Capricorn Man 10 Things to Know!!

hey everybody it is your girl here

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with a video all about the Capricorn man

10 things you need to know about your

Capricorn men Steve so you got your eye

on a Capricorn men huh hmmmm maybe you

would like to go out on a date with him

or possibly you're already in a

relationship with him and maybe you're

looking towards getting married mm-hmm

or you're already married to him

whatever the case may be I'm gonna share

10 things you need to know about your

Capricorn men so that you can have the

most successful relationship with this

beast of men now this has a disclaimer

for those of you who may not agree with

my analysis of this Capricorn

personality treats which is fine you can

click a thumbs down if it does not

resonate with you

because I'm not looking at your chart so

I can't tell you everything about you

this is just my opinion in my analysis

of the personality traits of the energy

in which Capricorn people carry okay so

if you don't resonate with it there's a

possibility that you don't carry a lot

of your son sign traits

maybe you carry more of your rising your

moon or some other traits whoever I

don't know but whatever the case may be

this is entertainment

and I will not allow or participate in

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from the channel and that will solve all

of our problems now let's get into the

video ok first of all let's get a little

background information about Capricorn

men Capricorn's actually ruled the 10th

house the 10th house is the house of

career and status it is actually the mid


in all of our charts the tenth house is

our mid heaven yes

the mid heaven is our persona it is all

about how we want the world to view us

on the outside so yeah this is pretty


so Capricorn people are also Capricorn

men are ruled by Saturn Saturn is a very

slow moving and a very old structured

planet just all about its or his or her

business so it is just the fatherly

figure of the sky so Capricorn men

really do carry a lot of these streets

as well as Capricorn women but today we

are talking specifically about Capricorn

men number one Capricorn

men Capricorn men are loners so if

you're looking to be in a relationship

with a Capricorn man keep in mind that

this men like to have is alone time

similar to the Aquarius man because

Aquarius is also Co ruled by Saturn as

well so they have some similar traits

Capricorn men have to they don't mind

being by themselves because they

actually can think a lot of times they

work a lot so having that a long time is

just very important to them so don't

think that because they want to be alone

that you did something wrong or they

just not interested in you

it's just that hey they're loners okay

it's just gotta have that a long time

Capricorn men can be extremely insecure

and and you would think why why why why

well in all actuality they just feel a

little socially awkward you know like

they don't always fit in so if you

notice I have a current man will always

be like shooting up jokes so if I can't

record man is always joking on you like

ragging on you all the time

chances are he really likes you they

just don't know how to tell you because

he don't want to be shut down by you

because remember he's very insecure or

men are extremely ambitious

I mean really ambitious come on they

ruled the house of status public

reputation so of course they are

extremely ambitious so they're very

goal-oriented they always have something

in store that always have a plan they're

always ready to do something new they're

constantly finding new work you know on

new avenues of new revenues of making

money or just doing something different

Capricorn men are very very ambitious

they work really hard to attain their

goals what do you expect there are earth

signs earth signs are all about


Capricorn men are extremely mature so if

you're looking to be in a relationship

with a Capricorn man well get ready for

him to be your daddy or maybe your daddy


however whichever Capricorn men are just

like they like to be in control

they definitely basically telling you

what to do yeah that's kind of like just

their nature you know you know how

fathers are like yeah you're not gonna

marry him you're gonna marry him yeah

get ready for that and if you don't like

that then Capricorn men just may not be

the one free

that man can be extremely cold and

intimidating to most women and the

reason why is because I think they just

have this demeanor where they just come

off just looking so mean all the time

like their faces is this like they have

a mean face or something or they just

seem like they're just so powerful and

they're just so macho and they just so

don't need anybody and they just so

don't give a [ __ ] about anything they

just want to work and is this thing like

it's kind of scary because like you just

think if you say but in all actuality

they're not gonna say that thank you

they actually will be just delighted

that you're talking to them you know

this is this is look like that they're

not man man can be extremely horrible

with emotions showing emotions

come on Capricorn is polar opposite to

cancers where cancer is all emotional

Capricornus eeveelution unless you know

