cast and mold

next our quick vocab list is going to be

molt fossils and cast fossils these are

two more kinds of fossils and you guys

should be pretty familiar with them

because we made them in class but a mold

fossil in a cast fossil we use these

words for other things as well if you're

gonna make a mold of something you

normally never make a mold of my face

we're going to press my face into

something though I'm sure you see enough

of me anyways but if we wanted to make a

mold of a fossil we would do what we did

in class and press there we go

press AC show into clay that made a mold

of the C show so this is a mold made out

of clay then when we wanted to make a

copy of it we did something called make

a cast where we took that white plaster

which sounds like cast

so if you see cast on the test you could

think like Oh cast Plast

caster plaster it rhymes kind of work

with me here so we've got a cast and if

we've got our cast right here you also

have your plaster or we have sorry we

have a mold I hope you just caught me on

that we have a mold made out of clay and

we have a cast made out of plaster so I

take my plaster I pour it into the mold

and when I pull it out I have the

sticking out version called a cast so if

I have the cast made of plaster or the

imprint so if you see something sticking

out like a dinosaur footprint that

sticks up that is probably a cast that

has been pulled out you have the 3d

dinosaur foot if you see a dinosaur foot

pushed in that is a mold that the

dinosaur stepped in squishy soft mud

like I'm old

okay so mold is a hole and that's what

we talked about in class is that mold

sounds like whole cast sounds like

plaster so we have a mold fossil and a

cast fossil or a pole and flats or think

you can follow me on it