Floral Secrets: How To Make Open Casket Spray Arrangement With Bright Mixed Flowers.

hello today we're going to show you how

to make a caskets bright arrangement for

this you're going to need a plastic base

as you see right here this is a very

specific base that you can find in a

floral supply store it is intended to be

non-slip so there's little padding on

the corners of the space and it's very

sturdy and it's essentially very

important if you're going to build off

of it so you can find this at a floral

supply store

the idea is to fill this base with some

floral sponge as you see here I have

pre-moistened some floral sponge and I

like to put my flower with floral sponge

into a plastic bag like this and this is

intended to keep all of the water inside

of the floral sponge instead of having

it drip or leak and this will preserve

the water inside it for much longer so

as you see here the plastic is very thin

so you will be able to pierce it with

the stems of your flowers the next step

is to secure this floral sponge to the

base and I'm going to take some floral

tape and it's quite important to ensure

that it is secured firmly so that the

flowers in the arrangement doesn't move

or fall apart so as you see here I'm

going to secure it in a cross formation

here and this is just to be extra

certain that it's secured on there very

tightly so as you see here I'm making

sure that I put the floral tape and

across formation and then I secure it

underneath the base the next step is to

make a ribbon ideally you want to start

with this if a ribbon is necessary at

the very beginning so that you can build

around the ribbon here I'm using some

wire ribbon which is really great if you

would like to keep the form of the

ribbon and the shape of the ribbon but

you can of course use some satin ribbon

or plastic ribbon as well especially if

you're looking to write a message on the

ribbon some people would like to write

their condolences or just names of the

family members it just depends on your

client so as you see here I'm using a

wire ribbon today and this wire ribbon

is great because it will maintain its

shape if for example the ceremony is

outside and it's raining and the ribbon

becomes wet that's not very much of a

concern because it will hold its shape

so that's one of the benefits so as you

see here I'm making a ribbon very

quickly and if you would like to watch a

video we have videos on our channel

showing how to make this ribbon but it's

just practice makes perfect so as you

see here I'm preparing the ribbon and I

will be securing it onto this base you

can make the ribbon as big or as small

as full or as compact as you like this

is entirely up to you

and up to the size of the dimensions of

the arrangement you are trying to create


the ribbon I'm chosen today is this red

ribbon as you see the flowers we're

going to be assorting are in a red and

white color scheme and that's just

simply the preference of the client that

we're working with so we will be using

some roses some mum some lilies some

orchids and an assortment of greens and

I'll show you how to arrange that into a

design so the key thing to remember

about casket spray arrangements is that

they come in symmetrical and

asymmetrical designs a symmetrical

design is where both the front and the

back is long and this is for a closed

casket ceremony alternatively if you're

having an open-casket ceremony you will

have an asymmetrical arrangement where

the back will be shorter with the longer

portion extending itself outward so

today we're going to be making one for a

closed casket as you see you can start

ideally you will always have to start

with the flowers and not the greenery

because you want to ensure that the

flowers are deeply embedded in the

sponge and that they are access to water

if you start with greenery you run the

risk of having the flowers not be

reaching the water or not be firmly

planted so as you see here I am forming

my shape and I like to start with very

firm stemmed flowers such as roses

because it permits me to form the shape

which is as you see is in a bit of a

cross shape with one rose because it is

an open casket arrangement it's

asymmetrical with one rose being longer

at the front and one at the top and one

at the side so you're essentially just

creating the frame of your arrangement

here and because this arrangement is

going to be white and red you are

interchanging the color so that you are

maintaining some color balance but

you're also incorporating all of the

colors that you're looking to use so the

roses will permit you to create

the frame fee arrangement so the volume

the length the structure is what will be

essentially made here in this initial

step so as you see here I am putting

roses at the towards the bottom of the

arrangement fanning out I'm also putting

roses towards the top and different

angles in two different directions just

so you can create that fullness and

after you've built this base in the

skeleton you're going to fill that up

with fuller flowers and we're going to

get to that in the next step so this is

just the initial step and as you see I'm

mixing the colors so that they are

evenly mixed everything is proportionate

and everything is visually coming

together based on that scheme as you see

here you are creating what looks to be a

cross it's the it's a t-shape and you

have a fanning out effect so you're

going to put in the initial flowers and

then you're going to work around it to

fan the flowers out as you see they're

all facing around this shape and some

will be at an angle peering more out

outward and others will be towards

facing a little bit lower but of course

at eye level the next step is to take

very full flowers here we're using some

moms and moms are incredibly

long-lasting and they're also very full

because this arrangement is typically

very big you're going to need to fill a

lot of space to ensure that none of the

sponge is peering through mums are

excellent flowers for this because they

allow you to fill space and dimension

without having to use too too many

flowers and this allows you to be both

efficient and to incorporate flowers

that are going to be longer-lasting so

if you have a ceremony that spans a

couple of days you do not have to be

concerned about them not lasting or

