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Step 1 research you have to research the companies that you're gonna go for you have to research yourself

You've got to research the industry research the culture but really for this first step research what you want to do

This is your time to educate yourself learn about what aspect of marketing you want to be into

Do you want to specialize in sales? Do you want to specialize in digital traditional print radio?

Where do you want to work? What do you want to do?

What skills do you bring to the table in this very first phase research what you want?

This is your time to decide. So take your time look into all the different aspects of it

Do you want to work for an agency? Do you want to work client side?

Ask yourself as many questions as you can think of then research them write down pros and cons

What do I really want to accomplish in my life? What do I want to accomplish in my career?

And what do I want my career to look like?

Once you've got these listed out now you can move on to the next step step number two is to research again

Now that you have an idea of what you want to do and what you want your career to look like now you start looking

Into the companies that you want to work for now you've already decided

Specifically where you want to focus and what niche you want to really be in

Now you can need to decide what company does that look like is the agency or client? What do they do?

What are they looking for who is their customer? What kind of talent and skills do they need?

This isn't about you right now. You already researched what you want to do?

Now you research the company research what they are looking for. What would make you the most qualified applicant?

What's going to make you stand out to them what sort of need do they have that you'll be able to fill?

By looking into all of these things and understanding the company

Well, this is going to help you with your next step step number three is to research a third time

Now that you've got an idea of what industry you're gonna be in what your specialties are and what businesses you really want to work

In now you dive really deep into what they need. What are their products? What are their services?

How can you learn from an outside perspective what they really do start to craft in your own mind what their marketing message should be

Start to craft what their branding should look like start to think about what changes you would make to the website if you had that

Authority, what kind of changes would you make if they gave you an unlimited budget? How would you reach people?

What would you use to craft that message and speak to their consumers and their clientele?

By looking into this and starting to picture yourself in the position in this company with their products

You can really start to get an idea of what you would do in that business and what you would do in that position

By understanding this and by taking these three steps of research you're really able to start to prepare

Yourself for the interview and being prepared for the interview is key

Step number four is to prepare your resume and your application. Now, this is the time to really get specific

You don't want to create just a boilerplate resume and a boilerplate application and just fire that out to a bunch of people

It's not effective. Most businesses are going to be receiving tons of applications

And if you're in an industry or an area that has a lot of competition

You need to find a way to make yourself stand out

there's a ton of resources out there that you can use to understand how to craft your resume and craft your

application in a way that you know

People will understand and kind of really gravitate towards so we don't have to worry about that in this video

But I really want you to think about what do you bring to the table?

What is something that you offer that no one else can?

What's an experience that you've had that's gonna help this company in a way that no one else is going to be able to

By understanding what they need and how they are reaching their market and what?

Void you can fill what position you can fill you're able to tailor your message specifically to them

It does take more time. It does take more effort and more energy. Well, you're out here looking for a job

So you really need to spend the time on your application and a time on your resume to make it very specific to their needs

the more specific you are the more likely it is that that HR person or the recruiter is gonna see your application and

Respond to it. Step number five is to follow up

companies receive tons of applications

So if you've crafted your message effectively, that's just step one. Now. You have to follow up with these people now

Sometimes you might have just filled out a portal online

You don't really know who you have to reach out to now's the time to go back to our first phase and research

Research who might be interviewing you who might be hiring you who's the manager of that department find them on LinkedIn?

Reach out communicate with them call the office, you know

Send them an email just follow-up if you're able to follow up and you follow up in a professional manner and you respect their time

But you communicate with them the squeaky wheel gets oiled first. You're gonna be their first call

You're their first email and you're the person whose name they think of when they're ready to take that next step

Even if you've already had your interview

Follow up again continue to follow up if you get to a point where they say. We don't want to talk to you anymore

Well, that's okay

You can move on but until they've said that you know

It's always a no until you've turned it into a yes step number six is to prepare for know

Even the most qualified applicant in the world is going to be told no every once in a while

You're gonna be told no and that is okay. It's alright to be passed over

It's okay not to get the position that you were wanting to get or to work for the company that you wanted to work for

This is a great time to reach back out and ask what could I have done differently?

What kind of skills or talents did I not have or not exude, you know?

That you are really looking for what is a way that I can become a better applicant or a more qualified applicant in the future

This is a time to learn. It's not a time to get down on yourself and depressed and sad that you you missed an opportunity

They may have passed you by and that's okay. Every note just gets you closer to a yes. Step number seven

Stay motivated you can do this

You absolutely can get the career that you want the position you want at the company you want doing what you want

Stay motivated stay educated find motivational videos find other resources out there online that you can use to educate yourself and train yourself

You know if you're focusing on design

Then build a website design a logo if you are in digital marketing digital marketing always changes

So keep yourself educated and on the forefront of what that technology is doing

By educating yourself and staying motivated and trying to move forward

This is a great way to gather more skills and more details about what you can bring to the next company you apply for

Start a business help a friend lunch. There's

volunteer at a local nonprofit sit on a board

You know do some work for friends and family anything

You can to get more experience

You know to shore up different maybe inadequacies that you have that you or weaknesses that you're working on

Focus on your strengths you can do this

you can get the job you want in the career that you want and

As long as you stay focused and as long as you stay energized you'll get there

I want to thank you guys so much for watching

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