now and

forever amen Brenda Nick if you turn all

the way around now I am sure there are

going to be one or two toasts tonight to

celebrate this great evening but ever

before we get there I would invite you

to bless them you people are here

because they love you and you're here I

hope because your intention is to to

support them and to be with them and to

remain with them in their married life

so the two of you look out at all of

these people and for us I would invite

you to extend your hands over them as we

offer this prayer now Lord God you are

the creator of the universe

the maker of woman and man in your own

image and likeness you are the source of

blessing for married love today you Net

unite in this great sacrament this

husband in life may your fullest

blessing come upon the Lord so that they

may rejoice in the gift of married love

and enrich your family with their

children Lord may they praise you when

they are happy may they turn to you in

their sorrows

may they be glad that you help them in

their work and know that you were with

them in all of their needs if they pray

to you in this community and may you be

witnesses in the world may you reach old

age in the company of your family and

friends and one day come at last to the

kingdom of heaven we make this prayer

through Christ our Lord amen my sisters

and brothers the peace of the Lord be

with you always

please turn and offer to one another the

great sign of peace the Shalom

Thank You Nick you're an amazing couple

of God love you get down to your

families peace folks

on use de qui tollis peccata mundi is

that I read no bees I'm used a qui

tollis peccata mundi he's a tyrant no

bees on use de qui tollis peccata Mundi

brothers and sisters this is the Lamb of

God takes away our sins happier we who

are called to receive him lord I am not

worthy to receive you only say the word

and I shall be healed

we invite you to come forward down to

receive the body and blood of Christ if

you are not receiving Holy Communion

this afternoon you might be a member of

another tradition or not prepared to

receive the Eucharist

we would invite you if you choose to

come forward and receive a blessing a

sign you wish a blessing is to place

your hand like this over your heart and

I would be privileged honored to offer

you a blessing you blessed us and it

would be an opportunity for me to return

that blessing to you

but if Christ's body Christ

blood of Christ

send that to your bride blood of Christ

so now the two just

vanity in peace I just

I just rented a in peace scratchy

serenity peace

just ready

but in Christ

as you receive communion before I don't

think you have brother give you a good

blessing them

but in Christ

are you girls ready blow everybody


but in Christ just read it in peace body


serenity in this


funny bunny





serenity and peace venture serenity and


Oh Maurice

and trees too


great thanks thank you so much my

brothers and sisters the Lord be with

you and may Almighty God bless each one

of us in the name of the Father and of

the Son and of the Holy Spirit our mass

is ended and I would invite you to to

turn around it is with a great deal of

joy and an honor for me to introduce to

you this afternoon for the very first

time mr. and mrs. Nicholas Whelan

husband and wife let's congratulate them