Get a Job in Supply Chain & Logistics

so one of the most commonly asked questions about supply chain is actually

how to get a job in supply chain and what kind of jobs are there in supply

chain and that is exactly the topic for this week's video

okay so a really common question that I see on the internet is what kind of jobs

are available in supply chain and how do I get a supply chain job now if you're

wondering why it's so noisy and why I'm looking particularly sweaty you'll see

a jeepney going fast in a minute I'm just with our support team in Davao in

the southern Philippines so we're talking about how do you get a job in

supply chain what types of jobs are available okay so you need to think to

begin with what kind of thing you want to be doing so in terms of the sorts of

jobs are available you can be doing finance and supply chain you could be

doing operations so you might be working in a warehouse or in transport where

you're dealing with people all the time if you're a bit more of an engineering

sort you could be in solution design say with a third party logistics company so

think firstly what kind of things you're into are you really numerous are you

into analysis and dealing with numbers and finance or you want to be managing

people so that's probably the first thing to think about

the next question that people start to often consider is do I need qualifications and I'd

probably get five or six emails every day saying you know what kind of

qualification should I get should I study for a degree should I do an 8 mix

qualification what I would say is if you have the ability and the time and the

money to do something that's really good you know do a business degree maybe with

a supply chain focus finance is always really important - if that's a little

bit beyond you right now maybe look at one of the certification courses so apex

for example runs some really good courses

but at the end of the day you know there are entry level positions that you can

get into as well and later on you can pick up the more formal qualifications

ultimately as you progress through your supply chain career you're probably

going to want to do a master's degree as well maybe you know a master's in supply

chain itself or maybe an MBA or something like that so that's probably

the second thing so the third part of this commonly asked question is really

about where do I find the jobs nope another jump you're going cost so yeah

entry points for supply chain career jobs obviously you know you can go

through the formal process of talking to recruiting companies and headhunters and

things like that but to be honest I think that's a bit of a numbers game and

unless you've got really good qualifications and good experience it's

very hard to stand out from the crowd so what I always suggest to people is

number one networking so if there are any industry type events in your area

get out to those there's always industry associations you know and meet lots of

people at those about events tell them you know the sort of thing that you're

looking to get into ask for their help you know what advice would you give me

start trying to start out or what kind of roles do you think might suit me what

was that one what kinda noise I sound like a siren so that's the first one

networking the second main thing is you've really got to put yourself out

there and start marketing yourself as well and probably the best platform to

do that on is LinkedIn I might do a whole video on LinkedIn I'm sure you can

find other information on LinkedIn on YouTube but you really want to be

putting your profile up there so that people can find you making sure you put

in all the keywords for the sort of work that you want to do so LinkedIn

definitely getting out to events and in terms of the sorts of businesses where

you might be able to get a leg up look some of the really big FMCG companies

are very good at taking on into so you know that's an opportunity a lot

of them had graduate programs so you know those big companies have a lot of

scope for you to grow so you could get an entry-level position there I always

say that people don't worry about what level you get in

just get in start gaining some experience and some of the best ways to

do that are actually with 3pls so third party logistics companies get in there

and work as a warehouse picker doesn't really matter what you're doing but

you're getting into the industry you're learning what goes on and you're going

to learn all strong kind of skills so you know friends of mine have started

out working on the warehouse floor then they become supervisors they then become

warehouse managers they then become the logistics managers supply chain managers

and so on obviously that's more on the operational

side just getting your foot in the door doesn't really matter too much what the

role is gets an exposure to the industry that's the really important thing so

what are those three things that I have to recap on first of all think about the

type of job that you want to look do you like analysis do you like working with

numbers you can do lots of that in supply chain do you want to work with

people managing people so maybe that Center more operational role if you want

to you're more an engineering type to want to work kind of solution design

type right so that's that one in terms of qualification if you've already got a

degree or some sort of certificate that's great maybe start on a program if

you haven't that's always going to look good on your CV and it interview and

then finding that role is very much about networking putting yourself out

there on LinkedIn and think about some of those

entry-level roles that can get you into the industry as well so yeah it's a

really commonly asked question I hope some of that has helped if you want some

more tips just comment below and do remember hit that subscribe button if we

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