Learn How To Do A Car Diagnostic Using An OBD2 Scanner - Turn Engine Light Off


okay today I'm talking about check

engine light scanners this company and

cell that contacted me and asked me what

I do a review on one of their scanners

the Ansell ad for ten and I said sure

because these things they can save you a

lot of money here's a scenario your

check engine light comes on and you have

a few options one you can go to a dealer

or a shop and pay anywhere from oh no

fifty to a hundred and fifty dollars for

them to scan your car and just tell you

what you and tell you what the code is

or you can go to a friend or buddy

hopefully they have one or you can just

buy yourself one now this isn't a

high-end auto shop scanner but for the

average home user like myself this is

more than capable I've reviewed a few

other scanners and here's another one

I'm going to just add to that list off

the back one of the reasons that you

should purchase it is an sale they're

giving me a ten percent code to offer to

you in case you want to buy one I'll

leave a link in the description below

straight out of the little package a

little plastic container this is what

you get you get a little instruction

book you get about I don't know about

two feet of cable and then you get this

little USB goes on the bottom right here

I guess this is to connect it to the

computer so you can see your data from

there and then you have four buttons you

know up down enter exit and then your I

am alright so let's plug this up to the

car and start checking it out when you

first turn it on

this is what the screen looks like you

have your obd that's just where you

check and read all your codes you have

the IM that is your IM readiness it's a

snapshot of your admission systems you

know mark to things like misfire then

you have your setup and this is how as

you see as you hit the down arrow as i

hit the down arrow you can see it

cycling through you know it's funny

because i want to hit the touch i want

to touch the screen because we're so you

see that but you hit the down arrow so

you go to your setup and this is where

you want to set up the language you know

to measure

turn the beep on and off record stuff

feedback then just hit the exit go back

to the previous menu let's say you're at

lookup so right here you hold the inner

button and you get and you press down

and you'll see it switch over so let's

say p 0 i don't know 3 300 just p0 300

inner random miss fire cylinder okay we

all know that so let's say P P P 1 P 112

that is an intake air temperature sensor

all right so that's cool you get to if

you have a check engine code that pops

up you can look it up then I go to the

next screen which is review hit review

this is to review any information that

you have stored on the scanner and then

about is just the version the hardware

the serial number of actual scanner

that's what the cable is for that you

connect to your computer through the USB

you can update your scanner alright so

this is why we're here

let me start the car and see if I have

any codes ok right now the car is


I'm going to hit the IEM and it has all

the little check marks are things that

it checked and the little circles are

the things that for whatever reason it

just doesn't check you know that it's

going to check see if I have any colds

enter enter really colds erase colds the

I am readiness data stream

freeze-frame ah co2 sensor tests on the

board monitoring EVAP system test

vehicle information on board monitoring

so as you see there's a lot of stuff

that you can check okay let's check see

if I have a misfire in cylinder 1 and

right here it gives you the status of

cylinder 1 and as you can see right

there it says pass so you can check each

individual cylinder all right let me

check to see if I have any codes enter

enter enter it says read the codes inter

into okay I have no codes let's go look

at something up let's look at this


so right now it's just going to give me

a picture of the entire status of the

car it's pretty cool it's a good data

stream so right here on the data stream

you can view everything so right now

it's going to view every single thing

that it can check and this is all alive

because the car is on right now so as

you see it's just showing every single

thing okay let's go here or you can

select what you want so you know let's

just say that you want the fuel so then

I hit enter on that and just going to

scroll down and then select the ones I

want and then you just hit the exit

button and now it's running the test I

mean now it's showing you the

information on those three then you can

exit to go back I really like this one

because you get the live view and it's

in a chart so I hit enter on this

particular one you get to select up to

three so let's say scroll down I say

engine coolant temperature engine rpm

it's a short turn and as soon as you

select the third one it automatically

gives you the graph so this is live data

that's pretty cool right there

extra you see free frame look at the

EVAP system test

her about system leak test not supported

since I don't have any colds and you

check engine codes what I'm gonna do I'm

going to pull off this vacuum line right

here and I'm going to disconnect my mass

airflow sensor my mat and let's check

and see what the scanner picks up okay

I'm back into the system

hit read cold in up let's go to pending

and p0 102 yeah mass or volume airflow

sensor so it picked up exactly what was

wrong here's my final verdict on this

scanner first of all I like it it's very

easy to use you know up down in or exit

I am even though it's very easy to use

it packs a lot of features that's real

cool that you can get the live data

stream you can get a freeze frame

obviously you can you race clothes and

check codes but you can even look them

up I know you could do that online but

it's just cool to have this some have it

to where you just look it up on the

scanner now let's say that I don't know

it's time to get your car smoked and

your check engine light is on you're

gonna pay a hundred dollars to go to the

dealership and they might tell you

something as simple as I don't know your

gas cap was was open or you need a new

gas cap or you have a vacuum leak and

that could be just as simple as you know

replacing a worn rubber seal or you need

to clean your mass airflow sensor this

thing is a whole lot cheaper and going

to the dealer and having them tell you

something that it's that simple to fix

now on the other hand it could be

something real difficult like an oxygen

sensor or you know something wrong

deeper into the engine but this is at

least give you a very good idea of where

to start up so I like the thing I'm

gonna keep using I'm glad that an sale

sent it to me

I thank you and as usual I appreciate

you guys for watching if you have any

questions feel free to hit me up you

guys have a good day