being able to carry through I'm also

going to be incorporating some lilies

once again the idea behind this is that

because they are very full flowers they

cover a lot of space a lot of dimension

and you're going to need fewer of them

to fill up a lot of space

and of course they are long lasting so

as you see here I am filling the spaces

between the skeleton that we created in

the initial step and this is art to see

the fullness begin to form and the shape

begin to take place so if there are any

gaps peering through go ahead and use

your flowers to fill those gaps and you

will be using greenery in the final step

to really ensure that there are no gaps

no areas peering through no visible

sponge peering through but try to fill

up as much space as possible with the

fullest and longest lasting flowers that

you can because oftentimes these

ceremonies will take place over the span

of a couple of days and you do want to

ensure that the flowers are fresh and

beautiful so as you see here you can

fill in any spaces visually as you carry

on I am adding more longer stems of

roses to create that spray and cascading

effect as you see here when you are

creating that visual spraying out effect

you may wish to use longer stemmed

flowers here I'm using orchids but you

might also choose to use some

snapdragons as well and the concept

behind this is just to simply create

that cascading descending effect so as

you see here I'm using some orchids and

you'll be putting them in between the

roses to create that cascading effect

this may look like a very intimidating

arrangement at first but actually it's

quite simple and it's quite methodical

when you get down to it it's really not

that difficult to create if you take

your time and carefully follow these

steps so as you see here the last and

final step is putting in the greenery

and I do save this for last as I

mentioned previously because you want to

ensure that your main focal flowers are

taken care of

that they are in the water that they're

deeply embedded before you start to fuss

with the greenery I'm going to be using

some baby's breath because it's full

it's very delicate it's quite beautiful

and it will allow you to fill in those

gaps between the flowers and cover up

the Oasis so that it's not peering

through we will be using a variety of

greenery here today but just for the

essential for the essential portions of

the design we're going to be using the

baby's breath just to fill in those

spaces but then we're going to move on

to the greenery that's going to fill in

spaces but also add to the cascading and

voluminous effect of the design as you

see here as you see here up close there

is very little that is peering through

with anything the flowers are very well

packed in and there's nothing that

visually stands out and I guess

demonstrates that there is anything

underneath there that there's any sort

of base and the flowers just look very

well pieced together and arranged

so continue putting in your baby's

breath until the gaps have been filled

until there are no visible bare spots

peering through and then once you have

completed this step you can move on to

adding some more greenery as you carry

on with the arrangement usually I use a

mix of palm leaves as well as evergreens

to create this final portion of the

arrangement cut your baby's breaths into

smaller pieces as you see I'm doing here

babies birth through she comes on one

long stem but you can always cut into

smaller pieces to suit your needs and to

suit the space that you're aiming to

fill as you see here just carry on until

you are satisfied that all the spaces

are filled and then once this step is

completed you can move on to using palm

leaves to fill and create more of a

cascading voluminous effect since

Polly's tend to be very voluminous you

can treat trim the palm leaves to fit

the shape that you're looking to achieve

you can trim if there are any damaged

edges as sometimes does happen with palm

leaves you can trim them down and

continue assembling them throughout your

arrangement and this will allow you to

create volume it's will allow you to

create visual dimension and it also

makes it look very classy very beautiful

and quite appealing visually so as you

see here I'm taking some palm leaves and

because they are long and because they

do lend to the cascading effect I can

put them it towards the bottom of this

arrangement if you are working with a

symmetrical arrangement where you have

cascading at the top and at the bottom

you can put them in that direction as

well you can take smaller palm leaves

and put it around the sides of the


you could cut you can cut the palm

leaves and trim them

and put them towards sides any shorter

pieces it all depends on the look that

you're trying achieve but see I'm taking

the shorter pieces and putting them

towards the front front of the

arrangement because that portion will be

shorter because we are focusing on

shorter stems there with the longer

stems cascading down the bottom and once

again as I mentioned this is due to the

fact that this is going to be for a

closed-casket arrangement after you have

completed this step and you have placed

your palm leaves where you wish for them

to be the final step is to take some

evergreens as you see here I'm using

some evergreens and once again these are

very very long lasting green greenery

flowers or leaves rather because they

permit you to fill in the spaces and to

create this very beautiful elegant look

without having to use incredibly

expensive greenery and it's also

incredibly long-lasting it's not going

to fall apart on you it's not going to

shed it's going to last throughout the

ceremony and and then some so it's

actually a very very efficient and

beautiful way to fill in any spaces and

of course do not hesitate to fill in the

spaces between the flowers with this

evergreen as well and this is the final

arrangement as you can see here thank

you so much for watching this

arrangement is going to be very easy to

place on top of the casket it's not

going to go anywhere because of the base

it is quite it looks like it's quite a

bit to transport but it's actually not

that difficult to transport so thank you

so much for watching once again good

luck with your creations and leave any

questions in the comments below