The Car Wrap Process

hi guys is Shannon coming our way we get

a locomotive comment articles about the

rat process being like however it liable

or rather let it come we do armed cells

an operations manager here

all arsenic tasty leave it to me so guys

I am was saying we're going to go

through the rat process now you have do

my best to answer as many questions as


Halloween loss how much did it cost can

you withstand the weather all sorts of

things so follow me and let's get this

done so first things first I need to

know what you drive so you can come in

and see us call us email us wherever is

most convenient tell me what you got and

we'll take it from there I need to know

specifics on your car there's no point

just telling me it's an Audi I need to

know if it's a LD a5 with an S fine body

kit in a Range Rovers fault with an

urban body kit for example and you can

really knuckle down into the detail I

need to know what kind of your car is

now and leave it or not it makes a big

difference if your car is red and you

want to put a satin black wrap on it I'd

suggest we do the door shuts on your car

if your car is black then you want to

put same black I'd probably say to you

save some money sometimes we may even

ask you to bring your car down we need

to knuckle down on is your car color

coded we need to see what kits on there

so if your car has got a body kit or

it's a little bit out of the ordinary or

it's not quite factory as you'd see your

car in person and now we know what

you've got it's time to knuckle down

with what you want we can start going

through colors whether you want a black

roof black wing mirrors you want your

wheels painted do you want calipers

painted you what window tint for next

it's time to choose your color or colors

there are literally hundreds and

hundreds so for pretty much every color

there's a gloss and matte and a satin

version gloss will look like a painted

finish matte would be as if you're back

at school looking at the blackboard

satin is somewhere in the middle of this

not quite dead and flat like a map but

not as high gloss as a gloss so it's

more of a silky finish now we've got

your color and let's go through the

finer details of your car let's go

downstairs so guys if

Isidore return that is the door shut

just in case you're wondering depending

on the color of the retina chose this is

where I would advise whether you do the

shuttle returns if your car's rip and

you choose great I'd probably suggest

that you do the door shuts because you

don't want to look odd when you open the

doors if your cars black and you go

great or impact any color on the black

shouldn't really make a difference so

let's decide what we're going to do with

your car are we going to go one color or

we're going to break it up for example

we have a color of the car and then we

have black wing Rouge so you want black

trims around windows for all your

clothes to go black as well spoiler on

the back of the car all of those will

make a difference

they're totally up to you so now we've

decided it's time to choose your extras

do you want window tints your wheels

painted and your calipers painted things

like that make a choice so now it's time

to get your car booked in this is

undoubtedly the hardest part of the job

to me everyone want to get their car

done yesterday we normally run an eight

to nine week wait list approximately if

I can get you in earlier I will next

it's time to leave a deposit you leave

the deposit we will do your vinyl and

once that vinyls in there's no turning


so booking date has arrived first things

first let's go over your job

let's bulletproof everything we've

discussed previously we'll go over the

color the stripes are we doing chance

for returns a briefing so we know what's

going on then we'll get the guys

downstairs to check your car we check

for stone chips we check for operation

of windows convertible roof we check for

everything any kind of damage on the car

will make you aware we'll get you to

sign and you're good to go

also before you leave we'll check to

make sure it's okay to post your car up

on social media

so next we print a job sheet in the

office here we take this downstairs give

it to a workshop manager so we all know

what's going on with your car but before

your car comes in we need to get it

washed first we need to get rid of any

dust dirt grime or any impurities on the

actual car itself if you don't you can

have impurities under the vinyl as well

so the cars washed and cleaned outside

bird before it goes inside and then we

start cleaning it a little bit more

before we get there work starts by

applying surface cleaners to the panels

the guys are about to late

we don't just wash your car once we make

sure that the panel is free from any

dust or dirt particles so now your cars

clean than this in the unit we begin to

strip it down

things such as wing mirrors and door

handles a fairly standard but depending

on the car and depending on the

complexity of it we may decide to pull

the full foam on / off as well all parts

of place of the corresponding shelf each

bay has its own shelf so the reason that

we strip the car is so we can complete

where possible everything in one piece

there's no point in me trying to cut

around at all handle otherwise I'll end

up cleaning damage to your paintwork the

vinyls in cut to size and then wraps on

each panel separately each wrap is

equipped with a number of tools to get

this job done squeegee used to lay the

vinyl and remove air bubbles flex rims

used to get into tight areas heat gun to

soften the vinyl to make it more pliable

surface cleaner to clean the surface of

the car from dust and dirt a microfiber

cloth to wipe down the panel's that we

working on cutting tape for cutting

vinyl on a car without damaging the

paintwork blades used to trim violence

between panels but never directly on a

panel tweezers to pull vinyl from

hard-to-reach areas niti to easily cut

the vinyl to size tape measure masking



car is M feedback together


now the card complete is handed over to

Alex to make sure that quality controls

on point he will check for any

imperfections if there is any we'll make

sure they're done before the car goes

out so that's pretty much the wrap

process you've seen what we do and how

we do it so we're now upstairs on the to

answer a couple of questions we get

asked quite a bit first one being how

long can a wrap last the simple answer

is the better you look after your car

the better look after you generally

speaking anywhere between three and five

years but if you don't look after your

car you don't wash it and so on it's not

going to last test time how do I wash my

car very simple it's hand car wash only

no mechanical car washes whatsoever so

you can use a jet gun but instead of

standing right up close and personal you

need to stand back you don't want the

higher pressure of the jet pulling up a

vine or anything like that

certain vinyls you can't wax you can't

polish so if you've got matte colored

car stands to reason you don't add a

gloss layer also if you're looking at

stuff like bird poo you need to get that

off as soon as you possibly can that

stuff can eat through paint as well as

vinyl taro wrap withstand all weather

conditions simple answer is there are

limitations to the vinyl in terms of the

temperatures it can reach the heat so

you can reach and how cold it can get

but chances are you're never going to

experience those kinds of temperatures

to have a failed vinyl on your car can

you put a wrap on a wrap

to an extent yeah so if you want to do

stripes or pinstripes or camo design not

a problem whatsoever

but if you're looking to rewrap a car

that's already wrapped into a different

color you need to strip that vinyl first

make sure that your panels are

completely clean and dust free and no

issues whatsoever to make sure the job's

looking good how long did nobody take a

red car

can be anywhere from say three days up

to around about seven working days all

depends on the size of the car vinyl

course that you've gone for are you

looking for designs and stuff like that

these things all have a massive sector

well it actually cost to get a car

wrapped well it all depends on different

factors of the car lot we're seeing

downstairs it can start from thousand

pounds for a smart car and it can go up

to five figures depends on the car that

you drive so guys that's where hopefully

I've done my best to answer some of the

questions that you may have had if I've

missed anything out feel free to comment

down below and we'll do our best to

answer those for you in the meantime

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