The Untold Truth About Working In Sales (My Experience)

you hear that to some people that sound

might not mean much but to us sales

professionals that's the sound of grit

that's the sound of resilience that's

the sound of our next opportunity feet

pounding the pavement what a beautiful

sound I know that most people that seems

a little crazy but there's nothing quite

like the piece of 4:30 a.m. no one's

calling no one's emailing no one's

really even awake so that's why I use

this time to hit gym because what I

found in my short 28 years on this earth

is that if you don't take care of

yourself you can't take care of anyone

else your family your friends your

customers no one so that's why I use

this time to be selfish it's the most

calm 90 minutes of my day because I know

promptly at 6:00 a.m. it's time to start

getting ready for the chaos now look I

was an accountant for the first four

years of my career and I realized

transitioning from accounting to sales

is kind of unheard of but that's a topic

for another video and I know all of the

stereotypes about working in sales we

come in late we quit early we work 30

hours a week and we're at the bar by

noon on Friday and I'm sure there's some

sales reps out there that follow that

similar schedule but those aren't the

ones that last and I learned quickly

that the top performers the President's

Club achievers the winners they get in

early they hit the phone's hard they

pound the pavement they've run

appointments all day and when they get

home they start prepping to do it all

again tomorrow and speaking for myself

I'm not here to be an average performer

I'm here to win so I'm out the door by

6:30 and then it's off to the races what

I love about working in sales is how

fast everything moves we really do

operate at a million miles an hour it

seems like I'm either on the phone

rushing from appointment to appointment

answering emails strategizing quoting

prospecting working with my team the

list goes on and on from the time the

day starts until the time I go to bed it

can just be mayhem and I love that I

also love that to be successful in sales

you don't need any kind of special

skills you don't need to be the smartest

or have the most technical background

you just need to be disciplined and put

in the work and that's what really

attracted me to this career I'll be

honest with you guys I never thought

this position

be as challenging in as much work as it

is I know from an outsider's perspective

it's like dude you get to take people to

launch make your own schedule take calls

from coffee shops be out of the office

all day yeah that's all great but when

no one's answering your calls and deals

aren't landing as quickly as you want

them to it can be pretty stressful I'll

say working in sales has given me the

lowest of the lows of my career but

without a doubt it's also given me the

highest of the highs the feeling that

you get when you walk out of a meeting

with a signature for a product or

service that you know is going to

enhance your customers business it just

doesn't get any better than that and

that's the thing about selling it

wouldn't be gratifying if you didn't

truly believe in what you were offering

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description so while sales people might

be labeled as bad or greedy or deceiving

or whatever adjective you want to use at

the end of the day true sales

professionals are just looking to solve

problems whether you like it or not

businesses don't run without sales teams

on the ground calling customers knocking

on doors dropping off cards that's just

how the world works man and trust me I

don't want to be the guy that everyone

dreads seeing walk in the door I don't

want to intrude annoy or cause problems

that's never my intention inevitably

there are gonna be people that want

nothing to do with you that a roué that

tell you to beat it and that's okay I've

got a job to do just like they do you

have to be tough you have to be okay

with being told no you have to be almost

stupidly persistent but I've always been

more than happy to put in the work in

order to achieve long-term results to

put that in perspective I texted a girl

every day for a year straight before I

got her to hang out with me a year just

to see me and that ended up being the

best decision I've ever made in my

entire life so all of this can be

challenging and in fact working in sales

is the hardest most taxing and stressful

job I've ever had but it's so rewarding

it's fun it's gratifying and every day

it's a new adventure and then by the

time I finally get home five six o'clock

it's time to log back into my computer

or apply two more emails paperwork start

drafting up deals I pitched that day and

most days I'll work on that through the

night until it's time for bed and then

we do it all again the next day so I

know this life it isn't for everyone but

from my perspective this is what it's

really like to

in sales


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