but not 100% Capricorn is is tend to be

more practical and logical in their

decisions when it comes to matters of

love where cancers are led by their

heart Capricorn's are more left by their

brain you know so if it doesn't make

sense and they can't see anything great

in the big picture yeah you made me all

sexy and cute right now but yeah they'll

pass they'd rather have somebody that

look all right right no but the big

picture just it just gives them so much

glamour and status

remember when men want a woman that is

stable a woman that has goals and

ambitions if you don't have goals or

you're not working to be at the top and

whatever your career is then Capricorn

man is not

the man for you because he wants a woman

who has status and if you don't already

have status you should be working

diligently building status yeah you

again you may be SuperDuper fine

gorgeous and all that extra stuff but

remember Capricorn men is practical he's

very logical he's not led by emotions

he's led by status so if you really want

to get a Capricorn man wrapped around

your finger hey you better work on your

status girl that's all you got to do


have something going for yourself in the

Capricorn men will be all freeform men

are extremely loyal now all in little

and let me let me explain this just a

little bit cuz I know somebody's gonna

be like loyalty does incorporate you

know not cheating on people but cheating

doesn't mean that you're not loyal it

means you're not loyal when it comes to

not cheating

haha but in all actuality loyalty with

these people are a little bit different

let me explain it and hopefully it will

make sense to you let's say you're

Capricorn man is married if he choose

you and he marries you yeah he may

double in tabble just a little bit in

somebody else's vajayjay I don't know

but whatever the case may be he's not

going to leave or walk away from his

wife and children now if there's some

other situation going on in the marriage

then possibly but usually in earth

science they like stability so they're

not gonna walk away from that they may

go out and do things but they're usually

loyal to their commitments and I know

you send girl cheating that that's not

loyal that's not loyal well in today's

world I don't know I I just feel like

he's gonna stay if he loves his woman

and he's going to be loyal to his family

and the commitment of being there and

not leaving no matter how much he double

and dabble

so those ladies who were cheating with a

Capricorn man you think he's gonna leave

his wife and children to be with you

think again because these people are

loyal men they do not play mind games so

ladies if you want to be able to

Capricorn man I'm you're dating one and

you think that because he's not calling

you he's not doing whatever so you're

gonna play some games and get your love

friends to meet calling him and play

with him no that's a no no no no because

again Capricorn men are extremely

practical and logical have no time to be

playing with you if you want to be

serious be serious if you want to be a

woman be a woman do not play with them

because they do not play my games do you

understand they will shut you down

just as fast as you got your game

started because these people are all

about status and they're going to win

losing is not a great status and these

people will not lose these men will not

lose so don't play mind games

Capricorn men are just not into S&M

unless you have lots of Scorpio or some

type of sexy sign orbs Aries or Scorpio

or some Libra some of that good stuff in

his chart or Gemini they're not gonna be

down for all this extra stuff in the

bedroom they're not really that romantic

you know they're pretty good at that one

thing that they do they're pretty well

endowed of course but and they're

usually good at that one particular

thing that they do but they like to do

it all the time so if you like to change

up things like you like whips and chains

and all that extra stuff yeah

Capricorn man just Mina do it for you

I'm sorry but however whichever you know

there's an exception to every rule so

what I've said to you guys today

hey if it resonates with you give it a

thumbs up if it doesn't thumbs down it


but however which ever these are the 10

things that you need to know about you

your Capricorn man and until next time

you guys I wish you so much love peace

and many wonderful wonderful blessings

bye flare those of you who are in a

relationship with a Capricorn man please

whatever you do be patient with him love

him honor him respect him and never ever

come between him and his goals do not

shut his goals down as if they do not

matter because that is very important to

him his status is everything you may not

be materialistic and you may not care

about status but being with a Capricorn

man hey Andy you want to stay with him

you need to get on board girl you know

appreciate him and appreciate everything

that he does the things that he

accumulated materialistic it equates to

his status and the way people view him

and it's very important to him so always

stand by him have his back never shut

down his goals and dreams and make him

feel bad for wanting things

materialistic until the next time I wish

you so much love peace and blessings bye