welcome to our new animalized video many

potential cat owners can't be friends

with the feline thanks to allergies for

some it means red nose sneezing and

itchy skin every time a cat comes near

brothers it can mean agitating asthma or

even anaphylactic shock with severe very

rare occasions if you want to enjoy cat

as a pet but have a cat allergy it could

be very frustrating this is why the idea

of hypoallergenic cat breeds brings hope

to many people with allergies but is it

even possible


some people believe it is cat hair which

causes an allergic reaction to humans

this is also why many think careless

cats must logically be hypoallergenic

however the root cause of cat allergies

in humans is due to proteins which are

secreted in the sebaceous glands at the

root of the hair follicle and


these are known as feldy one protein and

found d4 protein respectively

this means cats with fur will have this

protein but so 2d hairless cats if a cat

was hypoallergenic and it's not that

they wouldn't have fur it's that they

wouldn't have these allergy inducing

proteins the bad news is that all cats

have these proteins to some degree the

good news is that some cats have much

less than others there are no cats which

are truly hypoallergenic but there are

some breeds which will not aggravate

allergies as bad as others these breeds

include Siberian Siamese Balinese Devon

Rex Australian mists Bengal Javanese

officer cat

Russian blue many people with mild cat

allergies have one of these breeds and

report little to no symptoms however if

you have severe kallergis

it is unlikely any camp Reed will not

cause at least some problems for the

rest it might mean a new life as a cat

owner without sneezes and other annoying

allergy symptoms just a quick note to be

careful if you see hypoallergenic cats

for sale some breeders claim to have

created a completely hypoallergenic cat

breed but there's little to no

scientific evidence to back this up if

you have severe cat allergies don't be

fooled by unscrupulous or misinformed

breeders thanks for watching this animal

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