How to calculate lease payments on any car in 5 minutes

hey everybody this is meek of silver and

wanted to show you give you the actual

demonstration how we can figure out the

lease pretty much for any car I so BW

obviously I know how to calculate leases

the video about that but I just want to

give an example how it can do this easy

for pretty much any model any car a new

vehicle the reason I'm doing this right

now I have a friend that's in the market

for large SUV families getting larger

and they're thinking about different

models and this information

unfortunately is not readily available

you can find the prices of the cars but

you need a little bit more parties to

figure out exactly how Elise

so with people a lot of people do they

don't know they start emailing dealers

but that it takes time and it just at

sometimes to confusion because it's not

really the business of dealers to give

you an estimate their business to sell

cars so if your goal is to get

information and dealers it's trying to

sell your car he goes without

necessarily allow a lot so to avoid that

what you could do is just to go through

a few easy steps and I'll show you how

to do this pretty easy and I did not do

this ahead of time we're just gonna do

this live right now I'm just pre opened

the websites that I'm going to use and

my friend said to the configuration he

want so this is what you said he is

considering the VW Atlas SEL premium

with full ownership which is overdrive

never seen this car myself to know

anything about it that's a new W big SUV

thing 72 hour gifts so I start so here

we have their this RP I started by

figuring it out what's the actual market

price protocol like that and there are a

few websites these is one that I prefer

is true car but you can use cars.com and

Alice and it's going to work just as

well so we picked the car put the zip

code and we got to make sure we're

selecting the right model so let's get

started we doing we need the whole tribe

as the SAO premium

pretty much it so colors my friend

selected pure white so nice to touch

with color so I'm just this down let's

make sure this RP fits so it shows MSRP

across 49 for 15 and here we have 49 665

close enough not exactly close enough

and then TrueCar tells me that saving so

that's our Peters about twenty five

hundred dollars I can go to the this

thing and that's pretty much what I see

so factory in verses 47 five looks like

they go pretty much invoice - whole back

that looks like if the golden ring next

step I know the selling price now I want

to make sure I get the right information

for residuals and money factor so my

preferred side is Edmonds I go to

endless research they have caught forums

they also call it Town Hall or something

and we keep changing names I guess it

just forms and Edmonds I'm going to

browse for us by the specific brand and

specific model go and the one I want is

there you go the first model tab a

blessed least deals and prices that's

what it worked okay and as you can see

there are a lot of pages I want to go to

the last page to get the most updated


okay so there's a moderator from the

forum which means it's not here's an

information it's pretty accurate that

about I know it's usually accurate and

there you go this is January and it

shows there's 300 lease cash so I can

assume that I could probably get this on

top of the discount Matic fact mighty

factor 0.0005 pretty low residual is 56%

for 12 K that's the information so now I

go to lease hacker I could use Edmonds

calculator it's fine but I think this

one is a little bit better and I was

going to go through this also do usually

do have information I just you know

terms of leasing I just got this

specific information so let's see

he was at his 49 665 sale price so it's

a little bit higher than this so let's

assume 47 is the sale price money factor

0.0005 and with did your old face show

where's the rescission prize mrs.

O'Leary so they put it at 60% and I see

that it's 56% so they just put probably

like average for the market and at 56%

and this is what we've seen here

oh and $300 Lee's cash that will go it's

a tax incentive that's what the rebate

is if it's really there and there we go

so with a dry off which is first payment

and registration of about eleven forty

six the payments going to come up to six

thirty two including effects 580 before

tax and that's pretty much all I needed

now this is not exact I might be able to

get lower I might not be able to give

this price but if I'm just doing as a

family I'm sitting with my significant

other and trying to figure out the

budget see which model we can't afford

how much it's gonna cost how much we

need to budget with insurance this is

that this is all I need it took me

literally five minutes I thought I could

record only 15 so I agree five six

minutes that's all we needed anything

that'll you people can come in if I did

something wrong but overall I think this

is as much as you need to just to get an

idea of how much economy's thanks for